FORUM8 signed an Agency Contract with a new dealer ConSerVR.

FORUM8 recently signed an Agency Contract  with ConSerVR who is the engineering consultant in Egypt and has a lot of sales offices in North Africa and Middle East.

This contract allows ConSerVR to sell UC-win series and UC-1 series including "UC-win/Road" which is an Interactive 3D VR Simulation & Modelling Software and won the award as Software of the Year in 2002 and Engineer's Studio® which is a 3D non-linear dinamic construction analysis software and won "Risk Management Design Award" in 2012.

Mr. Shrief Mausouf and Dr. Khaled Al-Manhawy who is an engineer established ConSer VR in 2012. "ConSerVR has been established for the purpose of providing the unique consulting work adopting the 3DVR technology which enables to improve the possibility for the initial stage of the various kinds of civil engineering project and the quality of delivered products at the final stage" Dr. Khaled Al-Manhawy said.

He also says he has 20 years' experience in the evaluating and verificating software in America. Although he had been evaluated and verified a lot of 3DVR software, UC-win/Road is the best Interactive 3D VR Simulation & Modelling software in this market. He says the greatest attaction of UC-win/Road is to provide the seamless interface with the other software including the simulation for civil engineering, traffic, road, construction, ground, pedestrian and emergency of top 3 companies and concequently enables to give the big value to the software of the other companies.

Moreover regarding the reason why he selected FORUM8 and UC-win/Road, he said that he became convinced that UC-win/Road is a perfect software and FORUM8 is a perfect partner to be involved in North Africa and Middle East. This can not only provide the software environment with a wealth of very comprehensive software but also play a rule as a hub for variety of plug-ins, which allows to dramatically expand the used area by the linkage with VR-Cloud® which is representative of web interface applied for Software Development Kit (SDK) and online interactive 3D visualization.

He also said that FORUM8 is a software company providing the wide range of software solusion from the software and technology service which supports civil and architecture design to data creation service which allows to 3D VR Simulation & Modelling with user-friendly operation. He expects the future significant advanced FORUM8's products followed by UC-win/Road, VR- Cloud®, SDK, Engineer's Studio® in a world market.
Dr. Khaled Al-Manhawy 

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