Seminar Reports Back Number 2006


Seminar Reports Back Number

Up&Coming 2006 Report
4th China International Software and Information Service Fair
The 4th 3D VR Simulation Contest Report

Opening summary past records page ( Up&Coming 2006 July edition )
 We exhibited at the GeoShanghai 2006 (sponsors : Tongji University, Shanghai city civil engineering and manufacturing process academic society) organised last June from 6th to 8th and announced our technology. The exhibition was planned to be held at the Shanghai international conference center, but was suddenly changed to the Crown Plaza hotel. Many visitors such as designers and people from universities came from all over the world such as China and America. During the technology announcement, Mr. De-Yin JIN of the technical support group mentioned the system of the development of [Design of sand protection mechanic (Chinese standard supported version)] which is planned to be released this time and its application.
In our exhibition room, we introduced our company's ground analysis series and UC-win/Road focusing on CESAR-LCPC for itech Company, and it was very interesting. It was also a conference about the ground engineering, and specially the itech Company products got a great merit for the graphical interface that was easy to use by the visitors.
GeoShanghai FORUM8 exhibition room GeoShanghai technology announcement
(Sand protection mechanic, Chinese version)

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4th China International Software and Information Service Fair
Opening summary past records page ( Up&Coming 2006 July edition )
We exhibited at the 4th China International Software and Information Service Fair (CISIS) 2006 (sponsor : the People's Republic of China commercial affairs division, and others) organised last June from 22th to 25th.

The IT related enterprises from all over the world met and exhibited the latest technologies. In the Forum 8 exhibition room, we exhibited mainly UC-win/Road, UC-win/FRAME(3D) and the ground related products. Many visitors tried the drive simulators systems using 4 multi-monitors specially for UC-win/Road Ver.3.2 and how to operate the products. It was popular.

In addition, JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and the Dalian software industrial association sponsor organised a business talk meeting, and it was also a chance for the leading software enterprises of every place in China and the software sale and development.

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The 4th 3D VR Simulation Contest Report
Holding Overview, History (Up&Coming 2006, Jan.)
The 4th 3D VR Simulation Contest by UC-win/Road was held at Nakameguro GT Plaza Hall, Tokyo on November 22 in Forum8 Inc. The hall is a public hall which is adjacent to the GT Tower building and it was huge success that it was over 100 guests, full capacity.

Because this time there were so many entries, we held prejudging on November 10 and 10 works were nominated by our selection committee member. 3 works in that 10 works came from China and Korea and we have brought out them on the web site in that day. There were versatile business field for nominated work, in which they were roads, bridges, rivers, ports, underground infrastructures and constructions. More, there were a nominated work of traffic simulation for large customers facilities using the traffic simulation function of UC-win/Road and the work of information board simulation in the station. We believed that the user and the participant there could see data with delight. In the contest, it had 15 min. presentation for each work and after the presentations, all users and 3 selection committee members(Mr. Wada Tadaharu and developers of UC-win/Road) voted and selected by their order points.

We have selected the data, "Matsuyama belt highway" by "Matsuyama Bureau, MLIT" for the Grand Prix Award, "Tientsin Haihe bridges project " by "CRISEN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD" for Excellence Award, "Dong Hong Cheun - Yang Yang highway project" by "Korea Highway Corporation Basis Soft,Inc" for Oversea's Award and "Metropolitan underground infrastructure model" by "NISSEI EBLO INC." for Idea Award. This time we had many entries from overseas. We realised that VR modelers of UC-win/Road were being developed in overseas. We will hold the 5th its Contest with scale expansion in 2006 and we hope more excellent work entry.

The 4th 3D VR Simulation Contest

Nakameguro GT PLAZA

 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport,
 Shikoku Regional Development Bureau,
 Matsuyama Rivers and National Highway Bureau

GRAND PRIXMovie Introduction page
Matsuyama belt highway
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Shikoku Regional Development Bureau,
Matsuyama Rivers and National Highway Bureau
For the Matsuyama belt highway project, the main road, three ramps, one JCT, survey road and several intersections are represented. A part of the surrounding roads and streets were also created. The first local produce placed as landmark is the Botchan stadium, some building are also placed around the intersection.
In addition of being used for explanation purposes for the citizens, these data will be used for the presentation new driving simulation system

EXCELLENCE AWARDMovie Introduction page
China : Tientsin Haihe bridges project - Cifeng bridge design study
Tientsin is a city of the North-East part of the plain of North China, facing the sea and Bohai at the East side of the bay. It is the bigest open shore of the North China and the economical center of Huanbohai area.
Haihe is the origin and the image of Tientsin and will welcome the 2008 Olympic Games. The restructuring project of Haihe is therefore and important part of the development strategy of Tientsin.
The Cifeng bridge is at the heart of the development of Haihe and at the center of the financial and business district of Tientsin. Next to Tientsin station and East hand of the Cifeng road of Heping district and Haihe West road, it links the Ligonglou interchange of Hedong district at the East side. Since one road extends over Heping and Hedong districts, it becomes the major link between the South-East part of the city and the Binhai international airport.
Up to now, future developments for the Cifeng bridge have always been delayed. Because its capacity is limited with the 10m wide structure and one way two lanes traffic, peak hours see outbreak of chaotic congestions. Even the separation of the up and downstream circulation in two bridges (Daguangmin for the downstream) cannot restrain the traffic disorder.
The purposes of the project are as follow :
- Bridge design plan
  Situation, traffic and especialy congestion situation.
- Passing method plan

OVERSEA'S AWARDMovie Introduction page
Korea : Dong Hong Cheun - Yang Yang highway project.
Korea Highway Corporation Basis Soft,Inc
These data represent the junction between Seoul and Yang Yang: Seoul-Chun Cheun (61km under work), Chun Cheun-Dong Hong Cheun (17.5km under work), Dong Hong Cheun-Yang Yang (71.5km design).
Aproximately half the complete length is modelized in UC-win/Road. The first Korean highway modelized with computer graphics in Korea.

IDEA AWARDMovie Introduction page
Metropolitan underground infrastructure model
Creation of a metropolitan underground of the vicinity of a subway station, including water supply and sewage pipes, gas pipes, and a complex representation of the subway.
Representation of the different soil layers with gradation plans and a depth gauge. The use of the fog in the underground increase the reality of the model.

The Next place of the Contest ! We will hold it with more scale expansion. Please expect it !

tokyo conference center, shinagawa,
Big Hall A
JR Shinagawa stn. Minato-Minami Guchi

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Seminar Reports Back Number