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  92. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. NEW !   <No.124. 2019 New Year issue>
  91. Emeritus Professor Yoshikawa with Disaster mitigation (Kurihara) Lab., Tokyo City University NEW !   <No.124. 2019 New Year issue>
  90. Rehabilitation Center, Iwakura Hospital, Tiousha Medical Corporation   <No.123. 2018 Fall issue>
  89. Human Factors and Aging Lab., Green Mobility Research Institute,
Institute of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University
  <No.123. 2018 Fall issue>
  88. Isuzu Plaza, Isuzu Motors Limited    <No.122. 2018 Summer issue>
  87. Department of Precision Mechanics, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University "Acoustic Systems Laboratory"    <No.122. 2018 Summer issue>
  86. Toyo-Giken Consulting Civil Engineerings Inc.    <No.121. 2018 Spring issue>
  85. Geo-Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Kansai University   <No.121. 2018 Spring issue>
  84. Meiwa Sky Support Co., Ltd.    <No.120. 2018 New Year issue>
  83. Smart Mobility Research Center, Chulalongkorn University   <No.120. 2018 New Year issue>
  82. China Classification Society    <No.119. 2017 Fall issue>
  81. [Academy User] Pukyong National University     <No.119. 2017 Fall issue>
  80. DENSO Corporation    <No.118. 2017 Summer issue>
  79. [Academy User] Keio University     <No.118. 2017 Summer issue>
  78. Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd.   <No.117. 2017 Spring issue>
  77. [Academy User] Bunkyo University   <No.117. 2017 Spring issue>
  76. PIONEER CORPORATION KAWAGOE Plant   <No.116. 2017 New Year issue>
  75. [Academy User] Shibaura Institute of Technology   <No.116. 2017 New Year issue>
  74. Shimizu Corporation   <No.115. 2016 Fall issue>
  73. [Academy User] Macquarie University   <No.115. 2016 Fall issue>
  72. Denso IT Laboratory   <No.114. 2016 Summer issue>
  71. [Academy User] Tohoku University New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (NICHe)   <No.114. 2016 Summer issue>
  70. Shinshu Co., Ltd   <No.113. 2016 Spring issue>
  69. [Academy User] University of Seoul   <No.113. 2016 Spring issue>
  68. Nippon Koki Kogyo Co., Ltd.   <No.112. 2016 New Year issue>
  67. [Academy User] Institute of Smart City, Shanghai University   <No.112. 2016 New Year issue>
  66. Central Consultant Inc.   <No.111. 2015 Fall issue>
  65. [Academy User] Nihon University   <No.111. 2015 Fall issue>
  64. Hagiwara Electric Co., Ltd.   <No.110. 2015 Summer issue>
  63. [Academy User] Aichi Prefectural University   <No.110. 2015 Summer issue>
  62. Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.   <No.109. 2015 Spring issue>
  61. Obayashi Corporation   <No.108. 2015 new year issue> 
  60. State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation   <No.107. 2014 fall issue>
  59. Sanyu Civil Engineering Corporation (SCEC)   <No.106. 2014 summer issue>
  58. AISIN SEIKI Co., Ltd.   <No.105. 2014 spring issue>
  57. Kobe Enterprise Promotion Bureau, Kobe City Government   <No.104. 2014 new year issue>
  56. FLOVEL CO., LTD.   <No.103. 2013 late fall issue>
  55. PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO., LTD.   <No.102. 2013 fall issue>
  54. KITAKEN Consul.Inc   <No.101. 2013 summer issue>
  53. Zivil Investigation Design Ltd.   <No.101. 2013 summer issue>
  52. Kokudo Kaihatsu Center Co., Ltd.   <No.101. 2013 summer issue>
  51. School of Environmental Design, College of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University   <No.101. 2013 summer issue>
50. Kyoto University Graduate School <No.100. 2013 spring issue>
49. TECCO2 (Vietnum) <No.99. 2013 new year issue>
48. Alpine Electronics, Inc. <No.98. 2012 fall issue>
47. [ Feature Article on Okinawa User (1) ] University of the Ryukyus <No.97. 2012 summer issue>
46. [ Feature Article on Okinawa User (2) ] Okinawa Structural Design, Inc. <No.97. 2012 summer issue>
45. [ Feature Article on Okinawa User (3) ] Chuo-kensetsu Consultant Co., Ltd., <No.97. 2012 summer issue>
44. Ask Prof. Galea, the world authority of evacuation analysis ! <No.93. 2011 late fall issue>
43. BMIA <No.93. 2011 late fall issue>
42. Robert Gordon University <No.93. 2011 late fall issue>
41. Sunderland University <No.93. 2011 late fall issue>
40. Omnitrans International BV <No.93. 2011 late fall issue>
39. Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University
Disaster Control Research Center (Tsunami Engineering)
Professor Fumihiko Imamura
<No.92. 2011 midsummer issue>
38. Designing Division, Koriyama Sokuryo Sekkei (survey design) Co., Ltd. <No.92. 2011 midsummer issue>
37. Techno Tohoku Corporation <No.92. 2011 midsummer issue>
36. Crown Consultant Group
Product Development Section, Crown Co., Ltd.
<No.90. 2011 early spring issue>
35. Fukui National College of Technology
Advanced Research Center for Regional Cooperation
Spatial Information Engineering Lab., Dept. of Civil Engineeringe
<No.89. 2011 new year issue>
34. Shanghai Municipal & Traffic Design Institute <No.88. 2010 late fall issue>
33. Tongji University, Shanghai. <No.88. 2010 late fall issue>
32. Tianjin University <No.88. 2010 late fall issue>
31. East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.  <No.87. 2010 fall issue>
30. Seoul National University <No.86. 2010 midsummer issue>
29. Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) <No.86. 2010 midsummer issue>
28. New Business Div., Fukuoka Office, Taisei Engineering Co., Ltd. <No.85. 2010 fresh green leaves issue>
27. ISBIM Limited <No.84. 2010 early spring issue>
26. Ourston Roundabout Engineering, Inc. <No.83. 2010 new year spring issue>
25. Laboratory for Cognitive Systems Science, Department of Risk Engineering, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba <No.82. 2009 late fall issue>
24. The Survey and Technology Applications group, Thiess Pty Ltd <No.81. 2009 fall issue>
23. System Management Div., General Affairs Dept., Mayor's Office Street Construction Div., Road Dept., Construction Bureau Himeji City <No.80. 2009 midsummer issue>
22. Kakogawa Design Group, Super Science High School, Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Higashi High School <No.79. 2009 fresh green leaves issue>
21. Disaster Prevention Engineering, Dept. of Urban and Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo City University <No.78. 2009 early spring issue>
20. Strategy Planning Dept., IT & ITS Planning Div., Toyota Motor Corporation <No.77. 2009 new year special issue>
19. Lab. of Landscape Engineering, Dept. of Landscape Architecture Science, Faculty of Regional Environment Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture <No.76. 2008 late fall issue>
18. Safety Guidance Department, National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid <No.75. 2008 fall issue>
17. Lithosphere Group, Tokyo Branch Office, IDEA Consultants, Inc. <No.74. 2008 midsummer issue>
16. EAZET Sales Dept., Foundation Systems Div., Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Corporation <No.73. 2008 early Summer issue>
15. Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Hosei University <No.72. 2008 early spring issue>
14. ITS Research & Management Division, Project Promotions Department, Highway Industry Development Organization <No.71. 2008 new year spring issue>
13. Highways & Bridge Dept., Transportation Engineering Division, Overseas Consulting Administration, Nippon Koei Co.,LTD. <No.70. 2007 late fall issue>
12. Dept. of Information Engineering,Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo University <No.69. 2007 fall issue>
10. Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering,Graduate School of Engineering, Gunma University <No.67. 2007 early Summer issue>
9. Kanagawa Construction Bureau Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited <No.66. 2007 early spring issue>
8. Transportation System Lab., Dept. of Transportation Engineering & Socio-Technology, College of Science & Technology, Nihon University <No.65. 2007 new year spring issue>
7. NEWJEC Inc. <No.64. 2006 fall issue>
6. Nishitetsu C.E.Consultant Co., Ltd. <No.63. 2006 midsummer issue>
5. Daido Institute of Technology, Dept. of Civil Engineering &amp; Environmental Design <No.62. 2006 spring issue>
4. Japan Construction Method and Machinery Research Institute, JCMA <No.61. 2006 new year spring issue>
3. Matsuyama Office River and National Highway,Shikoku Regional Development Bureau, MLIT <No.60. 2005 fall issue>
2. Daiichi Fukken Co.,Ltd. <No.59. 2005 midsummer issue>
1. Korea Institute of Construction Technology <No.58. 2005 spring issue>

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