New Product Intorduction

UC-win/Road Support Service (English version)/Road DB
VR/CG data creation techincal support service with UC-win/Road

FORUM8 has been expanding UC-win/Road Support (VR data service) for home and abroad. We introduce Web Estimate Service English version which have launched since March 12.

UC-win/Road Web Estimate Service
This service allows you to estimate VR data, 3D model, and texture creating on web.
Estimate is based on road extension, complexity of model structure, the number of model/texture, accuracy level and various conditions.
Estimate examples of several projects are available, which can be used for estimation, by simple entry of conditions and ordered.

In addition to Japanese page, this service has been started on English page.
This service for oversea is announced only on English page and this service is only applied to the following area: North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia (Korea, Singapore)

Web Estimate page for EnglishF
Web Estimate page for JapaneseF

As Web Estimate Service English version started, UC-win /Road Support System have become more accesable.We hope that you will make use of these facilities as this occasion arises.
(VR page for English)

Web Estimate page for English

UC-win/Road DB
FORUM8 has been creating worlds' traffic signs to enrich Road DB for oversea in sequence.
Now eight countries traffic signs are available: Korea, China, U.S.A, New Zealand, France, Malaysia, UK, and Thailand.
A major upgrade is scheduled to be able to use over 20 countries traffic signs in near future, and traffic model (traffic signals) is also scheduled.

Now that UC-win/Road is used over the world, we work on energetically to enrich traffic signs DB.

"Wanted UC-win/Road DB request"
FORUM8 is accepting target models and textures to be prepared.from home and abroad.
Contact to the following.
Please attach data for the sake of clearly.
Models and textures created by FORUM8 copyright to FORUM8 to open to the public.

Contact to:

Oversea traffic sign
DB example (Thailand)

Road DB Preparation Schedule
Coming soon
Underway Sweeden/Swiss/Brazil/Spain/Columbia/Iceland/Austria/Lebanon/Italy/Phlippines
Sheduled to add China/U.S.A/New Zealand/France/Malaysia/U.K

Paid Seminar
UC-win/Road VR seminar UC-win/Road Advanced VR seminar
Experience Seminar
UC-win/Road Expert Training seminar UC-win/Road for Civil3D Experience seminar

UC-win/Road exhibition Event schedule /Conference (May -June)
International Safer Roads Conference 2008 ITS Canada ACGM2008 Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2008

(Up&Coming 2008 early summer Issue)