New Product Introduction

UC-win/Road Ver.5.0 Special weather/performance¥Tsunami function
Special weather function

Special weather function

  • We will introduce the new function of special weather function in UC-win/Road Ver.5.0. The new expressions are added to the existing weather function of rain, snow, wind, and fog so that we can strengthen the expression of rain and snow. In addition, the scope of fog and thunder functions which can be set the scope are added. For example, driving visibility of driving or difficulties in driving can be reproduced in 3D VR when bad weather or an intense weather conditions are simulated.

Main function
  • Rain
    The expression of the water ripples, rain flowing on windscreen, road puddles, the splash of preceding vehicle are added. The rain ripple function enables increased realism in rain expression by representing the spread of rainfall when it lands on the road.

    Rain by special weather function

    The appearance of rainfall and flow on the windscreen is represented. It is displayed in the front of the driven car, and varying driving visibilities are simulated. Flowing rain can be set by the texture. The road puddle function enables simulation of the puddle reflection of moving vehicles.The shape and reflectivity can be set.
    The water splash from the preceding vehicle is expressed by the display of water splash following the movement of a car tire. It represents the rain-slick road as a result of the heavy rain. The amount and the range of the splashing water can be set.

  • Snow
    The texture setting function for snow shape, and the snowstorm express function are added.
    The appearance of the bad weather in snowing can be expressed by integrating with the fog function.

  • Thunder
    Thunder function is a new function.The lightning bolt flashes in random intervals and the screen became brighten.
    The direction, extent, time interval for the lightning bolt can be set. Thunder can also be set.

    Snow by special weather function Thunder by special weather function

  • Wind
    Wind function can represent the wind generated in a storm by sound and flying roadside trash. The texture of fallen leaves can be selected and visualized according to the varying wind strength and direction. The softness of the flown fabric can be expressed.
    The calculation of the site change of a large amount of trash is performed in parallel in graphics board, then they are sped up.

  • Fog(Volume fog)
    Fog simulation enables the generation of fog in specific area which was unavailable in existing fog function. The fog can be displayed where it requires by clicking the screen in same manner of model arrangement. The range and the density can be also set.
    The difference in the fog density can be expressed by the particles.

    Storm by special weather function Volume fog by special weather function Heat and road mirage by special weather function

  • Expression of heat and cold
    This function enables expression of the heat and cold in midsummer and midwinter in VR. The bright color for summer, cold color for winter can be added to the screen.
    The road mirage occurs in far road surface in midsummer. This road mirage which occurred at great distance can be displayed by expressing the reflection.

Improved performance
  • As the special weather function increases in complexity, the new special weather function uses several functions including the animation function by the particle, arithmetic processing function which adds the several textures, the function which makes graphic board called "shader" perform special calculation. It therefore increases the speed of drawing. We aim for the performances not to decrease more than 5fps on the sample model.

Tsunami function

Function overview
  • Tsunami function is added in UC-win/Road. A real water surface such as water splash by tsunami can be expressed.
    The simulation in UC-win/Road can be performed by combining the analysis result of xpswmm and data.

    Tsunami in urban area Tsunami with spray

The new function will be introduced in the following seminar
UC-win/Road¥VR seminar

Date : 5th August 2010, Thursday 9:30-17:35
Charge : 15,000Yen (15,750Yen tax inclusive)
Location : Forum8 Tokyo head office GT tower seminar room

UC-Win/Road Ver5.0 planned release date: August 2010
(Up&Coming 2010 Mid summer issue)