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User Introduction Vol. 68

Driving and construction simulation of the city planning business, north and south road, for Shanghai Expo in 2010
- Demonstration and the effect of VR expression in a short term -

This time, we will introduce "SHANGHAI URBAN CONSTRUCTION DESIGN & RESEARCH INSTITUTE (Abbreviation: SUCDRI)" based in Shanghai city, China.
Founded in 1963, SUCDRI is mainly engaged in investigation, design, construction plans concerning urban infrastructure (what constitutes social economic base and social infrastructure, such as school, hospitals, roads, bridges, rail lines, water and sewerages, electricity, gas, telephone etc)

SUCDRI is approved as a high-tech company by the Shanghai science technology committee ,whcih certified nationally regarding the wide range of design for construction of flood control in urban area, city plan and engineering surveying as well as roads, bridges, tunnels, subways, monorails, facilities for water supply and drainage, environment sanitation, gardens, national express business, and it is engaged in developing technologies, construction method, and material under this qualification.

SUCDRI (except an affiliate) is consists of 418 engineers including 371 construction design engineers and 24 other experts.
Construction design engineers
Professorate senior engineer 16 (equal to Comprehensive Technical Management of Professional engineer)
Senior Engineer 114 (equal to professional engineer or registered civil engineering counlusting manager)
Engineer 93
Sub-engineer 57

State registered first-class architect 4 (equal to first-class architect)
State registered second-class architect 2 (equal to second-class architect)
State registered first-class structure engineer 17
tate registered building mechanical and electrical engineer 8 (equal to building mechanical and electrical engineer)
State registered electrical engineer 3 (equal to electrical engineer)
State registered civil engineer 7 (equal to electrical engineer)
State registered cost management engineer 8 (qualified person for cost managemnet certified by China)

5000 orders that SUCDRI have accepted from Shanghai city, China and neighboring City so far and completed constructions include the wide range of highways, large junctions of urban areas, undersea tunnels, traffic control systems, water facilities, sewage facilities, tall building architectures.

SUCDRI have won a number of awards since it has founded.SUCDRI is selected for best 100 of China for the second consecutive year, and for best 10 of "design and prospecting institutes in Shanghai" for the fifth consecutive year, and moreover for the best 60 of "Chinese contractors and design firms" in 2005, and has been given the title of "Shanghai's best company" for the seventh consecutive year since 1999.

After it had accomplished total management goal of quality since 1989, SUCDRI obtained ISO9000 version 1994 and 2001 in 1998 and 2001 and was selected for "Shanghai City Top One hundred Private Owned Enterprise" by Shanghai Audit Center of Quality System (SAC) in 2005.

The 3D (VR) technology produced self-developed technology effetely.

SUCDRI decided to introduce UC--win/Road (Chinese version) and make use of it on the presentation, as soon as it had released on June, 2006.

We show the specific case in city planning business involved with Shanghai Expo.
Shanghai Expo will be held in 2010 with promoting the development of the Huangpu River on either bank in Shanghai city.
Shanghai Expo poses difficult problems for city planning business with contributing to the development of city.
ĄTo relieve chronic traffic congestion
ĄTo improve access to the Expo hall
ĄTo improve city
ĄTo make plans, designs and constructions in short term
For this difficult project, City government picked up construction consultants and called for the presentation of city development planning.
Under discussion in SUCDRI
In case that one pier is constructed in each route In case that one pier is constructed together in three routes
View from sky View from sky
View from a car View from a car
View from a pedestrian View from a pedestrian
SUCDRI which was selected as one of the main construction consultant in Shanghai come together to make researches and surveys for six months and completed the north and south road plan under the leadership of Liu Weijie(Vice President).
Other two major companies also joined the project, and SUCDRI employed the 3D (VR) technology to make the presentation of north and south road plan.

As it requires many time and much money to make 3D models conventionally, it has not used for the unadopted project, but the adopted project.
Because particularly in this case, it took over six months to research and survey, it was considered to be difficult to create 3D (VR) with conventional software.
But SUCDRI which had introduced UC-win/Road promptly made the effective presentation with 3D (VR) and won the project, while other companies demonstrated slides.
Using 3D(VR) technology could show the total image of north and south road and express the design intent. By expressing the 3D underground space structure especially clearly, we could express the item to be studied which promoter pointed, such as the traffic condition under the ground (interchange, flow) and the construction way (handling of buried object, new way of construction)

Various effects to aesthetic design

Introducing UC-win/Road made it easy for us to consider from various view (view from drivers and pedestrians), which was expressed 2 dimension before.

In this case, we compared the idea that one pier is constructed in each route with the idea that one pier is constructed together in three route, though pier structure was decided by only economic efficiency.

By bringing three routes to one bridge together, view from drivers become broader with liberating as well as pedestrians, which we could express visually to consider aesthetic design easily.

Effects of using UC-win/Road

UC-win/Road allows you to operate 3D space in realtime easily and in the future it will be useful to facilitate consensus-building in public projects and overall private business developments as well as planning and designing road.
UC-win/Road will be used in main construction consultants, governments, universities etc and moreover help express space, such as roads, architectures, railways, ports, parks, underground space, simulation of construction and disaster.

Through this presentation, SUCDRI acquired a good reputation to construct Minpu Second Bridge, Rail line 11 by making use of UC-win/Road.

It will be the one of essential soft wares for important projects in China in the future.

Projection drawing of underground space using UC-win/Road