New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road Noise Simulation Option 3D real time VR software

This is the latest plug-in option for UC-win/Road that simulates noise production. It calculates the sound pressure level at a desired location by locating the sound source and sorting the data while considering the surrounding environment. This action can be performed at any point in the screen of UC-win/Road.

This option has the following features.
  • Uses terrain and buildings placed in UC-win/Road as boundary conditions.
  • Allows fine-tuned settings of sound characteristics such as,
    Road noise of more than two roads
    Complex noise from heterogeneous sound source(construction noise and road noise etc.)
    Sound source of the complex movement
    Sound source with sound level and frequency with time lapse change
  • Sound receiving point is automatically generated at any position on at any desired position.

sound source position and its propagation path

Pre process
Before the noise analysis, you can place the model corresponding to the position of sound source and the defined sound receiving point in UC-win/Road . Accordingly, this function does the following process.
  • Acquires the coordinates of the point on the surface of terrain or buildings of UC-win/Road
  • Acquires the coordinates and sound characteristics from the sound source data indicated by UC-win/Road.
  • Generates the coordinates of the sound receiving point according to the instructions set by UC-win/Road

Input (interactive input)
Enter the followings in the dialog box.
  • Parameters: t, and the number of sound radiation path
  • Source position:Coordinates of the position, the characteristics of ID, start time of the application , end time of the application
  • Sound source characteristics:Fundamental frequency, fundamental ID the frequency
  • Fundamental wave: Frequency, initial phase, amplitude
  • Sound receiving point:Coordinates of the position, ID of the plane where the point is located

Input (obtained from the UC-win/Road data)
UC-win/Road automatically reads data from the data below.
  • Surface of terrain
  • Surface of the highway earthwork and pavement
  • General model
  • Road model

The calculations that this option can do are the following.
  • To determine the number and order of diffraction, reflection, penetration and attenuation of each radiation path
  • Fading of sound pressure level according to the distances between the sound source position and the sound receiving point
  • Allowance of frequency weighting characteristics
  • To combine the frequency of sound pressure level for each sound receiving point
  • To combine the sound pressure level when the sound of multiple paths reach the receiving point
  • To calculate equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level (1998 the Environment Agency Notification No. 64)

Outputs the calculation results as shown below.
  • Sound pressure level and equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level of each sound receiving point at the final analysis time (in CSV file)
  • Sound pressure level for each sound receiving point at all times (for time -sound pressure chart)
  • Sound pressure level for each arbitrary plane at the time of final analysis (UC-win/Road for contour diagram on the screen)

Post processing
You can display the following charts based on the output data.
  • Display the time - sound pressure chart
  • Display the contour figure of sound pressure level on UC-win/Road screen

time lapse and sound pressure level chart


contour figure of sound pressure level

Noise simulation option UC-win/Road release date: December 2009

(Up & Coming 2009 late fall issue)