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Engineer's Studio® Ver.9
Dynamic non-linear analysis of 3D lamination plate and cable

Ultimate: US$21,800
Ultimate (not including the Maekawa model): US$14,900
Ultimate (not including the cable element): US$17,000
Advanced: US$11,000
Lite: US$5,700  Base: US$3,690

April 2019

The function below have been added to Engineer's Studio® Ver.9.
- 64bit version
- Simplified input for section test
- English help
- Online help
 64bit version
The product now works on 64bit PC. Input and result check of large models that consume a lot of memory is possible now (Fig.1).
For example, when you performed an analysis of plane element model with 130,000 nodes on the 32bit version program, memory shortage has happened during the result check. It now works normally on 64bit version. (The plate element model with 130,000 nodes consumes about 9GB max).
In addition, reports composed of many pages (e.g. 30,000 pages) can be output.

Fig.1 Large model
 Simplified input of section test
We have added a simple input screen. Details required for the section test is automatically input from sections, and M-φ characteristic is automatically created (Fig.2).

Fig.2 Simplified input for section test

So far, it was difficult for users to understand the correct input order since the location that section and section test details were input and that M-φ characteristic was input were not close. This time, users can call the simple input window from section creation (Navigation "Model Properties | Frame Element Properties | Section Thumbnails"), select several conditions on the specification, and generate detailed input for section test automatically. M-φ characteristic cooperating with section can be created by just pressing a button if required.
The simple input window can also be displayed from the ribbon.
This function is also useful for checking existing files since the section test detailed input values cooperated with created section and M-φ characteristic are recognized automatically in the simple input screen.

The simple input screen corresponds to the detailed input for verification based on specifications before 2012, specifications in 2017 (partial factor method), and limited state method.
 English help
So far, we provided only Japanese help for Engineer's Studio®. In this version, the English help is provided as the online help explained below (Fig.3).

Fig.3 English help
 Online help
The online help is now available (Fig.4). It is located in the FORUM8 server and always reflects the latest contents. Users can search by a keyword.
In addition, PDF files including overall help and the newest help files (CHM format) will be able to be downloaded.

Fig.4 Online help
(Up&Coming '19 Spring issue)