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UC-win Series Simulation
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UC-win/Road Ver.12 Ultimate US$19,200
UC-win/Road Ver.12 Driving Sim US$12,800
UC-win/Road Ver.12 Advanced US$9,700
UC-win/Road Ver.12 Standard US$6,300
  UC-win/Road Ver.12 Multi User Client Ver. US$1,180
UC-win/Road Ver.12 Presentation Version US$660
  UC-win/Road Ver.12 Cluster Client Ver. US$660
  UC-win/Road Ver.12 Free Viewer Version Free of charge
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Platforms: Windows Vista/7/8/10
UC-win/Road Support System
UC-win/Road Support System
UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road for Civil 3D
UC-win/Road Web Viewer
UC-win/Road Web Viewer
UC-win/Road Drive Simulator
UC-win/Road Drive Simulator
UC-win/Road Trial Version
UC-win/Road Trial Version
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Program Overview
UC-win/Road won the 2002 Software Product of the Year
(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
It is advanced software that enables the creation of large scale 3D spaces
for all sorts of projects by simple PC operations and with
which you can give a variety of presentations in real-time.

3D VR data creation by simple operations is available. Practical data features include our standard database, a Web/Road Database and a LandXML data exchange function. It is equipped with an excellent VR creation / editing function for everything from road alignments, cross sections and terrain processing to traffic setup, model setup / processing, etc. Large-scale 3D spaces can be made by simple procedures in a surprisingly short time.

Visual option tools supporting several VR displays and presentation functions support the real-time presentation of landscape studies, design deliberations, project descriptions, etc. It has been utilized as a tool for building wide consensus for public works and developments by private constructors in general, as well as for road planning and design.

It assists engineering design, development and research whilst also supporting advanced simulation by sunshine simulation, traffic flow simulation, manual drive simulation, etc., in addition to drive simulation.

Click the image for a larger picture.

  Standard / CAD Data Utilization
A 50m topographic mesh (of New Zealand and Japan) and 2500 spatial infrastructure data are included. Other useful features include a custom terrain feature, a world geographic coordinate system conversion feature, DXF-XML conversion as well as a 3D and 2D terrain editing feature.

  • - Geographical Survey Institute Authorization (2000, #173): 50m mesh elevation (nationwide) / 2500 spatial infrastructure data (Tokyo / Osaka)
    - World geographic coordinate system conversion tool authorization: (#603, Planning and Coordination Division of the Geographical Survey Institute)

Efficient VR data creation assistance through the use of standard models/textures and an extensive download DB

  • In addition to the standard data including 3D models and textures, extensive downloads are available directly from the UC-win/RoadDB on the Internet. Useful editing and movement tools are available, allowing scaling up and down, movement, rotation, inclination and arrangement of models. Action setting offers generation and motion control of moving models.
  Easy creation of a complicated road structure is available with high definition.
All sorts of lines such as roads, rivers, lakes or flight paths can be set up with parameters or free hand drawing and roads, tunnels, bridges, rivers or walking routes can be automatically created.

  • Tunnel and bridge sections are set by the definition of a horizontal road alignment (clothoid and spline supported) and a vertical alignment.
  Real-Time Display of Large Scale Spaces
It's possible to create data from the size of a dice to a 20 kilometer road structure in the same space. Maximum size is 8000 cubic kilometers.
Smooth dynamic display is supported by performance settings and 3D trees compatible with dynamic LOD.

Various displays with the Visual Options Tool. Traffic simulation of road hazards is also available.

  • Control of time, weather and light is available in real time. With the artificial light function, expression of day and night, and shadow is also available.
    Traffic flow generation, based on traffic volume, car profiles and traffic lights, and road hazards, from disasters and accidents, can be simulated.
Click the image for a larger picture.

Real-time VR operation by simple operations.
Helps presenters with Before/After, scripting and manual driving.

  • It supports several driving modes (speed of car, lane changing, height of viewpoint, viewpoint switching in 8 directions) and dynamic movement of viewpoint (from other cars, up and down, turn head). Automatic flight and walk-through are available with the flight path setting (editing in the 3D display is supported). More advanced simulation can be performed with manual driving and support for a 3D cockpit and multi-monitors.
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UC-win/Road TOPICS


Won the Special award of the 8th CSAJ Alliance Award!
Awarded product:UC-win/Road for SaaS(Current name :VR-Cloud(TM))
This award is organized by Computer Software Association of Japan.
The judgement is performed based on the actual achievement and potential of affiliation,
the number of business, future possibilities, marketability, and technology.
Awarded with "Outstanding Technology Award"
at the Construction Technology Expo, Kinki, 2003!
SOFTWARE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR! Awarded in "Social/life category / public category"!
This award system rewards outstanding software products sold during
the year under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

UC-win/Road Ver.12 acquired PSQ certification

On June 28, 2017, FORUM8 acquired "Approval" certification based on the PSQ certificate system for UC-win/Road Ver.12.1.
Press Release

Related Information

Launched "OpenMicroSim.org", XML scheme open site for UC-win/Road Open Micro Simulation Player

VIDEO by UC-win/Road has been adopted in the VIDEO class, IEEE Virtual Reality 2009. New!
UC-win/Road 3D VR Contest Review VIDEO by Reid Baker of FORUM8 (mov format 1,034,232KB)http://www.forum8.co.jp/ENGLISH/uc-win/Road-cluster-e.htm
* QuickTime of Apple Inc. is required to watch the movie, >>Free QuickTime Download

Assembly Operation Document

UC-win/Road Conference
New Product Introduction


Video Gallery / Contest
 - Video Gallery of Examples of Practical Use of UC-win/Road

Keynote Speech / Presentation Papers

Contest / Seminar Applications Wanted !

UC-win/Road New Features
   UC-win/Road Ver.12.1.0 (Released on July 19, 2017)
●Quick building function
A function supporting the creation of simple building model. On the 3D view, generating bottom section around the building by mouse clicking and setting parameters such as height, you can easily make building models.

画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。   画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Creating bottom surface   Parameter setting

Configurable parameters are as follows:
 -Height -Colour -Model type -Rotate angle -Inclination angle

画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。   画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。

You can edit the models you created just like other 3D models in UC-win/Road. Free shaped models with edited parameter can describe high buildings and colourful buildings as well as complicated shaped one such as L-shape. Simple prismatic objects can also be created in addition to buildings.

●Object batch move function
Object batch move function allows you to move objects within the freely selected rectangle range on the road plan view all together by a specified offset value. It took a lot of time to move objects, but with this function, you can move multiple objects at the same time. Remake in the project will be easier because the relative positional relationship between objects you select will not be lost. It is very convenient to move objects loaded when projects are merged.

Batch move of faraway objects

Selecting Object
Select objects on the plan view. After clicking the icon of rectangle selection mode on the tool bar, drag and surround the object that you want to move with rectangle.

画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。   画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
In the rectangle selection mode,
rectangular frame will be displayed
in blue when you drag and drop
the target rectangle.
  The selected object will be displayed in red
and will be added to the list on the dialogue.
Operation on the plan view

Data objects having location information such as camera position and pedestrian network can also be moved, and you need not set those information again after move. Road defined models depending on the terrain like cutting, banking, and tunnel are automatically recreated based on a destination terrain.

●Addition of new plug-in options
DS course conversion plug-in, Speedometer display plug-in, HTC VIVE plug-in, OpenFlight plug-in, Environmental Assessment plug-in

●Plug-ins are now supported in 64bit
DS plug-in and SfM plug-in are now supported in 64bit.

   UC-win/Road Ver.12.0.0 (Released on February 28, 2017)
●Supporting 64-bit native application
  • This 64 bit support utilizes the full resources of the PC. Now memory greater than 4GB is available to the application, and processing speed will be increased.
  • Expansion of terrain space and improvement of resolusion performance
    It is now possible to simulate long roads in a vast terrain. Finer mesh settings will describe more realistic terrain.
  • Expansion of possible 3D models
    The geometry information of many more models can be handled. When simulating an urban space, individually modelled buildings can be displayed smoothly.
  • High quality textures
    The limit on the number of simultaneously available textures such as for ground surface, road surfaces and models is greatly increased, providing richer virtual expression.
  • Visualization of analysis results
    It will be possible to run a long visualization simulation with many animation steps.

●Calculation frequency control and SILS function
In R&D using driving simulation, simulations of automobile and vehicle equipment are frequently run on a fixed cycle.
Until now, UC-win/Road synchronized visualization and simulation calculation, performing them at the same cycle, according to the PC's computation power. The cycle varied according to the VR data. Simulations could be run flexibly depending on the data content, but calculation at a specific interval was difficult.
In UC-win/Road Ver.12, the calculation cycle and display refresh cycle can be set separately. A variety of patterns are available according to the user's simulation needs (calculation and display, calculation only). The combinations and purpose of use are shown in the following table.
The internal timer can also be customized using the SDK.

time step
Explanation of system operation
Applied ON - Synchronize calculation and display in accordance with real time. Frame rate is variable according to the calculation and display load. (Current mode)
Applied OFF - In accordance with the real time, FPS is higher as simulation calculation increases with the CPU performance. Display depends on computer performance, and lower FPS than simulation calculation is used.
Fixed ON ON Simulation calculation rate is fixed and all frames are displayed. As far as possible the simulation will be run at real time (it will be slower than the real time at high load).
Fixed OFF ON Simulation calculation rate is fixed. Only frames that can be displayed will be displayed according to display performance. As far as possible the simulation will be run at real time (it will be slower than the real time at high load).
Fixed ON OFF Simulation calculation rate is fixed and all frames are displayed. FPS is higher as computer performance increases (real time is not considered).
Fixed OFF OFF Simulation calculation rate is fixed. FPS is higher as computer performance increases (real time is not considered). Display depends on computer performance, at a lower FPS than simulation calculation.

UAV plug-in Ver.2
Display of shot range, management of multiple UAVs, flight plan manager, and selection of media file.


●Expansion of vehicle control
The number of car lamps have been expanded, and you can describe and control rear lamps, backlights, fog lamps, side lights, and 10 extension lamps in addition to current brake lamps, winkers, and hazard lights. The Micro Simulation Player feature plays previously recorded motion for scenes where reproduction is required, but the following vehicle control modes will be added.
  • Specified speed: Strictly keeps to the specified speed, for travel along a road and in any direction.
  • Specified acceleration: Strictly keeps to specified acceleration and deceleration, for travel along a road and in any direction
  • Keep distance to other vehicles: Travels while maintaining the specified distance with the object vehicle

Keep distance to other vehicles

●Enhancement of 2D view
Frames and information of 3D models, roads, and
vehicles can be displayed. Simulation status can
be seen at glance.
  ●Camera Sensor Base plug-in
●Virtual display and mask
(new plug-ins at separate charge)
●User variable number
●Object reference function by object custom ID
  New version history
Ver.11 Ver.11.2.0 (2016/10/24)   Ver.11.1.0 (2016/08/26)   Ver.11.0.0 (2016/06/21)
Ver.10 Ver.10.1.0 (2015/02/19)      Ver.10.0.0 (2014/08/08) 
Ver.9 Ver.9.0.0 (2013/05/30) 
Ver.8 Ver.8.0.0 (2012/10/19) 
Ver.7 Ver.7.1.0 (2012/05/15)    Ver.7.0.0 (2012/04/12)
Ver.6 Ver.6.1.0 (2012/03/08)    Ver.6.0.2 (2011/12/14)
Ver.5 Ver.5.0.0 (2010/09/21)    Ver.5.0.3 (2011/01/26)     Ver.5.0.5 (2011/07/05)
(2011/06/09)    Ver.5.2.4 (2011/12/14)
Ver.4 Ver.4.0.3 (2010/04/08)    Ver.4.0.1 (2009/12/09)
Ver.3 Ver.3.4.13 (2009/10/28)    Ver.3.4.11 (2009/09/02)    Ver.3.4.9 (2009/08/04)
(2009/06/26)   Ver.3.4.6 (2009/05/19)  Ver.3.4.5 (2009/04/10)
(2008/12/26)    Ver.3.04.00 (2008/09/24)     Ver.3.3.0 (2007/07/09)
(2006/11/24)    Ver.3.2.0 (2006/09/07)     Ver.3.1.0 (2005/12/22)
Ver.2 Ver.2.1.0 (2004/09/09)     Ver.2.0.0 (2004/06/03)
Ver.1 Ver.1.6.0 (2003/09/03)  Ver.1.5.0 (2003/06/11)

UC-win/Road Main features

Plan&Design    Traffic Simulation
Driving Simulation/Vehicle Research and Development    Interface


Digital map of geospatial information authority of Japan
  • 50m mesh (elevation)(Approved number: 2000, #173), Format of 5m mesh (elevation)
Geographical features of the world
  • The geographical features are enhanced.
  • Using the "CGIAR-CSI SRTM 90m Database" for all parts of the world, geographical features of China and Australia are installed in UC-win/Road.
  • SRTM(90m mesh), ASTER(30m mesh)
  • BlueMarbleNextGeneration(500m mesh)(Support the topography of the seabed)
  • Highly accurate terrain can be created whilst specifying its resolution.
  • The large terrain exceeding 100km in area can now be generated.
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Seafloor topography
Curve calculation function New
  • Curve parameter of IP point can be calculated from dot sequence
  • obtained by GPS.

Road-Terrain matching process
  •  Deal with terrain matching processing in addition to cutting and banking by road generation.
    Click the image for a larger picture.

Vertical curve of railroad
  • Simple circular curve (arc) has been applied in conjunction with the vertical curve (parabola) of a road.
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。

Street map and World File format are now supported.
  • It is now possible to import the Street Map and World File (coordinate information file) to automatically set the coordinate of each.

River, road cross section
  • Planar and longitudinal alignment is now possible.
Transparency of cross sections
  • Transparency rates of parts are selectable in the cross
    section editor. Transparency of transparent panels and translucency of a sound insulation wall or balustrade can be expressed easily.

Improved cuttings and banks and rounding of a small stage
  • We have improved the setting method of cuttings and banks. It allows the setting of width, angle of slope and textures for each stage of the right side and the left side. The rounding can be set for the berm.

Generating forests
  • This feature allows the establishment of up to
    three types of tree model (per session) and automatic generation of between several hundred and several thousand trees at predefined locations. Collective deletion is also available.

Enhanced intersection function
  • More intersection types including rotary and L type are now available for generation. Complicated flat crossing and road signs are supported through 3DS output editing. The improvement realizing for vehicles to run on the model at intersection was added.

Intersection function
  • The function to generate road surface texture semi-automatically. It reduces the work load of texture generation work.

Tool for editing building
  • Users can create 3D building models in any shape they wish whether it is square, circle, free form, or a combination. It shows the front-back, right-left, height and size and texture of surface for both day and night.

3D text
  • Generation and arrangement of 3D text on 3D space are available.

Video wall and video player
  • Animation video display including cylindrical screen can be reproduced as 3D object.

Improvement of fire and smoke visualization
  • With this function, you can present various phenomena including fire, bonfires, stream from hot springs and smoke from chimneys. The visualization and movement of smoke and fire inside tunnels is significantly improved.
    Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.

Parametric 3D modeling
  • Sing, stairway, escalator, fence by parametric input can be generated. In case of stairway, the width, height, number of bars and texture can be assigned.

    List of model panel
    general model / vehicle / cab / 3D cockpit / road structure / flags / terrain texture / video wall / buildings / rail trailers / traffics / ignals / characters trees / fire and smoke / 3D strings

FBX 3D model
  • FBX file used for various kinds of models which have high accuracy is now supported. It supports the animation function using bone and allows to set the degree of transparency information and lighting effect and even to import Collada file including SketchUp etc. 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
LOD (Level Of Detail) function
  • LOD (Level Of Detail) Function is be used in the display of the MD3 Character, 3D Model, FBX Scene
DWG and DXF Import / Export
  • A breakthrough function to support CIM
  • -Import: Road Section, 3D model
  • -Export: by category (model, line shape, geography), whole

Traffic Simulation

Traffic Simulation function  
  • Packetization of vehicle
  • Setting probability of each route group
  • Motion control point in the event transition
  • Setting the number of stranded vehicles
  • Scenario within an intersection
  • Save traffic conditions (Control scenarios/scripts/contexts using traffic snapshot function)
  • Improvement of scenario function Vehicle speed, lane(s), speed limit can be dynamically assigned
  • Various commands against leading vehicle (can be applied to traffic flow, vehicle within a scenario played by Micro Simulation Player)

Signal control / Traffic simulation with road Hazards
  • Traffic simulations based on vehicle performance are supported. It is compatible with various traffic rules, signal control and traffic lane control, and car lights and signal expression
    in traffic simulation are available.
Traffic Rules setting
  • Traffic rules for Japan, New Zealand, China and Korea are loaded by default and moreover new rules can be added freely.

Off-Road function
  • Users can drive vehicles around the 3D VR space using a steering wheel, a game controller or the keyboard in UC -win/Road.

Traffic connector
  • The virtual type which connects between moving nodes can be defined and the traffic movement can be set from edit window of plan view or main menu.

Vehicle configuration/waypoints
  • Configuration of driving routes, starting positions, running behind other vehicles (e.g. trains), sound configuration and railroad crossings, by setting action control points, is available.

Display revolving wheels, steering angle
  • With vehicle plug-in, displaying revolving wheels and the steering angle is possible by defining the front and rear wheels.

  • Visualization of traffic analysis reading the result of traffic analysis of VISSIM.

Interaction function
  • The interference check on the traffic flow and self-vehicle course generated from various traffic analysis softwares, such as VISSIM and S-PARAMICS.(within less than 200m)

  • Dividing movement mode and simple viewpoint operation clearly, support the viewpoint operation in a movement mode.
    Movement mode Possible viewpoint operation
    Free movement rotation, moving back and forth horizontal and vertical movement, free flight, satellite movement, jump
    Running, Flight, Driving rotation, rotation on an axis of object, satellite movement
    Walking rotation, jump
    Chasing rotation centering around object, satellite movement

Special weather effect and illumination
  • The function of rain and snow expression is lifelike. Fog, thunder, wiper(Can be operated with the axis of the upper surface of the windshield) and water splashing can specify the execution area.
    road surface water puddle rain ripple
    road mirage water splashing thunder
    windshield wiper (rain) windshield wiper (snow) wiper
    (Bus/Heavy-duty truck)

Walking simulation
  • Speed alteration while walking is available. Walking operation with mouse was added.

Movement of walking crowd
  • Pathway arrange in 3D space, Setting of many pedestrians
  • -Addition of start point, end point, and average amount of pedestrian
  • -New types of pathway (train station, stairs, escalator)
  • -Link (elevator, waiting room)
  • -Multiple pedestrian profile
  • -The shortest pathway search algorithm
  • Crash avoidance Pathway setting

Artificial light/Shading
  • A simulated lighting feature is offered by alternating textures for day and night. It will turn to night texture automatically in tunnel.

Lighting function
  • The spot light and head light gunction allows the simulation of night time and lighting. For instance, you can use it for a signal lamp a window lamp in a building or the light of a ehicle.

  • Can be set individually for each vehicle. The range and shape forming an area of exposure to right and left headlight of has been optimized, hence it can now be visualized in a much more realistic manner.The ability to switch from low beam to high beam and vice versa. Visualization of light rays from fog lamp, reverse light, and the lights of special vehicles such as heavy-duty vehicles.
Tunnel lighting function
  • Setting the color and strength of tunnel lighting is available. The effect is applied to the traffic vehicle going into tunnel and an adjunct of road.
Context (Environmental conservation)
  • The function which can save various environmental setting in one context and are able to execute context in one click.

3D stereo display
  • Passive method which outputs the image to multiple screens with parallax, and Active method which outputs to one screen from side to side using Quadro video tip, produced by NVIDIA are supported. Wide-screen can be available. Click the image for a larger picture.

Sky dome function
  • The Sky dome function is where the sky can be rendered inside of the 3D environment. It is now possible to map various textures on it.
High precision rendering (auto-creation of shadow / water reflection / sky) New
Sky condition according to time and water reflection can be automatically created. Performance and quality of the shadow rendering are also improved.

Driving Simulation / Vehicle Research and Development

Manual driving
  • Support for manual driving as well as traffic flow based on vehicle performance by vehicle type.
    * The manual driving requires steering controller (steering wheel and accelerator) that is sold separately.

Vehicle cockpit setting
  • Side mirrors, the rear-view mirror (rear view) and car navigation system (display any view) can be displayed in real time. The cockpit of a large truck and heavy vehicles etc. can be set to the mirrors as many specified parts as you want. View point and view angle of rearview mirror can be adjusted. New mirror can be added.

    Setting of mirror A number of mirrors
    can be set
    Steering rotation

Head Tracking Function
  • The head tracking function is a plug-in used for receiving a driver's eye position information while he/she is driving in real-time from sensors such as Kinect, and sending that information to UC-win/Road itself.
  • View in side mirror changes
Force feedback
  • Automatic vibration deriving from road material and road shape and constant vibration within the area is transferred to the controller.
  • Oscillation region

Constitution of vehicle movement model
  • The expression of more realistic movement is now available by implementing model of overall.
    vehicle movements, engine and each transmission from engine to wheel.
Road attribute
  • Setting the difference of friction coefficient on road surface in every texture is available.
    High grip road surface Slippery road surfaces
    (Snow-covered road)

Function linkage with CarSim
  • Version 8 is applied to the vehicle movement simulation using the set value of road friction coefficient Mu.

Edge blending (Under development)
  • When projecting via several projectors, the screen on the edges between the projectors can be smoothly displayed. Pitch angle of the projector is also supported.

CAVE system, head tracking New
  • Calculates and draws visual volume based on the positional relation between the screen and the user. The viewpoint and view volume are updated by trackind the position change of the user with any device.

Audio system
  • By employing OpenAL, a variety of surrounding sound, the car's sound (sound of engine tire,
    wind, tunnel reflection sound) are supported. Lowpass filter is supported.

    - Squeal sound (slip sound) and sound reproduction of 4 different wheels are supported.

Driving simulation function  
  • As vehicle dynamics model that accurately calculates vehicle's physics is included in UC-win/Road, it is possible to perform calculation taking into account the engine, transmission, vehicle weight and center of gravity, tire's frictional coefficient.
    • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is now supported.
    • Dashboard can be displayed.
    • Significant improvement in that the characteristic of torque converter, which tranfers rotating power from an engine to the transmission, are modeled very precisely in car with an automatic transmission.
    • The concept of half clutch control has been added.

ACC/Automatic driving function
  • ACC function and self driving function in driving simulation are added. It can switch the manual driving and automatic driving. It also allows to recognize the traffic signals and limited speed.
    • Speed auto control
    • Steering wheel auto control
    • Brake assist
    • Superimposed display of the leading vehicle

Trailer running function
  • Cab model and trailer model are set separately, and they are controlled as different models are connected.


Full screen, simulatin panel Ver.up
  • Displaying full screen is possible, without showing the menu and tool bars. Simulation which can customize its panel position and command. Ribbon interface is available.
Operation via game controller and keyboard is supported.

2D horizontal plane view

Universal UI plug-in
  • You can search and browse a variety of contents such as image, video, and web page by using a simple intuitive interface with 3D icons.
3D Navigation (3D mouse)
  • By using a 3D Mouse like "Space Navigator", you can move in the 3D space intuitively while using your mouse at a time.
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Software, Option
Upgrade History
UC-win/Road improvements over time. 

1.00.00 Release

1.01.02 Switching from Japanese to English / lane changing.

Editing function for elevation points.

Shadow, rain, snow, wind, Level crossings, Custom terrain handling, XML terrain loading, On / off ramps, Flight paths, Satellite camera view, Locating models along a road, Street map extension, Driving on the right side of the road.

World geographic coordinate system, Movable parts for 3D models, Rivers, Road Marking, Power lines, Flags, Terrain transparency, Before / After, Joystick Control.

Data merging, Lakes, Drag movement of models, Measurement between models,
3D Tree Editing, Creating AVI Files. 

2D view window, Support for multiple monitors.

Traffic generation, Travel route, Lighting effect textures.
Script functions, MD3 characters

Forest generation, Wheel base setting,
Pivot setting.

Traffic lights plug-in, Road obstacle plug-in, Indicator and brake lights.
Ver.3.00 New features

Drive simulation and cockpit, L-shaped intersection /roundabouts, POV-Ray, LandXML.
Ver.3.01 New features

3.01.02 UC-win/Road for Civil 3D

Support for French and Chinese (Formosan), Vehicle grouping, Vehicle appearance and disappearance, Vehicle queues, NZ terrain data loading, Multi view display, Tracks plug-in.

Level of detail LOD, Savable view points, Rear-view mirror, side mirror and car navigation in 3D cockpit, Scale setting for 2D car navigation display, 3D display size setting, Expanded dynamic control points commands,
Expanded script commands.

Ver.3.02(SP1) New features

Space Navigator 3D mouse, Support for advanced game controller settings, Improvement of Draft mode, Performance function, shadow expression, Responses to internationalization (UNICODE, traffic rules etc.)
Support for creation of transparent road cross sections

Ver.3.03 New features

Advanced building editor, Full-screen view and simulation panel, Driving interaction, scenario creating
Drive simulator plug-in, Shape file plug-in

Ver.3.04 New features

2009.02 ~ 2009.10
Expression of fire and smoke
Micro Simulation Player Plug-in, Motion Platform Plug-in, ECO Drive Plug-in, OSCADY PRO Plug-in, xpswmm Plug-in, GIS plug-in

Ver.3.04.09 New Features

Ver.3.04.11 New Features

Ver.3.04.13 New Features

lighting function, 3D stereo display, berm rounding, context
World geographical data / traffic connector, plug-in integration

Ver.4.00.01 New Features

Ver.4.00.03 New Features

UC-win/Road for SaaS plug-in, Point-cloud plug-in
FBX file, Navigation function, Vehicle moving model, River creation and improved section setting, New sound system, Text model, script, scenario message, Video wall and video player
Drawing performance, Special weather and lighting, Import function of S-PARAMICS vehicle movement log.
Improved user interface, License and protect

Ver.5.00.00 New features

It supports Korean, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)
It supports import to VISSIM of micro simulation player. (VISSIM 5.30ANI file, produced by PTV in Germany)

Ver.5.00.03 New features
Click the image for a larger picture.

Improvement of vehicle movement model
Italy version to be available,
Tunnel lightning function, Revision of scenario function, Road attribute, Animation of steering handle, VISSIM to be supported, Improvement of getting on and off the vehicle,
Noise analysis function, Replay option
Cluster option

Ver.5.20.00 New features
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.

EXODUS Plug-in, Replay Plug-in,
Movement of walking crowd, Animation of FBX model, Road DataViewer Plug-in

IFC Plug-in, 12d Model Plug-in,
Improvement of xpswmm Plug-in , Terrain 5m mesh support, Plugin for loading parking model, Improvement of smoke visualization, New weather visualization, Extended driving simulation

Ver.6.00.00 New features

Android™ client, Improvement of latency, Japanese, English and French, Log output for access and error, Mouse wheel operation, Video encode function
Click the image for a larger picture.

2012. 03
World file, Fluid analysis plug-in, VTK visualization tool kit, Munsell color space output plug-in, Legion plug-in
Ver.6.01.00 New features

2012. 04-2012.05
Cluster option, 3D model output plug-in, Off road function, Presentation function of xpswmm plug-in, Video card manufactured by ATI has been supported., Sidra plug-in, Sky dome function, Supports horizontal curve of railroad, Road friction coefficient μ by linking with CarSim is supported., AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012
Ver.7.00.00 New features

Audio supported, Inline help, JP/CH/KO supported simulation (analysis results for flood and tsunami)

4.00.00 VR-CloudR
Home menu , Video play in a script and scenario, Vehicle model selection for driving simulation
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Expanded cluster function, Multi media, Improvement of headlight and sound, Tsunami plug-in, Expanded Driving simulation function, Motion control inside an intersection, Log output, FBX 2013, EXODUS, Micro simulation player scenario, Improved Loading parking model plug-in, Terrain creation, Mirror function, Lighting function, Wiper function
Ver.8.00.00 New features
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Photo function , 3D bulletin board fuction with evaluative function for landscape, Conference for several users, Performance improvement by the automatic reset of traffic volume and environment

8.01.03 UC-win/Road Free viewer output plug-in

9.00.00 Expanded traffic simulation function, Parametric model,
Driving trailer, FBX models

Cluster system for multi uses' operation,
Expanded Micro Simulation Player

5.00.00 VR-CloudR
User interface and home menu have been updated.
VR-CloudR Script Plug-in
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.
9.01.00 Traffic simulation extension, Parametric 3D modeling,
Trailer running function, Lighting effect of FBX 3D model

The cluster system supports multi-user simulation.
The ability to sense a leading vehicle of Micro Simulation Player
DWG Import/Export, Head Tracking. Update on Railway Simulation and Crowd movement simulation.
Hierarchical cluster, Aimsun Plug-in, Oculus Rift Plug-in,
Driver diagnosis Plug-in
Satellite photograph reffering, LandXML supports the 'relaxing cuves' of railway, the compression function of textures, Dropping function of walking simulation, Link to AutoCAD Civil 3D ver. 2015
6.00.00 VR-CloudR
3D models can be selected, moved laterally, rotated, or deleted.
Ability to upload 3D models, UC-win/Road project storing,
Rhino Plug-in implemented in UC-win/Road Ver.10.1 is supported.
Curve calculation Improvement of CG rendering engine
VR-Cloud® Plug-in SfM Plug-in OSM Plug-in
cycleStreet linkage Plug-in Enhancement of Oculus Rift Plug-in
UAV Plug-in Enhancement of Oculus Rift Plug-in
Chinese (Simplified and traditional) and Korean version
3DCAD Studio® plug-in
Digital national land map plug-in
Support for 64bit native  SILS simulation control and cluster synchronization method
Scenario: Control considering vehicle weight and car distance, vehicle searching function
Information display in 2D view, object operation
Object reference function by object custom ID
User variable number: Scenario control, log export
UAV plug-in Ver.2
Camera Sensor Base plug-in
HUD (Virtual Display) plug-in
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3D・VR Solution
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Data linkage with IFC
The terrain data and design and analysis data such as structures and civil structures designed by BIM CAD are linked with UC-win/Road so that they can be checked in VR space.
UC-win/Road→IFC The example of BuildLiveTokyo 2010
utilizing IFC
Data Link with Road CAD
It is total integration system to allow you to design of civil engineering, such as road/land development, VR simulation, presentation by linking with Design CAD application and UC-win/Road.
UC-win/Road for Civil3D
UC-win/Road can link at object level with Next generation solution "Autodesk Civil3D" which brings a paradigm shift to civil engineering design process.
Click the image for a larger picture.
UC-win/Road Data Exchange Tool for APS-Win
It has necessary function to examine the road alignment (road curve: clothoid curve), railway alignment (sine curve, cubic parabola) and can check designs and calculate coordinates. Moreover results can be output as an alignment diagram.
UC-win/Road for 12d Model
12d allows fast production in a wide variety of projects including mapping, site layout, road, rail and highway design, residential & land developments, and environmental impact studies. Importing data of UC-win/Road to 12d Model allows to calculate soil volume and create the detail drawing.
Click the image for a larger picture.
Click the image for a larger picture.
12d Model
UC-win/Road OHPASS Plug-in Option 
The optimal highway pass obtained by calculation can immediately be visualized in UC-win/Road thanks to its seamless linkage with OHPASS (Optimal Highway Path Automatic Search System).
Click the image for a larger picture.

Data link with GIS applications
GIS application base on GIS Shape file import function and UC-win/Road
UC-win/Road for GIS
Satellite photo
terrain road(line)
flight route (line spline)
lake (Polygon)

Data link with UC-1 Design Series (Japanese)
3D bar arrangement simulation
3D Bar Arrangement Simulation

Bar arrangement drawings made by UC-1 series can be imported for 3D bar arrangement simulation
Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture. Click the image for a larger picture.

Data link with road applications
By linking with "OSCADY PRO", traffic light design and "TRACKS", land usage and traffic modeling system, realizes VR simulation
In cooperation with UC-win/ Road, confirmation of analysis result of OSCADY PRO in VR space of 3D is possible.
Specified format is provided from UC-win/Road. Vehicle position information is linked up with TRANSYT.
Developed by TRL (http://www.trl.co.uk/)
Developed by TSS-Transport Simulation Systems (Spain) (http://www.aimsun.com/)
Public transportation, pedestrians/ vehicles are reproduced by dynamic traffic assignment technique.
VISSIM    PTV (http://www.ptvag.com/)
The micro simulation system VISSIM and UC-win/Road are cooperated in mutual directions.
Road data of VISSIM Result in UC-win/Road
S-PARAMICS   Developed by SIAS (http://www.paramics.co.uk/)
It is possible to visualize the result analyzed by S-PARAMICS.
UC-win/Road for TRACKS
Developed by Gabites Porter (http://www.gabites.co.nz/)
Link with TRACKS by LAND XML file through NEX (road network editing program)
UC-win/Road for Sidra
Developed by SIDRA SOLUTIONS (http://www.sidrasolutions.com/)
Plug-in for VR expressing the intersection designed by SIDRA by UC-win/Road.
Data link with analysis software
By linking with "EXODUS", evacuation analysis and flood analysis "xpswmm" realizes VR simulation
UC-win/Road for EXODUS

Data link of UC-win/Road and "EXODUS", evacuation analysis and "SMARTFIRE", fire analysis allows the viewing of the simulation result in 3D VR space.

UC-win/Road for xpswmm UC-win/Road for xpswmm (Up&Coming 2009 Fall issue)

Allows 3D view of the result of "xpswmm", flood analysis and inundation analysis
  • Visualization of the terrain model(importing shape file)
  • Visualization of water level and pipe model
  • Analysis modeling of time-history
  • Large modeling with VR-Studio®
xpswmm UC-win/Road for xpswmm
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Product operation environment
3D data compatible format
  • 3DStudio Object *.3ds
    The Win series products such as UC-win/RC and FRAME (2D) have been made compatible with 3DS model creation one by one.
    Refer to : 3D software list (Japanese)

Product operation environment (required system)
  • OS Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bitOS is recommended.)
    CPU Greater than intel i5-3470, i7-3770 or the one having the same performance (Greater than CPU clock 3.2GHz or Quad-core)
    Required Memory
    (including OS)
    Greater than 4GB (Greater than 64 bitOS+8GB is recommended.)
    Required Disk
    Greater than 8GB(Greater than 10GB is recommended.)
    *The required free space for installment of the product including the terrain data and sample data is described. In addition the free space for saving the downloaded model/texture data from the created landscape data and special data, the recorded AVI file is required to use this product.
    *Greater than 10GB is recommended if considering downloading from RoadDB and the working range for AVI recording.
    Video Card Greater than NVIDIA® GeForce GTX560. Video memory greater than 1GB and OpenGL3.1 (Greater than GeForce GTX670, Quadro 4000, video memory 2GB, OpenGL4)
    (Image Resolution)
    More than 1024 x 768 (Greater than 1920 x 1080 is recommended.)
    *Please use the default setting for window design and the font size.
    Remarks Implementing DVD-ROM drive and sound board is recommended.
    *When using driving simulation, it is recommended to use a commercial steering controller which can be connected to PC via USB.
    *When using RoadDB (sample data, download function of sample model), it is required connecting internet.

Benchmark Test Result
  • The Benchmark test result of UC-win/Road, UC-win/FRAME(3D)has been posted.
    Our software performances, such as CPU, Memory, and Graphic adopter by a desktop PC and a notebook PC are available.
    Refer to : UC-win/Road Video Card Information

"Comparison list of working hours and items"(investigated by FORUM 8) (posted on February 19, 2009)
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