[The License Agreement for Program Use]
  1. Application
    The following provisions apply to FORUM8 products that you purchased.
    FORUM8 products (hereinafter referred to as "Products") include computer program, program medium, protect and program manual downloaded or supplied in this package.
    Products are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. Products are licensed, not sold.
    FORUM8 owns copyrights in the Products.

  2. Grant of License
    1) You may use Products on a single computer that you specify on "user registration card" or "order form on FORUM8 web site", and that is thereby registered with FORUM8. However, only to the extent that FORUM8 grants the use of Products on a LAN, you may make Products available on machines registered that belong to the LAN. The number of machines on a LAN shall be agreed upon prior to the grant of license.
    2) You shall not assign, transfer, dispose of, sell, rent, or lease Products for any reason whatsoever.
    3) You shall not rent or lease Products whether or not you receive any consideration.
    4) You shall not copy, reproduce or duplicate Products.
    5) You shall not analyze, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, change or modify Products without the prior permission of FORUM8.
    6) Computer program is licensed as a single product. Its component parts may not be separated for use on more than one computer.
    7) You shall not use Products to develop products and/or services that compete with existing FORUM8 Products without the prior permission of FORUM8.

  3. Agreement Period
    1) This agreement comes into effect when you receive and open Products.
    2) After one (1) year commencing with the day of purchase of Products, you may be able to continue receiving customer support by signing up for "Maintenance/Support Contract", "Subscription Service", etc.  Please check the terms of "Maintenance/Support Contract" or "Subscription Service", etc.
    3) If you violate any clause of this agreement, this agreement will be automatically terminated and you shall return Products to FORUM8.
    4) In the case of the foregoing paragraph 3), FORUM8 will not refund the price of Products to you.
    5) If this subscription contract is not renwed before its expiry date, Products applicable to this subscription contract cannot be used after the expiry date.

  4. Revision of Products
    1) FORUM8 may, without any prior notice, carry out a revision of Products. (The term "revision" includes an addition of function, an improvement of input-output etc.)
    2) You, who has the license of unrevised Products, may exchange Products for revised Products with the charge that is provided separately.

  5. Range of Warranty
    1) If you purchased a record medium of program and there is a defect in the record medium, or if there is a missing page, erratic pagination in the manual attached to product etc, FORUM8 will replace them at no charge, only if requested within the period of 90 days commencing with the day of purchase of Products.
    3) In no event will FORUM8 be liable to you for the damage caused by a computer virus. You shall check and exterminate a computer virus by yourself.
    4) Only when you are registered by FORUM8 and have agreed on a valid "Maintenance/Support Contract" with, you may receive the following customer service. However, the "Maintenance/Support Contract" will terminate in one (1) year commencing with the day of purchase of Products.
    - FORUM8 sends you the information on revisions and new products in our company.
    - "Support Center" answers a technical question about Products.
    - If you have damaged the medium of Products, FORUM8 shall replace them at the charge provided separately.
    5) For Products bound by a valid contract period - these include "Maintenance/Support Contract", "Rental License Contract", and "Subscription Contract", but are not limited to the foregoing - , FORUM8 will not warrant that these products will work properly once their respective valid contract period expires.

  6. Agreement Termination
    In case of a corporation, if you and/or your company will be involved in a merger, stock swap, stock transfer, or making changes to the members of the shareholders holding more than 50% of voting rights, you shall notify FORUM8 in advance of such transactions/changes, and in the event of such transactions/changes, FORUM8 can terminate this license agreement without any notice.

  7. Confidentiality
    You shall keep confidential and not disclose to third parties, without the written prior permission of FORUM8, any information of Products, the content of this agreement, or any other information of confidential nature that is provided by FORUM8.

  8. Governing Law and Language
    This agreement is governed by the laws of JAPAN.
    The governing language of this agreement shall be Japanese. The translation of this agreement into English is made with the sole aim of facilitating understanding. In the event of any conflict between the Japanese text and the English translation, the Japanese text will prevail.
2019 / 09 / 30