UC-win/Road Video Tutorial operation guidance of UC-win/Road

The video tutorial is the operation guidance of UC-win/Road recorded on a video. This explains more easily, with animation and sound, the series of operation methods such as data creation and simulation methods.

1. Basic Explanation2. Entry and Creating Of Data Episode3 .Simulation Episode4. Plug-In Option Episode


[ 2.Entry and Creating Of Data Episode ]

" The Road Information Entry "
 - 8. Horizontal Curve Data Entry
 - 8-2. IP entry method and splined curve entry method
 (4) Setting of on / off ramp
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[ 2.Entry and Creating Of Data Episode ]

" Entering other Information "
 - 17. Setting Of The Traffic Flow
 17-1. Subscription of traffic flow and generation of vehicle type

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Supported languages : Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean
Price: \ 31,500