New Products
VR-Cloud(R) Ver.2.0
3DVR Cloud system utilization service
Cloud service

[Free revision up]
Price (New purchase)-Collaboration:525,000 Yen/Standard:315,000Yen
Flash Version:315,000Yen
Release:November 2011

Design Festival 2011-3Days
November 15,
November 16 and 17: Shinagawa front building

Day1 10th 3DVR Simulation Contest on Cloud
Public voting November 8-14

Lineup of VR-Cloud(R)
The following three types of product line-up are provided for VR-Cloud(R) which create the consensus using 3DVR on cloud server.

With the original transmission technology "a3S(Anything as a Service)", the performance is improved by four times comparing with the previous version. The walking and driving simulation can be smoothly performed.

For Standard version, the communication tools such as the annotation function (Figure1) and the 3D discussion function (Figure2) are added so that we can provide the VR cloud system with the full functions which allows the communication between clients.

Figure1 Annotation editor   Figure2 Discussion viewer of
 3D annotation function

VR-Cloud(R)Flash Version
The VR space can be remotely operated by using Adove Flash Player via Web without installing the software on the existing UC-win/Road for SaaS client. However, the available functions are limited, and the quality of the speed and latency becomes less comparing with Standard and Collaboration.

Improved point of VR-Cloud(R) Ver.2.0
In this version up, the following points are improved in Standard and Collaboration.
  • Latency(The time it takes from data request to the server to data receive) is improved from Ver.1.1, and it can be reduced to about 40 msec.
  • The number of client for simultaneous usage increases.
  • As the compression of the video and the communication management with client can be performed with the separate machine, it can be comfortably used in the large-scaled project and simulation.
  • The representation method of the sky is improved by the development of "Sky dorm". The sky can be represented more naturally comparing with the previous version.

Improvement of latency
The latency of VR-Cloud(R) has been improved in each version up. Approximately, 160 msec is improved comparing the minimum value of latency of Ver.1.0 with Ver.2.0 (Table 1).

Table 1 Improvement of latency
Ver.1.0 Ver.1.1 Ver.2.0
200-500 msec 80-200 msec 40-120 msec

Development of Android client
VR-Cloud(R) supports for Android from Ver.2.0. The Android client will be released within 2011. The same function as PC client can be used including basic function(Figure3,4), annotation function(Figure1), 3D annotation function, 3D discussion function(Figure2), and each settings. However, as Android terminal doesn't have mouse and keyboard, the operation interface may be a little different.

Figure 3 Navigation menu of VR-Cloud(R) Figure 4 Participate menu of VR-Cloud(R)

Experience with VR-Cloud(R) !

Build Live Kobe2011 Kobe port island VR data 3D Digital city: Kimbel museum(Texas)
(Up&Coming '11 Late fall issue)