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UC-win/Road Ver.5.2 Replay Option New
Registration and replay of VR simulation

Release schedule : March 2011 Simulation

This plugin allows the registration and replay of the vehicle and model movement. When you perform manual driving while running the driving simulation, you are able to check various accidents such as contact accident, accident with guardrail from outside of vehicle (Figure1). You are also able to find out about details of the traffic simulation in the intersection. This plugin is very useful for these cases.
Figure1 : The accident while driving simulation can be checked from outside of vehicle

Main function & Good point
The vehicles and pedestrians that are moving every second can be registered in a couple dozens times a second and replayed in real-time (the number depends on the machine capacity).
As for the vehicle, the vehicle movement between different grade level of road surface and the accident condition can be correctly represented as real by registering the detailed behavior (roll / pitch/ yaw) such as Figure2.
Figure 2 : Vehicle's behavior

The behaviors to be registered are shown in Table1. The traffic signals and contexts can be registered as well as the vehicles and pedestrians.

Vehicle Coordinate, roll, pitch, yaw, turn signal, brake lamp
Pedestrians Coordinate, behavior, roll, pitch, yaw
Traffic signal Lighting status
Context Context while performing scenarios
Table1 : The behaviors to be replayed

Operation method
Operation panel
The operation panel appears by clicking [Tool | Replay plugin] from menu. This panel can be used with the same method as general CD player, such as fast-forward, slow, reveres play.
The track bar allows you to jump to the specified time. You can replay the model's behavior just after registration, otherwise it can be replayed after saving in file.

When the toolbar is displayed in main screen, the movement can be registered/replayed on toolbar (Figure4).
The operability can be improved as the operation panel is not hidden in main screen.

You can define the view point at the time of replay such as driving seat and back of the car, and select functions to record only vehicles and pedestrians in a certain distance from the own vehicle.

Figure 3 : Operation panel Figure 4 : Toolbar

Link with Scenario plug-in option
This plug-in option allows you to start recording or replay at the timing of event occurrence. For example, when accidents such as vehicle contact occurs, return to the original scenario after having checked from several seconds ago to the accident occurring. In addition, when you stop the vehicle at a designated place such as a parking lot, you can set and check your driving operations from the beginning.

Figure5 Scenario settings

Data management
The option records the movement of large numbers of vehicles and pedestrians in real time. There might be a case where hundreds of or thousands of models to be recorded. Recorded data in these cases must be big, and since the data volume might be larger than 1GB, the plug-in compresses the recorded data using ZLib: a compression algorithm used by ZIP, etc.
In addition, since loading all the recorded data to memory before the replay consumes a memory area, the option loads necessary replay data beforehand by a small unit, as shown Figure6. This method reduces the memory burden and the delay caused by reading data, to realize high performance to replay a large number of models.
Figure6 Management of replay data

Link with UC-win/Road SDK
If you combine the plug-in with UC-win/Road, you can control the recording or playback from the SDK.
In addition, you can also sequentially acquire the vehicle position and operation quantities such as steering and speed. Table2 shows the command example which can be controlled from the SDK.

Rec Start recording
Replay Start replaying
Stop Stop recording or replaying
Jump Replay at the appointed time
LoadFromFile Load the appointed file
DrivingCar Obtain the information of the own vehicle
Table2 Command sample of Replay plug-in option

Future development
In future, we will improve the option for realizing the high performance by making the playback data loading process a thread and loading the thread in the background.
In addition, please look forward to our upcoming enhancement: addition of message display through the linkage with Scenario plug-in option, and enhanced view control.
(Up&Coming 2011 Early spring issue)