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Architecture/Plant Ship/Evacuation
UC-1 Evacuation simulation EXODUS / SMARTFIRE (Tax is not included)
  • buildingEXODUS
Evacuation model in building environment US$3,900-
  • maritimeEXODUS
Evacuation model at on-ship environment US$5,200-
SMART CFD system for fire modeling US$7,500
blochure (Japanese)

Download (PDF)
Electronic manual
EXODUS (1,318KB)
analysis support service
For Windows Vista/7/8/10

Product detailsProduct priceSample screen shotSupport

Product price
building EXODUS
Product  Price  
 1 year 2 years  3 years 
building EXODUS Level A US$3,900 US$5,900  US$8,200
building EXODUS Level B US$7,900 US$11,900 US$16,600
building EXODUS Level C US$10,500 US$15,800 US$22,100

martime EXODUS
Product  Price  
 1 year 2 years  3 years 
martime EXODUS Level A US$5,200 US$7,800  US$10,900
martime EXODUS Level B US$9,100 US$13,700 US$19,100
martime EXODUS Level C US$13,100 US$19,700 US$27,500

Product  Price  
 1 year 2 years  3 years 
SMARTFIRE US$7,500 US$11,300  US$15,800

* You need to purchase protect key separately : US$260

Function  Level A   Level B Level C
Supports limited hazard models yes yes yes
Movie player and data analysis model askEXODUS are available. yes  yes  yes
Can handle multi-layer data and unlimited population size data. yes  yes  yes
Data export function to vrEXODUS, VR post processor are available. no  yes  yes
Toxic gas model (Smoke, fire and toxic gas of fire model in simulation) supported.
(Data of zone model CFAST V5.0/V4.01 and CFD based fire field models SMARTFIRE V4.0)
no no  yes
Function of importing history data to define fire environment are available.  no no  yes

Academy price
Product name Price
1 2-5 6 or more
buildingEXODUS US$2,700 US$760 Please inquire
maritimeEXODUS US$2,700 US$760 Please inquire
SMARTFIRE US$2,500 US$750 Please inquire

Upgrade price
building EXODUS
Product name Price
Upgrade building EXODUS Level A to B US$5,200
Upgrade building EXODUS Level B to C US$3,900
Upgrade building EXODUS Level A to C US$7,900

martime EXODUS
Product name Price
Upgrade martime EXODUS Level A to B US$4,800
Upgrade martime EXODUS Level B to C US$5,000
Upgrade martime EXODUS Level A to C US$9,100

Multi license purchase
By purchasing multi license (2 or more) of EXODUS and SMARTFIRE

Purchase EXODUS and SMARTFIRE at the same time
25% discount from product price

License update discount (update required for 1 year)
25% discount from product price for updating license. Except for academy license

Discount for non-commercial use by fire department/public office
buildingEXODUS 25%, maritimeEXODUS 20%, SMARTFIRE 33% discount

Software support (5 hours, FSEG direct support by English speaking operator)
Product name Price
building EXODUS Level A US$760
building EXODUS Level B US$1,140
building EXODUS Level C US$1,620
martime EXODUS US$570

Version up development history
Below are version up or revision up points for the product

buildingEXODUS   maritimeEXODUS
Version Release date Major revised items
6.2  16/01/28
  1. Importing IFC, SMF, FDS file
  2. Acceleration and deceleration of lifts in 3D view
6.0  14/01/27
  1. Elevator model has been added.
    Addition of an elevator model describes elevators precisely in both of a building evacuation scenario and an elevator circulation scenario.
    For evacuation scenarios:
    The following three kinds of floor sequence are supported.
    • Floor: Users can select which floors an elevator stops at.
    • Shuttle Floor: An elevator shuttles between specified floors until all agents are gone. It moves to a next pick-up floor directly if it has a space inside.
    • Sky Lobby: An elevator shuttles between a pair of specified floors. It moves regardless of whether agents is waiting or not.
    For circulation scenarios:
    A lift dispatch algorithm based on the Estimated Time To Destination, utilising the Closs rules is implemented which determines the optimal lift to dispatch following a floor call.
  2. Lift itineraries
    Two new itineraries have been added. "Lift Bank" is a behavior to avoid evacuating by elevator due to the long queue or waiting time. "Lift Wait" behavior is that to wait in a line for elevator.
    These itineraries enable not only the use of lifts but also control the behaviour of agents when waiting for a lift or their desire to redirect from the lift due to either excessive wait times or congestion within the lift waiting area.
    Agents now decide whether or not to use elevators in the buildingEXODUS according to four main points.
    • Consideration and decision to use a lift
    • Initial lift area assessment
    • Lift wait behavior
    • Lift redirection
  3. Integrated OpenGL 3D View (Level B and Level C only)
    Enables a rudimentary three dimensional representation of the geometry to be viewed directly from within buildingEXODUS during runtime.
  4. Multithreaded
    buildingEXODUS is now multithreaded, reducing run times for large jobs, making an already fast model even faster.
  5. User Interface
    The interface now has a tabbed menu bar allowing the user to more rapidly switch between operation modes. There are also a range of new menus and dialogue boxes associated with the use of lifts.
  6. Output
    A range of new output variables have been defined to measure the performance of agents using lifts such as the number of agents to use lifts, number of lift journeys, distance travelled using lifts, etc. askEXODUS has been expanded to accommodate lift data and the buildingEXODUS to vrEXODUS has been modified to enable agent movement between floors to be represented.
4.01 09/02/04
  1. Link with SMARTFIRE
  2. Script function to identify the itinerary of crew from passengers
  3. Automatic identification of densely crowded area

Version up or revision history

Version Release date Major revised items
4.03 14/02/04
  1. Input of Multiple-Particle-Size smoke model
  2. Addition of Algebraic Multi-Grid solver for pressure correction
  3. Enhanced Fractional Effective Dose (FED) monitor points with occupant characteristics
4.02 13/10/16
  1. Addition of the ability of exporting a compatible buildingEXODUS geometry
  2. EXODUS data with hazard data can now be created.
  3. The parallel implementation has been updated with a new x64 bit version and various efficiency, memory handling and reliability fixes to improve processing and IO performance.
  4. Case specification environment now supports the construction of complex geometries objects.
  5. DataView tool now allows multiple cut-planes of vectors and contours, as well as adding surface visualisation of scalar data and burning surfaces.
  6. The CFD Engine also now has an x64 bit version to be able to handle larger cell budgets.
  7. Data can be saved in AVI format.
  8. CFD engine supports the calculation and prediction of HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide).
  9. Interactive Meshing System now provides optimisation of the mesh at mesh generation time. This means that optimised meshes can easily be used in Parallel simulations.
  10. Enhancement of Scenario Designer now makes it easier to arrange rooms and objects. Door switching condition is now shown in different symbols and user can select the default condition as either to be open or closed. (All doors in the building or on a floor can be switched.)
  11. Case Specification Environment now supports INLET objects with a Pressure against Velocity formulation.
  12. Interactive Meshing System allows the user to specify the maximum mesh budget prior to meshing.
  13. CFD Engine supports CSV output and this is more easily imported into spreadsheet applications.
  14. The large results file format VTK files have now been changed to the faster loading and smaller VTU files.
  15. Toxic gas has been added to the fire monitoring function. Progress of the fire can now be checked more easily.
4.01 09/02/03
  1. Japanese manual ver.4.1 released
  2. Improved procedure of data zone specifications
  3. Enhanced morphing for non-cubic structures; road and railway tunnel, for example
  4. Addition of toxic models (CO, CO2, O2)
  5. HCI, Human Computer Interaction, released model which can consider the interaction with wall
  6. Sprinler model
  7. 2D visualization of visible distance
  8. Addition of monitoring points of radiation

Version up or revision history

Product Operation Environment
OS Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU EXODUS: Pentium II 300MHz or greater (PentiumIII 733MHz or greater is recommended)
SMARTFIRE: Intel P4 3.2 GHz, or AMD Athalon X2 4400 or greater
(Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, AMD FX60 or more are recommended)
Required Memory
(including OS)
EXODUS: Greater than 128MB (Recommended: 512MB or greater)
SMARTFIRE: Greater than 1024MB (Recommended: 2048MB or greater)
Required Disk
EXODUS:Greater than 20MB (Recommended: 100MB or greater)
SMARTFIRE:Greater than 20GB (Recommended: 40GB or greater)
Display (Image Resolution) EXODUS: More than 1024 x 768
SMARTFIRE: More than 1024 x 864
Extension for the input data PLD
File Export EXODUS: VRG, VRS

Contact for Product Purchases and Inquiries
Credit and 0% interest installment plans are available.
If you have any questions, please contact the version upgrade center (vc@forum8.co.jp).

enquiries can be handled by any of the sales offices in Japan.
Please direct any questions about this homepage to forum8@forum8.co.jp.

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