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Arcbazar Support Service
Provided by the integration of Self-Assessment site and VR-Cloud® on a design competition site "Arcbazar"

Released : '16.03.01
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Service Overview
Arcbazar (http://www.arcbazar.com/) is the crowdsourcing website of architectural design competition operated by Arcbazar in Massachusetts. Through Arcbazar, a client would allow designers in the world to compete for the project. FORUM8 has entered into a business alliance agreement with Arcbazar and has started "Arcbazar Support Service". In this service, FORUM8 itself will be a client and hold competitions in Arcbazar, and will assist projects and design competitions.

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Design Competition Site "Arcbazar"
Through Arcbazar, a client would post his / her requirements, timelines, and award money online and allow designers in the world to compete for the project. After a set amount of time when the project receives several proposal submissions, the client would rank the projects and select the top 3 designs who will be evenly awarded with the award money the client specifies. Completed projects remain on the website and can be viewed freely after the competition as well.  

Currently, there have been a total of more than 5,000 projects and more than 15,000 designers registered. The projects span across several areas such as renovation, gardening, interior design, home design, and commercial or public building designs. In addition to the client's choices, designers can also receive review scores via public voting that affects their standing in the community. Arcbazar is an excellent marketplace that brilliantly combines the power of crowdsourcing and social networking. 

From the client's point of view, Arcbazar allows more freedom in submitting smaller-scale requests that are not accepted by architects or large design studios across the globe. As a result, Arcbazar helps young designers build experience and confidence, while allowing clients to firmly build up the value of their properties.
Multiple proposals from all over the globe are available in Arcbazar's project page.
Support Service by Arcbazar+ProjectVR
ProjectVR is an add-on project to integrate FORUM 8 technologies into the existing Arcbazar system to enhance its usability and to promote information symmetry, such as providing sustainability evaluation to assist in the client's decision making.
To fulfill these objectives, we have integrated our Online Simple Self-Assessment Support website and our VR-Cloud® technologies to allow 3D VR simulation over the cloud, and efficiently support consensus building between different stakeholders. 

The image of Services Provided by ProjectVR The Simple Self-Assessment web site
used for assisting in environmental checks
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Workflow of Arcbazar Support Service
From the point on, Project VR will make effective use of Arcbazar as a platform to further popularize it.
Precisely, FORUM 8 will continue to use Project VR to assist in competitive projects, and Arcbazar users are also given the option to register with and access the Simple Self-Assessment website and 3D VR Simulation Services.


Clients would draft a project plan and publish it on Arcbazar, with specifications and requirements such as: purpose of project, current situation, number of rooms, undesired design themes, submission deadline, award money, etc. 
Project VR will provide 3D model generation by converting from real-world photographs and also provide modeling of the surrounding environments.

All questions and clarifications from the designers are posted onto the Public Wall (a discussion board) on Arcbazar. Clients would answer accordingly and also provide any updates to the situation. 
The Self-Assessments, the uploading of 3D VR data, or the 3D modelling services will be implemented in this phase. 
With this, a client could provide better and more accurate design concerns through a prior analysis with the Self-Assessment service, as well as evaluate the proposals with the same methods. 
Client or sponsor would decide the top 3 winning bids, and the award money would be distributed accordingly. 
As previously mentioned, the Self-Assessment and VR data should serve as excellent judgmental references in the final decision making. 
Arcbazar also allow Public Vote of submitted projects that is independent of the client's final decision. The endorsed projects, even if not won, would result in ranking points for the designers, which is tallied and arranged into a leaderboard for future project references. 

After the competition, the project is stored in the site and available for public viewing. The purpose of which is to serve as a reference and assist (both new and old) clients in future project plans and the selection of designers. To designers, this is where their designed projects can be stored and should benefit them in their future career progression. 
All past projects are stored in a service called Arcfolio. We plan to convert a portion of these projects into 3D data and introducing more vivid and interactive viewing of projects through VR-Cloud®. 
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