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UC-win/Road Education Version Ver.5
Virtual Reality Design Education Software
This "3D Virtual Reality Design Education" software product is ideal for students in elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and any other students who are 18 years old or younger.
Initial Release: '07.11.08 / Latest Ver.: '17.03.15 
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UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
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Program Overview
Just as with the standard version of UC-win/Road, you can create a city and its infrastructure in 3-dimensional virtual reality (VR) on your computer, and drive in it ? and if you have a steering wheel, driving in manual is also possible.
Moreover, users can fly in an airplane in a flight simulation.Unlike with the standard version, the data created in the education version can be registered onto the database created with GEOMania GIS Web System and publish it. You can also download data made by other GEOMania GIS Web System users and view them, making it a useful simulation software product for designing and building city models.
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New Product Introduction

Seminar Application
 UC-win/Road Education VersionVer.5.00.00 Revisions (Released on March 15, 2017)
  1. Supporting 64-bit native application
  2. Scenario: control based on vehicle physical quantity and car distance, vehicle search function
  3. Information display and object operation on 2D view
  4. User variable number: scenario control, log output, etc.

VR data server UC-win/Road Educational Version
Open data
on the web

GISWeb database

To access GISWeb
go to "tool" -> "GIS download"

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UC-win/Road Drive Simulator

●Product Construction
  • Based on UC-win/Road Advanced (Excluding separately sold options).
  • When normally installed, an equivalent operation as the Trial version is supported.
  • It does not have data compatibility with UC-win/Road products.
  • The product works by serial code input and Web authentication.
  • UC-win/Road DB can be used. However, it is limited within the maintenance validity period.
  • Supports the Web registration of UC-win/Road data (2 still images, description)
  • Data registered by the user can be downloaded and used.
  • Supports the Web competition mode.

Users can also use the additional tools listed below to enhance the data creation and simulation (additional tools, sold separately).

Price List

Additional Tools
Modelling Tools 3D Tree Option (3D tree Editor) Included
MD3 Character Option (3D human model editor) Included
Creation Tools POV-Ray Option(ray tracing) Included
AVI(AVI movie capturing)Option Included
Scripting Option(Creating and editing scripts) Included
Professional Tools   Traffic Light Option Included
Road Obstruction Option Included
UC-win/Road data conversion tool USD240+tax
UC-win/Road Driving Simulator (Plug-in) USD330+tax
ECO Drive (Plug-in) USD330+tax
Separately Sold Hardware
Steering Wheel

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