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UC-win/Road has become an essential tool for civil design proposals in Vietnam where infrastructure construction projects are in bloom

 User Information
Transport Engineering Consultant Joint stock Company no 2 (TECCO2)
Business Lineup: Road design etc.

A strong push by Official Development Assistance (ODA) from Japan brings the construction rush in Vietnam, most prevalent in the construction of infrastructure facilities such as roads and bridges. TECCO2, a construction consultant in Hanoi, Vietnam, took up FORUM8fs 3D Virtual Reality software "UC-win/Road" in 2007 and have since utilized it for the simulation of design process and proposal presentations. They will enhance its linkage with their own software in the future.

 Immediate decision of adopting UC-win/Road in 2007

TECCO2, a construction consultant in Hanoi, Vietnum, has 300 employees and deals with business deployment with a focus on the elevated bridges and infrastructure facilities. In 1969 TECCO2 was established as a subsidiary of Transport Engineering Design Inc. (hereafter called TEDI), the largest construction consultancy in Vietnam.
The name "TECCO2" is an acronym for "Transport Engineering Consultant Joint stock Company no 2" , which basically means itfs a subsidiary of TEDI. TEDI develops their own software and use it for their business and TECCO2fs business deployment is dealt with based on its linkage with its parent company.

TECCO2 is expanding the use of UC-win/Road as a presentation tool for road design. The thing that brought about their adoption of UC-win/Road was the UC-win/Road workshop held by FORUM8 back in 2007 in Vietnam. The executives of TECCO2 that were taking part in this workshop made an instantaneous decision to adopt UC-win/Road.

In the same year, TECCO2 initiated its first project that incorporated UC-win/Road. It was an investment and construction project of a new road between Le Duc Tho Road and State route 70 via Phang Phong new urban center. The highway has 3.5 km length and 60m width. Since then TECCO2 has used UC-win/Road for 5 or 6 projects including the project concerning the DAN PHONG district.

 UC-win/Road is easy to use and indispensible for civil design proposals

"UC-win/Road is very useful for construction consultant in proposing their projects. For example, the future construction work can be simulated and we can easily convince the promoters to invest in our project. Moreover the price/performance ratio of UC-win/Road is higher compared to the cost of the projects." said Mr. Mai Man Phong who is a vice president of TECCO2.

TECCO2 has once used another software produced by another company but did not like it very much because it was difficult to use not to mention its high price.

"In that regard, UC-win/Road is app-on-top and a town can be produced easily and even simulated. It can create a visual representation as beautiful as a picture (below), therefore, it is indispensable for civil design proposals."(Mr. Mai Man Phone)

Building which contains TECCO2's office Mr. Mai Manh Hong, vice president of TECCO2
Representation of a highway in a mountain
within the VR environment via UC-win/Road
Works created via UC-win/Road posted
on a pamphlet of TECCO2

 Traffic conditions in Vienam reflected in the work

Different countries have different traffic conditions. Walking around in Hanoi, Vietnam, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the number of motorbikes on road far exceeds that of cars, especially during the morning and early-evening rush hours when the ratio of cars to motorbikes is something like 1 to 20 or 30. Most of the motorbikes are Honda and Yamaha, made in Japan.

Traffic lights cannot be fully trusted when crossing the cross walk. Motor bicycles proceed through a crosswalk even on green lights, which makes you think twice before crossing a crosswalk, however, if you start walking they will stop for you. This type of traffic rule make us understand the unique culture of Vietnam.

Young women also joins the pack of riders. The helmets for women have the cutouts on the back to let their ponytail out, preventing their hair from getting messed up. From this variation in helmet design we can see how the motor cycles have taken root in the daily lives of the people in Vietnam.

These traffic conditions are reflected on the works TECCO2 created using UC-win/Road for presentation. In Japan cars take up vast majority of the traffic. Conversely, motor cycles outnumber cars on roads in Vietnam, the kind of traffic condition predominant in the work by TECCO2.

Motor cycle waiting at stoplights in Hanoi, Vienam (Left)
A helmet for woman with a cutout for ponytail (Right)
Urban area represented in a VR environment. The traffic condition in Vietnam is reflected
as there are many motor cycles on the road.

 Expand the use of UC-win/Road by linking it with their in-house developed software

In TECCO2, there are currently 4 people who are using UC-win/Road.

They had used UC-win/Road by aligning it with Auto CAD Civil 3D of Autodesk. What they want to see next is the realization of a seamless interface between their unique software that they customized using Auto-LISP and UC-win/Road so that they can expand their horizon.

UC-win/Road is already interoperable with many 3rd party 3D design tools and micro simulation applications. TECCO is expecting UC-win/Road to go through further developments, in particular the ability to import data from many additional software.

Mr. Mai Man Phong
introducing the VR work on his laptop
Bridge visualized in VR environment
created by UC-win/Road

(Written and interviewed by Mr. Ryuta Ieiri, Ieiri Labo)
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