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Environmental Assessment Plug-in Option
Performs VR and simple assessment at once
●Released date
April 2017

 VR and simple assessment at once
Environmental assessment plug-in enables to perform VR and simple assessment by using a variety of real-time simulation functions of UC-win/Road. The following three items can be evaluated.
  • Assessment of green view rate: Calculate and display green view rate
  • Assessment of sunshine obstruction: Investigate and display the hourly sunshine on the winter solstice of a model
  • Prediction of reflected light: Measure reflection from solar panels and display it in VR.
 Evaluating green view rate
With the function of UC-win/Road, green view rate can be calculated from the image captured at the certain point in UC-win/Road.
It can be evaluated by displaying the scenery seen from the certain position in the VR space created with UC-win/Road.

Fig.1 VR and simple assessment at the same time
 Confirming sunshine obstruction
The location of the sun is automatically calculated in UC-win/Road. Using this function, you can select any building on the screen and perform the sunshine investigation at the specified intervals to understand how the shadow affects surrounding buildings.
The default date is set at the winter solstice, but by utilizing the merit of VR, more detailed time setting is possible to check if sunshine obstruction occurs.
Fig.2 Assessment of sunshine obstruction
 Predicting reflection lights
It is possible to visually check the condition of the reflected lights in VR when solar panels is installed at a freely-selected position in the UC-win/Road environment.
Size and position of the solar panel can easily be changed, and investigations under various different conditions are available.

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Fig.3 Checking reflection Fig.4 Predicting reflection
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