Compliance Activity Report (by the employee position)
FORUM 8 Co., Ltd.
President Yuji Ito
FORUM 8 Co., Ltd. encourages the below actions to strengthen and execute compliance activity.
We report on the compliance activity in 2008-2010 and the activities will be continues hereafter.

Compliance Activity Report (by the employee position)

Compliance to education, training and conference activities

  • 1. Activity and training of board members/divisional directors

    1. FORUM 8 president and the division directors were advised by the solicitors on the subjects related to compliance ? guidance on the law; review and guidance on the report on the current company status and the accounts by the CPA; guidance on the financial mandates; and guidance and confirmation on the current company status.
      • Legal compliance about intellectual property law
      • Legal compliance about labor management
      • Legal compliance about finance, accounting and tax
      • Check point about Individual contract such as sales, consignment and alliance.

    2. New regulations and update of the existing regulations regarding the compliance activity and its enhancement was agreed to be conducted at the board meeting.
      • New provision:
        Regulation on research (regulations on misconduct regarding competitive fund) formulated and implemented on February 24th 2009
      • Revised provision:
        FORUM 8 Co.,Ltd. Labor regulations were revised on June 30th, 2010 (in Chapter 3 Discipline Regulations, Section 3 Discipline Knowledge, the item, use of computers was added)
      • Other company regulations, including regulation regarding maternity, were amended in compliance with the related laws.

    3. FORUM 8 will organize the company activities with reference to white paper report and survey results from "The Second Survey on Compliance", published by Nippon Omni Management Association. To avoid activities and events in breach of compliance, research and education are carried out under the leadership of board members ? daily activities will be monitored by each group leader.
      Incompliant activities and events in regards to research and education:
      • Category 1: Fabrication, falsification, leakage, false impersonation and concealment, human rights violation, fraud and concealment
      • Category 2: Defective product, misrepresentation, violation of rights, software cracking, illegal access

    4. To review internally the laws regarding import and export of goods and the international conventions, the existing business relationships were reviewed with reference to the latest information included in the "Trade Handbook 2010" (published by JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization, February 10, 2010).
      Moreover, "Consultation and Support Agreement for Sales and Marketing of FORUM 8 Product" was signed with FORUM 8 Technology Development China (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of FORM 8 in Shanghai, to comply with the local Chinese regulations and to avoid misunderstandings.

    5. Board members are to answer any questions from the Commission of Fair Trading, the entrustment survey organization etc. to assist in the surveys of compliance in and outside of FORUM 8.

    2. Activities and training of the management, group leaders and full employees

    • To carry out and improve the compliance activities, FORUM 8 holds "Monday Meetings" attended by all group leaders and employees as below.
      乬c. The activities and events of incompliance will be prevented and compliance will be improved through research and education. Specifically, category 1 relates to prevention through communication and reports and category 2 relates to prevention through education and notifications.
      Group leaders and directors give reports in the meeting, followed by questions and answers and advice and directions. Divisional meetings are joined by part time employees.
      Monday Meeting schedule:
      • Week 1: Group Leader Meeting (The President, the Group Leaders, the Team leaders)
      • Week 2: Company Meeting, Group Leader Meeting (All employees, the President, the Directors)
      • Week 3: Sales and administration Meeting (Relevant employees, the President, the Directors)
      • Week 4: Development and Support Meeting 乮Relevant employees, the President, the Directors)
      • Week 5: Group Leader Meeting (the President, the Directors, the Group Leaders, the Team Leaders)

Compliance activity and training (by laws and themes)

  • 1. Obtaining privacy policy and Privacy Mark

    • To observe and implement continually the privacy policy Japanese and Personal information handling policy based on privacy policy (Japanese) of May 31st, 2005, we are planning to obtain "Privacy Mark" during the financial year of 2010.
      FORUM 8 joined the Computer Software Association on April 1st, 2010 and contracted a consultant.

    2. Strenghened information security

    • In regards to the facility and the technology, to improve the security of the server room, admission management system for the server room with personal identification will be in operation. UC-1 for SaaS server is in the 3rd party data center and the backup system will be placed in the server room of the Tokyo Head office. To assure the security and the manageability, our system requires USB hardware lock system. In addtion, we are planning to provide software audit function by NetUPDATE (Japanese) (Network based product management program).