New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road DB update information
3 Dimensional Realtime VR Software

UC-win/RoadDB is the database in the internet that contains 3D models, textures and section data.
Users can access and download the database directly from the UC-win/RoadDB. DB comprises 2,870 3D models, 3,308 textures, 66 sections and 42 sample data.(as of August24, 2009)
The latest data added include the data relating to the UC-win/Road Ver.3.04.07, released in June, supporting new function of  fire and smoke expressions. UC-win/RoadDB has fire and smoke textures and sample data.

Fire and smoke variations

"Expression of Tsunami", that shows the situation of flooded road and houses, "Disaster at mountain road" that expresses the landslide at mountain road and "Kyoto city", that reproduces streets and traffics in Kyoto.

Expression of Tsunami Disaster at mountain road Kyoto city

For 3D model: character, a "Guard", waving a signal baton, "Mother and her stroller", pushing a baby stroller and "Frog",jumps and swims.

Guard Mother and her stroller Frog

For traffic signs: Evacuation signs, we added "Universal design pictogram".

Emergency food ready Doctor will visit here Emergency medicine
in stock
Drinking water ready

We are making Chinese road vehicles and MD3 character model of boys and girls.

(Up&Coming 2009 Fall Issue)