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From four aspects, FORUM8 proposes the integrative
system where the advanced technologies and
the highest level solutions are gathered.

FORUM8 Solution 
"Up and Coming --- innovative and with great prospects"
- the origin of the name of UC series
"Development Room for Designers"
Aiming to increase creativity and richness in engineers' work.
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 It was 2000 when FORUM8 released 3D virtual reality software VR Design Studio UC-win/Road and entered the VR market. In September 2002, VR Design Studio UC-win/Road was chosen as the Software Product of the Year. It has been improved and is currently used for wide variety of projects including traffic and vehicle research, robot development etc. as well as architecture and civil engineering. FORUM8 was awarded The 8th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards METI Minister's Award with the development of VR platform by UC-win/Road open data cooperation.

BIM/CIM and i-Construction

FORUM8 is also focusing on IM&VR solution that supports the front loading of BIM/CIM greatly. In that solution, VR links up with civil engineering software, structure design and analysis software, and cloud system. We have also started to support CIM and i-Construction which are the major policy of the Ministry of land, Infrastructure and Transport and Tourism.
Engineer's Suite Addition released in 2014 allows users to connect the amount and unit price from design data of UC-1 products and accelerates CIM by cooperating with Construction Accounting Software Suite.
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Comprehensive 3D CG software Shade3D VR Design Studio UC-win/Road
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
UC-1 Engineer's Suite Addition  3D bar arrangement CAD 3DCAD for BIM/CIM

Providing Cloud

We are continuously developing the cloud version of our existing lineup of UC-1 series products one by one; they are named the "UC-1 for SaaS" series. VR-Cloud® is an ideal cloud computing solution for obtaining stakeholder consensus that takes advantage of the original developed a3S data transmission. It is funded by the Ministry of economy since 2010 as the cloud computing research and development project concerning the nation, and FORUM8 has acquired a lot of related patent. We have established a laboratory of our own in the FOCUS (Foundation for Computational Science) constructed near the next generation super computer "K". We offer all types of analysis and simulation including structural, noise, wind, thermal, fluid analysis, and CG rendering. In the new project "VR-NEXT", we will provide a cloud service equipped with a function to store large VR data, design and drawing data, and measuring data. In addition, we will enhance property data and data edit function and implement an AR function and linkages with other VR devices
FORUM8 obtained a patent for
VR-Cloud® as the only cloud
server program that allows
driving simulation on cloud


Robotics Activity

FORUM8 built the system of 3D information display technology for construction robots in 2006. "Development of office robot" applying UC-win/Road and 3D point cloud modeling technology is approved for research and development project of Ministry of Economy on December 10, 2010.
In addition, farming management and structure investigation by automatic flight robot are under development. In July 2014, the robot was chosen by The Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to be used as the Next-Generation Infrastructure Inspection Robot Systems.

画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Robot Arm UAV
VR360 simulator VR Motion Seat

画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
FORUM 8's "VR - Robotics Linkage UAV Solutions for Structural Analysis" has been chosen by The Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to be used as the Next-Generation Infrastructure Inspection Robot Systems. (July 10, 2014)

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A variety of support services in addition to
analysis and VR software packages

Analysis/VR Simulation

  FORUM8 helps your model creation, analysis, and simulation.
This technical service provide you smooth data creation, processing and visualization of analysis results, and 3-dimensional FEM analysis.

●FEM Analysis [Engineer’s Studio®Analysis Support Service]
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Rocking pier reinforcement model 5 span girder bridge model
●VR Model/Engineering
●Geotechnical Analysis
GeoFEAS Flow3D
●Building Energy Analysis
●Heat Conduction Analysis

●Traffic Analysis
Traffic simulation
●Fire Evacuation Analysis
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
●Tsunami Analysis
UC-win/Road xpswmm Plug-in
●Design Result Analysis and Checkup Support Service
Design Result Analysis and Checkup Support Service

System Development Service

Tailored-made software customization to meet user demands. Software and hardware system integration services.

UC-1 Civil Engineering Customization
Assorted 3D, VR, FEM Customization
Integrated Built-to-Order System Development 
AUTOSAR™ corresponding vehicle-in ECU embedded development
Web, Cloud System Development
Android App Development
AI Development
UC-win/Road Driving Simulator UC-win/Road Snow
Blower SImulator

3D VR / CG Engineering Service

Point-cloud VR Modeling / 3D Modeling, 3D bar arrangement CAD
Print VR models in 3D - UC-win/Road supporting 3DS output

●3D Scan/VR Modeling
Point cloud measuring by 3D laser scan and VR modeling service.
It is also possible to be exported to LandXML.
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
UC-win/Road Point Cloud data
  ●3D Drawing Service
BIM/IFC Support 3D Modeling and 2D Drawing Service through Allplan. Also supports 3D reinforcing bar CAD, and bar conflict checks. 
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
3D bar arrangement CAD Allplan

●3D Printing
Actual figures can be created based on 3-dimensional models by 3D printer. It can also be utilized to a projection mapping.
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
A model created with Shade3D Shinagawa Intercity model
  ●CG Modeling Service
CG data creation with Shade3D. Also convenient for VR data model creation.

Technical Consulting Service

Technical Consulting Services by fusing expertly opinions with FORUM 8 software to provide the most appropriate consulting.

Game Development Service
Embedded System Service
Input Support Service for Accounting Suite Software
VR Community Making System
BCP & BCMS Design Assistance Service
ISMS Design Assistance Service
3D Contents Service
Publishing Service
Suite Chidori Engine
BCP Design Assistance Tool 3D Projection Mapping

HPC Analysis

画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Wind and heat fluid analysis Tsunami analysis LuxRender rendering
Tsunami Analysis
Wind and heat fluid Analysis
Noise Analysis
CG Rendering & Movie Services

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The integrative systems and services
that the highest level of solutions are gathered

High-quality information via website and a public relations magazine "Up&Coming"

Product information, technical support information, etc., are posted on FORUM8 home page. Users can download the latest products, and software can be updated automatically. FORUM8's in-house organ Up&Coming, which has run up to 120 in January 2018, provides a variety of topics and information to more than 10,000 users.

Top page

HTML Newsletters are delivered with
the latest information such as
new product release and campaign

Company magazine Up&Coming
User Introductions, Support Topics
and other information

Highly evaluated software support

FORUM8 has the expert team for test that is the most important of the quality and for inquiry. Maintenance information of the products is managed via the maintenance groupware, and issues and user demands are kept in the database. As to the development of software, we maintain our efficient and high-quality developing environment by BTS (Bug Tracking System) and VSS (Visual SourceSafe). We are also acquiring PSQ (Package Software Quality Certification)
Maintenance groupware, FORUM8 Groupweb

Overseas deployment and user support

Products for China and English-speaking countries are increasing including UC-win/Road, which is available in six languages: Japanese, English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Italian. We are also expanding dealers in the world. In 2014, we established the Qingdao office and Taiwan office. We will continue to enhance support for users abroad.

FORUM8 exhibited at the world's biggest exhibitions and conferences
including CES, CeBIT, and SIGGRAPH
8DOF Traffic Safety Simulator in
Highway Ministry of Transport in China

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Conferences and events hosted by FORUM8 as the
"Interact field" among technologies, products, and users

FORUM8 Training Seminar 2017  2237Events 24105Attendees
The FORUM 8 Paid Seminars are seminars that are aimed at design engineers and software users of FORUM 8 software. The history of which date back as early as to August 2001 and has since seen warm support. Up to September 2019, a total of 2,237 seminars have been held with a total 24,105 attendees. These seminars effectively bridge the gaps between various VR, analysis, CAD, simulation, and Cloud technologies, and is important in improving the overall technology literacy, hence its popularity.
VR Simulation
Assorted Visualization Solutions through UC-win/Road, as well as Introduction to Cloud Cases. 
"FORUM8 Web Seminar"
Cloud seminar at office and home!

Paid and free seminar lives are provided online.

Paid and free seminar lives are provided online.
FEM Analysis/BIM/CIM
Advanced Analysis of Civil Engineering / Architecture Designs BIM/CIM Integrated Solution
CAD Design/SaaS
Architectural Design CAD Software UC-1 Series

VR Simulation
Assorted CG/VR and Visualization Solutions through UC-win/Road and Shade3D, as well as Introduction to Cloud Cases
A variety of contents according to customers' business purposes and skill are provided. For example, we propose the introduction and utilization of UC-win/Road that realizes advanced simulations by using road CAD, terrain, and point crowd or cooperating with analyses, and drive simulation by linking and integrating VR and hardware.
Connection created here
All for a safe and secure future
Event & Fair
FORUM8 actively participates in exhibitions and events so that our users can experience our latest products and technologies faster than anybody.

FEM Analysis/

Advanced Analysis of Civil Engineering / Architecture Designs BIM/CIM Integrated Solution
We provide powerful tools that support performance design of in the civil engineering industry such as a 3 dimensional non-linear dynamic analysis, analysis of layers plate model, etc. We have enhanced our seminar lineup with a view to BIM/CIM. We also correspond to the trend of the industry as quickly as possible.
Engineer's Studio®
Seminar on Regional Revitalization and National Resilience
FORUM8 is holding seminar fairs in allover Japan to promote the policies putting an importance on projects related to the infrastructure field done in each local governments by the cooperation between the national resilience policies and local vitalization. We are introducing the latest case studies of products and solutions.
CAD Design/Cloud
Architectural Design CAD Software UC-1 Series
Forum8 UC-1 series products support 3D bar arrangement / 3D CAD. Recently we have enhanced CIM conscious functions including the release of new product that supports 3D Annotations (3DA) and Accounting Software Suites for construction industry. We build curricula using its latest functions considering i-Construction to improve the productivity in CIM process like design and construction management. We also released “BOX Culvert” Web App Version as one of UC-1Cloud Auto Design Series in 2019 and is planning to expand the product lineup.

UC-1 Design series
Calculation for double pier
corresponding to 3D annotation

Suite series
Construction Accounting/Payroll
FORUM8 Web Seminar
Forum8 started "Web Seminar" available in anywhere via Internet. We attempt to arrange the seminar environment available at home, in office, and in business trip destination as well as at seminar site so that more users can participate in our seminars.
Junior Software Seminar
Junior Programming Seminar

Seminar for elementary and middle school students in which they can experience using UC-win/Road and Shade3D. Children can be familiar with the software and learn it while having fun.
UAV Plug-in & VR Experience Seminar
This popular seminar treats a linkage between UAV (drone) and UC-win/Road. Participants can experience the operation of an actual UAV at outside drone field and learn ways utilization of obtained data.
UC-win/Road DS Experience Seminar
The appeal of this seminar is that participants can feel the full-fledged system combining UC-win/Road and a real-car type drive simulator and actually experience driving it in our showroom. We explain practical contents such as vehicle behavior model and each setting.

Domestic and Overseas
Events and Fairs
We perform various booth-speeches and presentations at various domestic and oversea conferences.
Please come join us if you are close by!
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Conferences and events hosted by
FORUM8 as the "Interact field" among
technologies, products, and users

14th Design Festival will be held
on Nov.18 - 20, 2020!

Connection created here.
All for a safe and secure future
Thinking of disasters
Through the long history of the Design Festival, a lot of specialists in Japan and overseas in various fields delivered lectures and presentations, and we have shared themes including disaster prevention such as traffic safety, debris avalanche, tsunami, earthquake, and fire. We continue to produce products and services for secure and safe society by connecting Forum8's capacity of technological development and the most advanced researches.
Education system of rapid evacuation from tsunami
Akita Industrial Tech Center /
Akita Univ.)
Dept. of Agriculture,
Kyoto University
Assoc. Prof.
Kana Nakatani
Dept. of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo Prof. Koichi Maekawa Disaster Control Research Center, Tohoku Univ. Prof. Fumihiko Imamura
VR Conference
"VR Conference" consisted of "UC-win/Road Conference" began in November 2000 and "International VR Symposium" started in 2007 was held as a yearly event in 2010. In the conference, we conduct an automobile-related session in addition to a civil-engineering-and-architectural-related session. In 2016, we held the "Autonomous Drive Conference" for the first time, and to the 4th conference in 2019, officials from four ministries were invited and gave presentations.
Mr.Katsura Hattori
Prof. Tetsunori Haraguchi
Specially Appointed
Professor of
Nagoya University

Officials from MIC, METI, MLIT, and NPA delivered special lectures at the Autonomous Driving Conference
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
"Trends and MIC's involvement towards the achievement of autonomous driving" "Activities related to autonomous driving in the automotive field" (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

In October 2003, "UC-win/FRAME(3D) Conference" started after a 3D analysis program of solid frame structure "UC-win/FRAME(3D)" was released in 2002. From 2007, this was expanded as "Design Conference" held with "UC-win/UC-1 User Conference". UC-win/UC-1 technical sessions in a variety of fields are provided.
Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG),
University of Greenwich
Prof. Edwin R Galea
"The latest disaster evacuation
simulation examples"
MIT Comparative Media Studies
Program Creative Director,
Education Arcade and the Game Lab.
Prof. Scot Osterweil
"Play the future"
Production Engineering Technology
Dept., Taisei Advanced Center of
Technology, Taisei Corporation
Mr.Hiroaki Aoki
"Technology development of
autonomous operation of
construction machine by
using UC-win/Road"
Graduate School of Engineering,
Unit Manager of Resilience
Research Unit,
Kyoto University
Prof.Satoshi Fujii
“Damage brought by huge disasters
and measures to reduce it”

Junior Software Seminar
At Design Festival, we hold an award ceremony of VR works created by participants in junior software seminar and junior software school and students who purchased Road education version. Gold prize and silver prize are given to the works. Awarded works make us feel that UC-win/Road is the enjoyable design tool for elementary and junior high school students.

National Resilience Design Award
Hoping to contribute to the construction of society that has resistance to disasters, we established this competition in 2014 for the purpose of awarding activities contributing to the national resilience. In the field of ground, water work, and disaster prevention, the "National Resilience Design Award" has been held as the place to provide information and to improve skills by assembling concrete cases and results which is helping to strengthen the national land.

The 6th NaRDA Grand Prix
Akita Prefectural University Faculty of Systems Science and Technology
Development of simple measurement technology for steel structures - Constructing a convenient soundness monitoring system for structures using piezo limit sensors -

The 5th NaRDA Grand Prix
Institute of Technology, PENTA-OCEAN CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.
Applying the residual strength evaluation method using degradation level check to jetties - Proposal of a new strength evaluation method using a loading experiment and general regular check results -

3DVR Simulation Contest on Cloud
This competition is held every year since 2002 when UC-win/Road won the "Software Product of the year" award. In addition to being able to feel passion and originality of users thinking to create their ideal data, FORUM8 can propose new function utilization in this competition. From the 10th contest in 2011, nominated works are open and voting and final judging are conducted on cloud.
"Safety driving diagnosis simulator"
TUMS Urayasu Hospital
"Education training of Haneda Airport
by VR simulator"

Meiwa Sky Support Co., Ltd.
Student Cloud Programming World Cup
This is an international student competition of application program works on cloud or software developed with UC-win/Road SDK and a3s transmission system library of VR-Cloud®. How participants utilized SDK is evaluated in the points of programming quality, logicality, skill, beauty, originality, and presentation skill. We receive sophisticated systems than the previous year from students every year.
Emotional Voice Support
Team Name : M's Lab
Sugiyama Gakuen
University (Japan)
Student BIM & VR Design Contest on Cloud
This is an international competition of designing advanced architecture, bridge, city, and landscape by using BIM/CIM and VR. Participants create plans, designs, simulations against a theme, and juries evaluate overall VR design and BIM/CIM activity. Previous themes were foreign countries such as Shanghai, Yangon, and Melbourne as well as the planned site for Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and the fictional site.
Flexispace:An Adaptive
Mixed Reality Platform
for Creators and Users.

Team Name : CyberVASE
Victoria University of
Wellington (New Zealand)