2012 International 3D VR Simulation Conference  Host : FORUM8
●Date : November 20, 2012 ●Venue : St. Paul’s Cathedral in London (Up&Coming New Year Issue)

The 2012 International 3D VR Simulation Conference took place on Tuesday November 20th from 9am - 4.30pm in the crypt of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

This inaugural conference is titled…The Application of Modern 3D VR Simulation in Urban, Transport & Emergency Planning.
The day consisted of eight presentations from internationally recognised guest speakers that all have a strong background and expertise in traffic and transport planning, architecture, and road safety. The presentations will cover many aspects of the application of 3D VR simulation and visualisation and promises to offer a range of cutting edge ideas and principals in this ever developing area of 3D technology. Our excellent speakers covered topics ranging from 3D City modelling right through to the use of Driving Simulators in the development of electric vehicles all of which were received very well and many interesting points were raised and discussed.

In particular, an honourable speech by Michael Knowles of Sunderland University / AMAP on the development of electric vehicles attracted a great deal of interest from the crowd. In his presentation titled “The role of driving simulation in ultra low carbon vehicle research and Development”, the fruits of 2 of the major research and development that his faculty are involved in were presented: Effective research on driver training to improve fuel economy by using the driving simulator and UC-win/Road Eco Drive plug-in that is capable of outputting CO2 emission level and gasoline consumption level on a report, and research and development of Electronic Vehicle hardware using UC-win/Road Driving Simulator as an effective tool for creating a very realistic scenarios that can be experienced in the same confines of his lab.

We had delegates from some of the leading consultancies in attendance including major consultancies in the United States and UK including Arup, Parsons Brinkerhoff, WSP, Mott Macdonald and SKM Colin Buchanan. As well as these we had guests from Transport for London (TFL) CrossRail, TomTom and various other Local Authorities and Universities. Through his successful conference FORUM8 has established a milestone towards the further development of their state-of-the-art VR technology that help shape our future city and transportation network and better organize emergency planning for a brighter tomorrow.

Philippe Marsaud, BMIA, France
Presented about '3D Visual Simulation Tech in Highway & Tunnel Emergency Training and Management'
Seminar Report