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Founded in 2011, specialize in the provision of supercomputing services to customers worldwide and now, through a Partner Agreement with FORUM8 they will also offer Interactive 3D VR Simulation capabilities though the sale and distribution of VR-Design Studio (formerly UC-win/Road).

As quoted on their web site; 'The company was built by its founders' enthusiasm for performance and aims to bring supercomputing level of ubiquitous performance to the artistic masses, enabling their infinite creativity.' director, Mohamed Sheikhaldeen, commented that a partnership with FORUM8 was a natural extension of their original business plan. "By providing the fastest rendering option, best price-performance ratio and the practicality of being accessible anywhere, offers the perfect rendering platform to an increasingly growing market. Many FORUM8 users and potential users are within this same marketplace so it makes perfect sense for to enter into this mutually beneficial relationship with this leading Japanese 3D software house.

"We at believe that advancements in technology must be democratized in the essence of wide, immediate availability of cutting edge technologies in a manner that is financially elastic; fitting all sorts of end-users budgets."

Mohamed went on to say "Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. And within the domain of technology, photo realistic graphics technologies are one of the most fiercely advancing segments. The fact that performance & quality is increasing each year enables more realistic effects and simulations to be produced."

FORUM8 will start offering High-performance Computing on Cloud Services which offers new solutions such as large-scale wind/fluid/noise/tsunami analysis and simulation and CG rendering services etc. via the super computer "Kei" overseas starting from Middle East region in the future with this agreement as a start.

Productivity increases : The ultrahigh-speed performance can be delivered via GPU accelerator with 1/10 cost
Services can be provided according to what the users need

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