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Robert Gordon University

Simulation of traffic cycle in the large-scaled road construction project with the visualization of UC-win/Road

User Information
Robert Gordon University
URL: http://www.rgu.ac.uk/ Location: Aberdeen(UK/Scotland)
Research field: Urban design, architectural environment
New university established 20 years ago, high-evaluation for the developmental effort

Although Robert Gordon University has a heritage going back 250 years, it is one of a new breed of dynamic, young UK Universities having been granted University status in 1992. Since then the University has gone from strength to strength, proactively engaging with businesses in the development of many of its degree courses, meeting regional and national needs at a time of constant change and development. As a result we have a reputation for producing graduates that are highly sought after by employers. Today Robert Gordon University delivers more than 300 courses to over 15,000 full and part-time students from 120 countries. Over the last decade they have consistently had one of the best records of any UK university for graduate-level employment and were quoted in The Times Good University Guide 2011 as the best modern university in the UK - for the third year running. They were also voted the Sunday Times Scottish University of the Year 2011.

One of their Academic staff is Dr. Amar Bennadji who works within the University's School of Architecture and Built Environment.Dr Bennadji is the Course Leader for the University's Property Development MSc distance learning course as well as being Architecture Stage one Manager, European and Overseas Coordinator , MSc Sustainable Development module tutor and a Member of the IDEAS Research Institute (Innovation, DEsign And Sustainability).

Born in Paris in 1968, from an Algerian background, Amar passed his Baccalaureate in Technical Mathematics in 1987 and undertook his undergraduate studies in North Africa, Europe, Constantine, Marseille and Biskra from where he graduated in 1992 as an 'Architecte d'Etat', Architect of the State. Amar left Loughborough University, where he was a Research Associate, to join the School at Robert Gordon in 2002.
Amar completed his PhD thesis in 1999. This was a joint project between two Universities (The Aix-en-Provence University & Marseille School of Architecture) in a field that merged Human Geography and Bio-Climatic Architecture. It was through his research work that Dr. Bennadji first came across FORUM8 and in particular the 3D VIS software UC-win/Road.

Dr. Amar Bennadji, Robert Gordon University Presentation in World16 Summer workshop

Utilization of UC-win/Road for simulation of traffic congestion prediction

Dr Bennadji's research interests are many and varied but all tend to be focused on the solving of problems caused by the growth of the urban built environment. In his own words "As cities prosper they automatically get busier as their citizens increase their travel through the streets whilst engaged in both work and leisure activities. This prosperity comes with a heavy impact on the environment due to increased traffic volumes with the resultant increase in exhaust fumes leading to increased global warming etc...

One of my research projects consists of adapting and combining existing technology to UC-win/Road to assist city users to optimize their journeys, thereby gaining time and reducing traffic densities.

The goal of the project is not only to allow users to move in the cities more smoothly, but to create a better environment and hence feeling of well-being for all citizens, including pedestrians, as well as protecting buildings and public spaces from the damaging effects of unnecessary pollution.

The research project consists of implementing traffic data collection scenarios at key intersections in the city. After processing centrally this traffic data can be sent out to any traffic user who requests an optimized route to reach his or her destination.

The plan is to visualize this data in the FORUM8 UC-win/Road software so future users won't be surprised by traffic congestion when simulating large road infrastructure projects. This is often a situation that we face when we attempt to visualize a model for demonstration purposes and where we keep reducing the number of vehicle to force a smooth traffic circulation in visualization."

VR model used for his research project -studying the traffic and pollution issues and bypass construction bypass resulted from the relocation of the campus of Robert Gordon University