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UC-win/Road Assessment Plug-in Option Ver.2
Plug-in allowing VR and simple assessment at the same time
September 2018

 Product overview
Assessment plugin allows users to evaluate VR and simple assessment at the same time by using a variety of real-time simulation functions of UC-win/Road. The following three assessments can be executed:
- Green view rate
- Sunshine obstruction
- Prediction of reflected light
In Ver.2, the green view rate assessment has become more precise.
In addition, "growth of tree model" has been newly added.
 Improvement of green view rate precision
In Ver.2, evaluation is executed for each model according to its model type displayed on the green view rate evaluation screen. Thus, only natural objects such as roadside trees and grass are evaluated, and the green view rate is calculated more correctly.

Fig. 1 Green view rate evaluation
 Addition of the growth function of tree model
The 2D and 3D tree function has been available in UC-win/Road, and as a new function of the assessment plug-in, we developed tree models using a tree growth algorithm called the L-System.
The L-System is based on a fractal idea and makes objects look natural by repeating the same pattern in various scales. This algorithm has been utilized for researches of living thing growth pattern in a broad sense, mainly of fungi and algae.

Fig. 2 Tree setting

The L-System is applied to the depiction of tree growth and allows users to create a variety of tree models.

With this function, you can create different-shaped trees by setting two parameters: the initial condition of tree that defines a shape of trunk and the growth rule of branch.

Tree models created with this function can be exported in 3ds file format in addition to arranging them on Road environment.

Since this feature generates tree models by setting tree growth rules, it allows you to simulate a tree growth after creating trees by changing the branch growth rate in a tree model parameter.

Fig. 3 Tree growth

Textures of trunk and leaf can be edited in detail. Editing leaf textures and lighting settings of one tree model can depict leaves changing colors according to seasons.

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Fig. 4 Texture edit Fig. 5 Seasons
(Up&Coming '18 Fall issue)