New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road for Civil 3D 2008
 3-Dimensional Design System for Road, Land development, and VR Simulation

UC-win/Road Ver. 3.03.05 have come to support the data exchanging with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 by Autodesk, Inc.
UC-win/Road for Civil 3D 2008 provides real-time data exchanging between road design and terrain data, as well as conventional version 2006, 2007.

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Civil 3D 2008 New Function Preview
Support for Google Earth
Civil3D2008 allows writing of drawing as the format compatible to Google Earth and reading satellite images and terrain data from Google Earth.
Calculation of Curve Parameter
It supports curve parameter calculation.
Improvement of Raveling
Rebel is handled as a separated object and a default image for new rebel are provided. Rebel setting of a display position and a display method by using any equation allows applying for the wide range of drawing criteria.
It supports for DEM expansion and includes exchange function which allow block property and character strings objects to be exchanged to elevation data.It enables satellite images or aerial photos which are read-into Civil3D to paste the surface.
After alignment is created, each element can be selected and edited separately. (Ctrl+Click)
It allows plain and longitudinal alignment to be created, using selected graphics to fit line and curve.
The definition method for a surface border and fields is improved. Sub-assembly using .NET framework reduce the corridor creation time.

UC-win/Road for Civil3D Current Main Functions
Exchange item UC-win/Road Exchange function Civil 3D
Terrain TIN patch data <----> TIN surface
Road alignment IP method <----> IP method/Element method
Road longitudinal alignment IP method <----> IP method
road cross section surface cross sectional surface <-- cross sectional component

Terrain Exchange
TIN(triangle polygon data) allows terrain information to be cross- exchanged.

Cross Section Import
Property or texture by item can be set by recognizing sub-assembly created as component with Civil 3D.

Setting Screen of Sub-assembly property mapping

Automatic judgments was made to cross sectional surface when cross section (assembly) is imported to integrate components.

Automatic judgments of cross section surface

 Civil 3D Assembly --> UC-win/Road Road Cross Section

Future Development Schedule
Recognition of bridges and tunnel space
For the making use of 3-dimensional visualization in bridges and tunnel space in UC-win/Road, new function will be developed for Civil3D.

Cross-Exchange Function of Road Cross Section
The acquisition of road cross section is available from the first version. Export from UC-win/Road is scheduled to be developed. API expansion in Civil3D enabled road cross section to be exchanged.

*UC-win/Road for Civil 3D Release date: February 8th, 2008

(Up&Coming 2008 Early Spring issue)