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a3S(Anything as a Service)
Cloud transmission library(Patent pending) [Patent application number]Patent:2010-290022

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Overview of a3S
There are many technologies which can make standard standalone applications available on cloud. Now, FORUM8 is developing generic frame work system, "a3S" which enables cloud computing of general application at lower cost.

It is designed to be applied to many applications. It is composed of two major features, data communication technology between server and client, and management of server firmware. We named it "Anything as a Sever" (AssS) and call it "a3S".

We have two options to make application available on cloud.

  1. In this option, we need to develop application dedicated application for client. All commands of application have to be encapsulated in network protocol. And we need more programming development in message processing between server and client and in user interface of client.
  2. In this second option, application codes have to be translated to programming language which works in server. The example of these language are PHP, Python and Javascript., They are suitable to script than application programming. It takes long time to convert application code. In addition, application has to be modified to web language.

"a3S cloud system" is designed to clear defects in these options above and easy to use for both end user and developer. "a3S could system" adopts option 1 above, and it provides generic framework with which user does not need basic development of data communication.

In a3S, original application is loaded in server, and data, video and audio of application are sent to a3S in server. a3S in client receives them and application works at client and input data or command is sent to a3S in client and then a3S in server. To utilizes these features, we provide API for server module and for client module.

a3S in serve compresses data when needed, and latest data is sent to client continuously. In client, user operation is monitored and necessary data or command is sent it to server application.

With this technology, many various ion applications can work on cloud. I

We will describe systematic mechanism of a3S in next issue.

Transmission of contents
There are various kinds of hardware on which application work in cloud. To these applications available in cloud computing, we need to develop the interface for each hardware.

When we develop the interface, the quality is required. Though it is easy to modify the interface by adjusting displaying area, the quality cannot be assured. By modifying the interface with a3s system, the application can be executed in cloud computing for different hardware with keeping quality.

In cloud computing, we have a problem in the quality of movies but also bandwidth and processing capability. a3s system keeps high quality in the condition of small image dimension or narrow bandwidth.

When we utilize the application on cloud computing, we have to reduce the elapsed time before displaying the user's client machine. This time is called as latency time. If it takes long, is longer, users feel uncomfortable feeling, and get carsick in driving simulation.

a3s system is optimized the contents transmitted of applications to enhance transmitting speed in cloud computing.

For example, H.264 which is one of the latest video format and many image contents are developed in this format. As it has many advanced features and excellent scalability, many types of video contests, from low quality of video to high-definition video are available.

In a3s system, when the image is compressed in H.264 format, it compressed by x264 encoder and is decompressed by h264. These implementations are authorized by GPL license. x264 encoder is recognized as the best and highest speed encoder now.

Figure 1 Data flow, overview

Features of a3S
Server module(a3S_srv)
It is the server application on cloud, and is the module which is used to transmit video, audio and other data to client.
The application provides the contents to this module in simple form, and a3S_srv compresses and converts the contents and the contents are transmitted to downstream a3S module. The user's input at client is received from the downstream module and it is transmitted to the application.

Client module(a3S_cli)
It is the module used by client application. If necessary, it decompresses or converts the contents from server. And it transmits the user's operation data to upstream module.
As various operating systems are used in client, this is the cross-platform module which is available in Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Linux/UNIX. The development is planned to support smartphones.
a3S system can be used in the form of direct connection of server module with client module .
As both server and client module are open source, and many system using a3S can be developed at a very low cost.
a3s core module is under development, and the redirect of data stream, contents conversion and user management will be implemented. They are necessary features to utilize actual application on cloud.

Video module(a3S_vidc)
This module converts video data format, such as resolution or color format, and compresses or decompresses data. This module is available in multi core CPU and multi CPU, and compresses video data at high speed.

Figure 2 Service configuration Figure 3 Developing configuration

a3s system is the framework which utilizes quick data and contents transmission between client and server at low cost to enable standalone applications work on cloud computing.
With a3S, many applications are expected to be used on cloud and it would be beneficial to end users.
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