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UC-win/Road SDK with Delphi

UC-win/Road SDK Delphi-bundled version
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UC-win/Road Product information
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Program Overview
UC-win/Road SDK is the API, which enables the development of plug-ins of similar levels as the existing basic UC-win/Road plug-in options. This API allows you to import and export UC-win/Road data and custom user interface in real time

As a marketing partner of Embarcadero Technologies, FORUM 8 released "UC-win/Road SDK with Delphi", a version of "UC-win/Road SDK" bundled with Delphi; the SDK (Software Development Kit) is a tool that enables users to extend the capabilities of "UC-win/Road", a 3D virtual reality software, by using "Delphi", a visual development tool of Embarcadero Technologies.

"UC-win/Road SDK with Delphi" allows UC-win/Road customers to build easy-to-customize development environment, on which you can customize "UC-win/Road" 3D virtual reality software by using Delphi, a highly productive development tool

What is Delphi?

Delphi(R) is one of the RAD development environment for Windows, developed by Embarcadero Technologies and it is used as a development language.
Visual design is enabled by drag and drop using powerful visual components, which allows development of user interface and object-oriented developments in a short time period; Delphi has a faster native compile than Microsoft Visual C++.
Applications developed in Delphi are difference in that it does not require a special runtime program.

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