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SIAS is a software development company whose headquarter is in Edinburgh, UK, and produces the transport planning software by an advanced micro simulation, and S-Paramics as main development products. S-Paramics mounts the wide range and highly precise modeling function by the robust path control in a large-scale traffic network, and also cooperates with the ITS system and a UTC system. Furthermore, the modeling of public institution vehicles including the operation schedule of the bus by an user-defined and the passengers' getting on and off at the bus stop can also be performed.

Forum 8 and SIAS have concluded the technical partner contract in 2009. From that time, Forum 8 has developed the integrated interface between S-Paramics and UC-win/Road, and selling S-Paramics plug-in which can visualize the S-Paramics data in 3DVR environment with UC-win/Road now. Lately, the FORUM8 and SIAS concluded business partnership and it makes that both companies sell a product mutually in every corner of the earth realized.

Although S-Paramics Microsimulation can perform expression of geography, such as a landscape and a building etc, the main purpose of this software is in the analysis, design, investigation, and evaluation of transport planning and city planning. It also enables to output running time, a confusion level, a fuel consumption amount of consumption, and the amount of carbon dioxide and then compare according to the condition, and this output function supports consensus formation of the Road Bureau of a municipality or UK. However, because the needs to visualize transport planning in more real 3DVR environment from a number of the stakeholder in recent years, SIAS requested FORUM8 to develop and provide the interface to inport the S-Paramics data to UC-win/Road. SIAS will expand the market of S-Paramics in Europe, North America and South America, and Oceania, on the other hand, FORUM8 will expand the market of S-Paramics in Asia from now on.

▲Example of 3D city model from SIRADEL(France)

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