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Graitec found in 1986 offers an integrated solution of BIM design through Advance suite; Advance Steel (for steel construction), Advance Concrete (for reinforced concrete construction) and Advance Design (for the structural analysis). Graitec, the third world biggest software provider in the civil engineering and construction fields, has twelve companies and more than thirty sales agencies in Europe and also including North America.

Advance Steel, developed for industry professionals automates the entire structural CAD process (fabrication, erection drawings, various reports). Now they have as many as 30,000 users all over the world for the Advance Steel as one of their leading products. FORUM8 has an exclusive sales rights, localizing it for Japanese market.

Last September, we invited an international sales manager and an engineer of Graitec to the 2nd FORUM8 Design Conference and they presented the special lecture under the theme of "3D Steel Structural CAD for BIM". When they come to Japan for a business trip etc, we get them to take the time to give a technical lecture to our staff. Also, FORUM8 and Graitec are actively taking technical or information exchange.

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