DEALER NETWORK Mandli Communications Inc.


FORUM8 is delighted to announce the establishment of a sales distribution partnership with Mandli Communications Inc., an industry leader in the design and development of highly specialized digital imaging, data collection equipment and operational methodologies for Departments of Transportation throughout the US.

Since 1983, Mandli has provided to the transportation industry a full range of imaging, pavement, and positioning equipment. One of Mandli's advanced asset management tools include the LiDAR data collection system which collects up to 1.4 million points of data per second at highway speeds, at ranges exceeding 100 meters. The point cloud produced by the system is very effective when it comes to taking 3D measurements of roadside assets, including width, height, and length."

The point cloud modeling plug-in which will be supported in UC-win/Road Ver.9.1 was outsourced from Mandli to FORUM8 and this plug-in allows you to color the point clouds from the imported data to UC-win/Road using the implemented point cloud coloring function.
This enables you for the highly visualization and the accurate building of the 3D model of specified intersection.

We will aim for the business expansion in USA and the further expansion of the functions of UC-win/Road by this newly conclusion of a contract with the company in USA.

(Up&Coming '14 New Year Issue)