News Release on July 30, 2021


FORUM8 Co., Ltd.

FORUM8 is Selected for Next-Generation Software Platform Demonstration Project by METI
Developing Communication Platform Using XR Technology

FORUM8 Co., Ltd. (2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo. President Yuji Ito. URL: has been selected with its "Next-generation communication platform using XR technology development project" for the "Subsidy for industrial technology implementation (Next-generation software platform demonstration project)" in 2021 by the METI.

"Subsidy for industrial technology implementation (Next-generation software platform demonstration project)" supports projects related to the extraction of common functions and the design and implementation of platforms that take advantage of high-capacity, low-latency, and simultaneous multiple connectivity in order to create IT services that contribute to new lifestyles represented by such as remote, non-face-to-face, and non-contact.

FORUM8 developed "3aS cloud communication library", the low-latency 3D VR transmission technology, and made it into VR-Cloud®, which acquired the patent No.536768. In this project, we will try to reduce the latency on a web server/client basis by utilizing our development results and experience in achieving low latency.
In addition, we provide "FORUM8 Virtual Platform System (F8VPS)" where 3D VR can be utilized interactive on cloud. In this project, we plan to use this as the basic system to develop a low latency and multi-site real-time system using MR devices.
F8VPS is a framework for creating applications that produce any 3D virtual reality space, allowing you to build systems where real-time communication just like in real life is possible on cloud. We have developed a virtual campus for Tokyo Institute of Technology and "VR NILIM" for the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management. The development in this project is expected to lead to further expansion beyond remote education and virtual office.

This project will be done with the cooperation of SAJ, Osaka University, Arizona State University, LITALICO lnc., State of the Art Technologies Expression Association, and the developed system will be made in product and released.

▲Communication platform using 3D VR

▲FORUM8 Virtual Platform System (F8VPS)

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