New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road for xpswmm 3 Dimensional Realtime VR Software

UC-win/Road for xpswmm plug-in is the plug-in tool, which imports the result of runoff and flood water analysis by xpswmm to UC-win/Road, draws floodplain flow, drainage network and flow in conduit, and displays time series simulation on 3 dimensional VR.
Proposal to make urban area resistant to water disaster is required in recent years. Simulation in various conditions and visually effective expression of flooded area, flood water depth and flood time and floodplain flow velocity by UC-win/Road's 3D VR allows efficient examination of the more efficient .

Major functions and features
  1. Drawing flood area and depth of floodwater flow.
    Draws automatically time series flood area and water depth(colored by depth) in a series of hydraulic phenomena from flood occurrence to the end , such as overflow from drainage, flood by runoff water and flood water's return to drainage pipe.

  2. Floodplain flow Drawing velocity of flood water
    UC-win/Road for xpswmm displays time series vector of velocity of flood water.
    It allows you to check visually the aspect of the flood water flow.

  3. Drawing drainage network
    Possible to draw the situation of drainage network comprising wastewater pipe and manhole on 3 dimensional VR.

  4. Drawing flow in conduit
    The plug-in can draw time series rise and fall of water level of flow in conduit and flow velocity of drainage network.

xpswmm Tool Bar
@xpswmm Tool Bar is the tool bar to import analysis result of xpswmm to UC-win/Road and draw flood water flow, drainage network and flow in conduit, execute, and control the time series simulation. "Play Button allows consecutive display of animation of the analysis result in each step from defined starting time to end time.Pause Button allows forward or backward viewing in each step. For example, you can check and examine in detail the result of flood analysis at the appointed time.

xpswmm Data import
xpswmm Data Import reads surface flow, drainage network and conduit flow and adjusts coordinates between xpswmm and UC-win/Road(Cordinate adjustment between the two products). Cordinate adjustment does setting of moving horizontal coordinates in xpswmm's topographical data (coordinates in horizontal direction of analysis mesh) to coordinate position in East-West or South-North direction in UC-win/Road.

xpswmm data Import screen

Floodplain Flow Drawing option
Floodplain flow Drawing Option is the drawing option to draw the surface of floodplain flow, analysis mesh, flood velocity, display flooding time, and do color setting of flood water depth. In accordance to the situation of the simulation, user can change parameters of flow velocity, color distribution by depth and etc. You can save and read set parameters here.
Floodplain flow Drawing Option screen

Drainage Network Drawing Option
@Drainage Network Drawing Option is the option to draw manhole, drainage network, flow in conduit and conduit flow velocity. It allows to choose display or hide. Since drainage network is built underground, it is not easy to see above ground, such as road, building and their usage in 3 dimensional VR.
This plug-in can offset altitude of whole drainage network. For example, user can draw the network above the ground to check and examine the validity with the land around the network.In accordance to the situation of simulation, can change parameter of flow in conduit, flow velocity and other parameters. Also allows to save and read set parameter.

Drainage network Drawing Option screen

Data link sample

Floodplain flow and water depth Floodplain flow velocity

Drainage network and flow in conduit Display of drainage network above ground

VR sample case of flood at Nakameguro area

UC-win/Road for xpswmm Released at the end of  September 2009

(Up&Coming 2009 Fall Issue)