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Deventer (The Netherlands) Special feature of Europe users 4
Omnitrans International BV

From evacuation modeling, land-use, to traffic interaction
Improved function with the linkage of UC-win/Road

User Information
Omnitrans International BV
URL: http://www.omnitrans-international.com Location: Deventer (The Netherlands)
Specialized field: Development of traffic planning and traffic modeling software

Support for a variety of project based on traffic planning and modeling

Omnitrans International BV is the leading Transport Software House & Consultancy in the Netherlands. The company specializes in providing the very best planning and modeling software and support services to transport managers, planners and analysts alike.

The OmniTRANS transport planning software package is used all over the world. Each year, numerous projects are undertaken that use OmniTRANS as the key instrument.
With the flexibility of the software package, projects range from accessibility calculations to Variable Demand Modelling (VDM) and from evacuation modeling to Land Use-Transport Interaction (LUTI).

The history behind OmniTRANS begins in 1963 at the inception of modern transport modeling in the Netherlands. This follows the development of the consultancy practice by Goudappel Coffeng in partnership with various academic researchers. Over a number of years the development of the software and the market eventually led to the software package OmniTRANS which was launched during the 1990's.

OmniTRANS offers a modern integrated development platform for transport modeling specifically designed to support multiple scenarios, modes and modeling techniques. It promotes the notion that a transport model must be accessible to non-technical decision makers. It manages projects, scenarios, processing and associated data in a way that makes the analysis of model results straightforward.

Managing Director Erik de Romph, Omnitrans International BV

Linkage with FORUM8

As the momentum behind OmniTRANS grew, a separate company, Omnitrans International BV, was established in 2003 so that clients would be assured of continued support and software development as the needs for transport planning and modeling evolved, along with the available technology.

One of these evolving technologies was 3D Virtual Reality and the ability to build digital streetscapes and cityscapes in 3D. It was because of the emergence of this new technology, coupled with the fact that transport planners need be able to show their clients and non-professional stakeholders their plans in a way that was easier to understand, that Omnitrans began talking with FORUM8.

The result of detailed discussions was the signing of a FORUM8 Partnership Agreement by the company's Managing Director Erik de Romph. He commented "We are very pleased to be associated with such a forward thinking company as FORUM8 and their excellent interactive 3D visual simulation software UC-win/Road.

I believe that our clients will benefit enormously from the incorporation of UC-win/Road into the OmniTRANS product portfolio and will welcome many of the available third party plug-in software interfaces, especially those for industry standard micro-simulation transport modeling systems."

Brendan Hafferty, the FORUM8 General Manager in the Western Region commented; "OmniTRANS is the market leader in the Netherlands and an extremely well respected transport modeling system and Erik's company is equally well respected within the European market. I am therefore delighted that Erik and his colleagues wish to work with Forum8 to integrate these two software systems to the benefit of transport planners everywhere."

Traffic modeling with OmniTRANS