Seminar Reports Back Number 2007


Seminar Reports Back Number

Up&Coming 2007 Report
SIGGRAPH 2007 Report
China support centre establishment anniversary conference
IETF 2007 International Engineering & Technology Fair
5th 3D VR simulation contest report
¢Digital Phoenix Project and UC-win/Road] Special lecture report
Overseas exhibition reports

Conference Overview (Up&Coming November, 2007 issue)
We exhibited at "The 14th ITS World Conference 2007 in Beijing", from October 9 to 13, 2007 in Beijing, China. The theme for the conference was "ITS for a Better Life" and the latest ITS related technologies were introduced during the event.
During the ITS World Conference, automobile manufacturers and other manufacturers in related industries gathered together to exhibit, introduce and share their technologies. FORUM8 was involved in the exhibition since 2004, setting up booths in Nagoya (2004), San Francisco (2005) and London (2006). In this exhibition, participants were able to experience the driving simulator which Japanese automakers have exhibited and this generated much attention and interest among the participants to examine the expanding motor industry in China.
At the FORUM8 booth, we exhibited the 3D stereo theater and driving simulator with 3 LCD monitors and gave attendees of the exhibition an opportunity to experience these technologies. We were able to introduce the latest real time VR technologies being distributed from Japan in the exhibition hall, together with many of the latest ITS-related technologies.
The theme for the "15th ITS World Conference in 2008", "ITS Connections; Saving Time, Saving Lives" is scheduled to take place in New York, U. S. A. We are planning to exhibit the latest UC-win/Road Driving Simulator. We are going to enhance various UC-win/Road functions in ITS related fields for increased avenues of utilization and application. Please keep us in the look and stay tuned for more updates.

FORUM8's Booth Beijing "ITS World Conference 2007 in Beijing "
Beijing Olympics Venue IVisits from the management team of ITS

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Conference Overview (Up&Coming November, 2007 issue)
We held our "UC-win/Road User Conference" at Tokyo Conference Center, Shinagawa on September 27. The "1st FORUM8 DESIGN CONFERENCE" replaces the "5th UC-win/FRAME (3D)" conference, which is usually being held at this time every year, to announce and discuss the design, analysis and CAD solutions of FORUM8.

FORUMI8 has been continuously releasing new versions of the UC-win/FRAME (3D) and UC-1 series. Of late, we have developed new products in the architectural, evacuation, and maritime industries, as well as water engineering series. This is part of a new series being released in fields related to water, sewage and rivers. In this conference, we planned for the technical sessions in various fields and invited the respective developers and users to give a speech. We wish to foster closer ties with our end-users through this conference. We will summarize the conference in our report.

Cover-Page of User Conference Program
11:0-17:00 Thursday September 27, 2007
Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa
Stream-1 being held in Big hall A.

UC-win/UC-1 User Conference Program Introduction Page

Mr. Abe from the new project group explained the "latest information of UC-win/FRAME (3D)" in the main hall from 11 o'clock in Stream 1.(Photo 1) He explained the updates in the latest version 2.01 and new functions in version 3.00, which proposes the support of data exchange of SDNF. (figure 1)
Photo 1. Latest information of UC-win/FRAME(3D) Figure 1. Supporting SDNF Data exchange of steel bridges

"Compatible with initial stress" function is planned to be incorporated in Ver.3, under user-request. The lecture of earthquake resistance design cases of steel bridge was given as a FRAME (3D) analysis case study by Mr. Motegi Takashi, KOKUSAI KOGYO CO., LTD. (Figure 2) in the afternoon.
Figure 2. FRAME(3D) Analysis case (Special Lecture by User) Earthquake Resistance Design Cases of Steel Bridge

Next, analysis cases and results of "UC-win/FRAME(3D) Analysis Support Service" were introduced by our "Analysis Support Team" Prof. Ukai Keizo from Gunma University gave a special lecture on the "Current status and problems of ground analysis" to explain the needs and advantages of FEM analysis based on the concrete case studies.
(Photo 2) Prof. Ukai Keizo, Gunma University (Figure 3) Current status and problems of ground analysis

Our UC-1 support group explained the latest information pertaining to "ground analysis series" (Figure 4) Mr. Phil Christensen (Photo 3), the developer of FDS in Australia, explained the latest version of "Multiframe" and development schedule in the fourth session of Stream 1. We have started to sell "Multiframe", an architectural and structural analysis software from this year. The entire architecture solution package was also introduced. (Figure 5)
Figure 4. GeoFEAS Analysis Cases Photo 3.Mr. Phil Christensen,
Formation Design Systems Pty Ltd
Figure 5. Analysis, Architecture Software Solution

In the final session, Mr. Brent Fleming, our development director, introduced "Engineer's Studio", which is currently under development as a key and strategic new product based on our development philosophy.
Photo 4. Brent Fleming, Development Director Figure 6. Engineer's Studio

In Stream 2, we held four sessions on the subjects of "Temporary Work", "Bridge Upper Structure", "Bridge Substructure/Foundation" and "Road/Earthwork" of UC-1 series. The user-led lectures (Photo 5, 6 and 7) and the special lecture (Photo 8) in each session were held and many UC-1 users attended the event. We had users making presentation of design cases, increasing the number of proposals and demands for our products. We presented "FEM analysis cases of Temporary sheathing work", "UC-BRIDGE Ver.7", "The latest function and development schedule of Bridge substructure and foundation" and "Seepage analysis cases by Slope stability analysis".
Photo 5. Mr. Shinji Takayanagi Yahagi Construction Co., Ltd Photo 6. Yoshitoshi Ito, Pontech Co.,Ltd
Photo 7. Yuichi Masumoto, Subsystem Inc., Photo 8. Assistant professor Fei CAI, Gunma University

In stream 3, we held four technical sessions on the subject of CALS, GIS and had Prof. Ikebe, Bunkyo University (Photo 9) deliver a lecture about "LogicalDocument", which is currently under development. We invited Mr. Phil, Formation Design Systems Pty Ltd., (Photo 3) to provide some insights pertaining to the latest version of MAXSURF - a shipbuilding software, and presented some information on "maritimeEXODUS" - a ship evacuation analysis software, from our company. We had Prof. Yoshikawa, Musashi Institute of University, providing a theoretical explanation of our new product "FrameRisk", which analyzes risks of earthquake. (Photo 10) In the field of GIS, we had Mr. Lee, GEOMania Co., Ltd, deliver a lecture about the current status of GIS and our activities for GIS.
Photo 9. Mr. Masanori Ikebe, a full time lecturer of Bunkyo University Photo 10. Prof. Hiromichi Yoshikawa , Musashi Institute of University

In stream 4, "Flooding prevention technical seminar" was sponsored by SWMM users and co-supported by NPO corporation mizu - kankyo sosei club, which aims to create a better hydrological and ecological environment, FORUM8, XP Software Inc. In the keynote speech, Prof. Kawahara, Hiroshima University (Photo 11) delivered a lecture on the subject of flood prevention, to illustrate flooding damages, (Tokyo, Takamatsu, Hiroshima, and New Orleans), prevention of flood hazards and utilization examples of xpswmm. In addition, we had Prof. Morita, Shibaura Institute of Technology (Photo 12), deliver a lecture on the subject of "Risk management of flood hazard" Following the xpswmm user's technical presentation, we had Mr. Kuch, XP Software Inc. (Photo 13) conduct a presentation with regards to applications in Australia.
Photo 11. Prof. Yoshihisa Kawahara, Hiroshima University Photo 12. Prof. Masaru Morita, Shibaura Institute of Technology Photo 13.
Mr. Anthony Kuch, XP Software Inc.

We successfully organized a networking party at the lobby from 5 in the evening, after the successful completion of all the technical sessions. Minister Ms. Elizabeth Masamune from the Australian embassy gave a speech at the event. Our software developers and users managed to develop and established friendly relationships. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the participants and all other related parties that have helped us in one way or another. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the professionals in each field that have taken time off their busy schedule to conduct critical lectures for our audience.

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SIGGRAPH 2007 Report
The 34th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
Summary of the conference (September 2007 of the Up&Coming magazine)
SIGGRAPH 2007, the largest-scale and the most noted event among the persons concerned in the field of computer graphics (CG), was held at the San Diego Convention Center, in early August: the conference, August 5-9, and the exhibition, August 7-9 2007.

The utilization of CG and virtual reality (VR) techniques has been spreading all over the world in diverse scenes from movies to digital art in daily life or business activities. An optimum showcase where the hottest technology, works, hardware, software, service and contents on CG are introduced, SIGGRAPH 2007 drew a crowd such as researchers, developers, engineers, filmmakers, artists from home and abroad. According to the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGGRAPH which sponsors SIGGRAPH 2007, more than 230 companies exhibited, and a rough estimate of the visitors topped 24,000 from 79 countries for this 34th annual event.

San Diego Convention Center,
where SIGGRAPH 2007 was held.
Entrance of the exhibition hall for SIGGRAPH 2007.

To Put UC-win/Road on Display at the World's No. 1 Conference/Exhibition on CG
The San Diego Convention Center, the venue of SIGGRAPH 2007, is situated in downtown on San Diego Bay, and its long-shaped building in a lateral direction faces Harbor Dr. It was close from hotel areas where many participants stayed, so the location was greatly endowed with the circumstances.

The registration room was set up in the recesses of the convention center; FORUM8's booth was located in such a place where the company's sign would soon emerge in front of the attendees right after getting through registration and entering the first gate.

The inside of the exhibition hall for SIGGRAPH 2007. FORUM8's booth (Drive Simulator)

FORUM8 set up a large display to show 3D view motions generated by the UC-win/Road at the main corner of the booth, and we also deployed seven sets of the system, each comprising of a laptop computer and a drive simulator on the other side of the display for visitors to try to operate them by following the instructor's explanation. FORUM8's staff in charge explained in tempo suited to beginners while showing the visuals of display. During the time, other staff supported every visitor. While most of the whole venue was dominated by entertainment-oriented exhibitors, the contents tailored to business field caught the eyes; so there were some times when observers were gathering around Forum8's booth in layers.

As a centerpiece of FORUM8's showcase this time, presentations under the title of "Digital Phoenix Project Using UC-win/Road" were held by Assistant Professor Yoshihiro Kobayashi, School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture & Environmental Design, Arizona State University and his research assistants at regular time intervals at the booth.

FORUM8's booth (main corner, hands-on demonstration of UC-win/Road)

At the other corner, which was crowded with visitors coming and going, a set of Drive Simulator system was set up so that visitors can experience its bodily sensation as if it were a game. The spot was very popular especially among young people. While operating a racing car, some visitors seemed to get interested in and visited the main corner; the driving simulator played a part as an attraction for the whole booth.

At the corner left was exhibited "UC-win/Road 3D-Stereo view." In spite of the condition to be set up on the back side of the main corner, not a few passersby glanced at the screen, and when they were offered to use polarized glasses kept at the booth, almost all of them received them and tried to see the 3D-Stereo view. Among them was a man, who said that the system was greater than those of other companies in that it represents not only slow movement but also fast movement very well.

We had two visitors from HNTB, a major engineering and constructing companies in Kansas City. They were Mr. Austin Reed and Mr. James Clarke, both 3D Visualization Specialist, taking charge of creating videos on projects relating to bridges and so on. They visited SIGGRAPH for the purpose of taking the latest and the best possible technology to their office as well as improving their own performances. HNTB has already purchased "UC-win/Road." They visited our booth because the cases of existing projects they had viewed on it were quite impressive; in addition, as they reconfirmed its advantages, they wanted to make a new customers relationship with Forum8.

FORUM8's booth (3D Stereo View) Visitors (HNTB)

Technologies That Gains the Spotlight, Expected to Help Building up a New Cooperative Relationship
While showy performances of entertainment drew attentions as mentioned above, there were a lot of excellent technologies and products that also attracted attentions.

One of them was from EON Reality, Inc. (Irvine, California). EON Reality, Inc. (EON) has an engine for rendering 3D graphics in real time and provides authoring tools for creating contents by using the engine, as well as solutions on producing contents themselves or creating a stereoscopic view.

Ms. Hiromi Kobayashi, Director of Business Development in EON, mentions "TouchLight" in the first place among their exhibits. With this an image can be moved freely only by holding up a hand on a translucent display. Based on the technology of Microsoft, EON commercialized it promptly before other companies did. Besides, "Holographic Screen (provisional name)" has its own characteristics that the screen itself looks transparent and that only an image appears to be floating in the air. It was in the form of a large film-like display hanging from high above their booth.

"TouchLight" of EON Reality At EON Reality's booth.

"SpaceNavigator," from 3Dconnexion (San Jose, California), is a 3D mouse that is combined with a traditional mouse to control zoom or moving speed of a model. By pressing its controller cap, it controls through the pressure the speed to pan, zoom, and rotate imagery, allowing users to get access to the interface with one hand while controlling the image with the other. It is expected to provide a benefit to designers or engineers who work on 3D models. Mr. Tad Shelby says that the product sales have been very popular since it was released in November, including in Japan.

REALVIZ (France) exhibited "ImageModeler," a software solution by which user can conduct measurements and 3D surveys from photographs, to name a few. Mr. Nullans Stephane, Product Manager of ImageModeler/VTour, says that they have been keeping on upgrading it with new versions since it was developed and released 2 years ago. It was applied to a wide range of areas from architecture and civil engineering to movies, games, automobiles, and police. For example, it was utilized in a case of reconstructing an ancient temple based on photographs, and in Cannes city, ImageModeller technique was used to examine how the traffic flow etc. would be changed after major construction in the city. With these experiences, a possibility of new development is anticipated.

"SpaceNavigator" of 3Dconnexion At REALVIZ's booth.

The experience of the F1 championship course
Making / exhibited the race track performed in the phoenix city from November 30, 2007 in UC-win/Road.

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China support centre establishment anniversary conference
Summary of the conference (May 2007 of the Up&Coming magazine)
 We held China support centre establishment anniversary conference in China, Shanghai on May 13, 2007.
 The conference was sponsored by our joint venture company "NEPOCH & FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd" and had about 150 attendees from the Construction design institute, Shanghai Institute of Traffic Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Government and so on.

 After Mr. Kyo, the chairperson of the board of directors of Shanghai Institute of Traffic Engineering gave an address, Prof. Jo of "Shanghai Jiao Tong University" and Prof. Ed.Galea of the University of Greenwich gave lectures at the conference. Prof. Jo explained the history and view of transportation technology in Shanghai and it was very refreshing and interesting.
 Prof. Galea talked about various samples of advanced evacuation analysis using EXODUS/SMARTFIRE.. After the lecture, he was engaged in a discussion with various experts in the related field from the Fire Defense Agency and Tongji University.

 We presented UC-win/Road, UC-win/FRAME(3D), and GeoFEAS(2D) and also introduced AFES, the foundation design software of constructions and plants with the staff of GS Engineering, Inc from Korea.
 We are going to provide support for users and dealers in China from our support centre in China and localize the entire software suite from the UC-1 series, such as "pile design" or "pile basement design" to local Chinese standards.
 We have a showroom in Shanghai. Please drop by when you are in the vicinity.
The conference was a great success with the help of our joint venture establishment.

The informative and educational lecture by Prof. Ed.Galea.
NEPOCH & FORUM8 Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Address: 69 Dongfang Rd, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120, China Eton Plaza 706 Room PC 200120
TEL : 021-6859-9898 FAX : 021-6859-9897
HP :
E-Mail :

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IETF 2007 International Engineering & Technology Fair

 The 17th International Engineering & Technology Fair ( IETF 2007 ) is the largest international trade fair organised in India a market of 1,000,000,000 persons.
This exhibition is a traditional international one that the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) held at the first time in 1975 and is organised biennially. Japan created the Japanese pavilion on the basis of Japan and India leaders summit conference of last year after an interval of ten years. 76 companies and 11 groups participated in the exhibition. There were 18,978 exhibitors in the Japanese pavilion and among them Forum 8 was in an independent exhibition room and many visitors were very interested in. Particularly, the manual drive simulation with a steering controller of UC-win/Road was very popular and frequently crowded with people. The local major TV station made a report for the event, the creation functions of the excellent VR, etc.

17th International Engineering & Technology Fair ( IETF 2007 )
Venue : New Delhi, India
Place : Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
Date : 2007, February 13th(Tuesday) to 16th (Friday)

Very popular drive simulation New Delhi, India
(Picture of sample data)

This time, Forum 8 required the possibility to sell his products for overseas starting by UC-win/Road, and got a contract with the dealer number 1 in India during this exhibition. In addition, there are also many potential users who are studying the utilization of various projects and we hope to progress in introducing UC-win/Road in India. Many software companies are in India and we are in cooperation with diverse simulators development companies and bio related software companies.

Forum 8 is expecting to release the UC-win/Road Ver.3.3, and with this version, it will be possible to use the Unicode and the traffic rules setting. The UC-win/Road Ver.3.3 will be a real overseas supported version. In addition, we developed InRoads Plug In for Bentley company, and this time, in cooperation with CAD and Civil3D for Autodesk company we start offers.
We are expecting to introduce the version with the overseas supported functions during the coming events abroad. We are planning to exhibit (April 29 to May 3) at the BE conference with the sponsor of Bentley company in Los Angeles, America and in London (June 10 to 14), and at the SIGGRAPH2007 (August 7 to 9) in San Diego. We hope to progress in introducing positively our excellent overseas products such as UC-win/Road.
TV report by Ms. Joyce Lim of Forum 8
(local representant in Singapore)
Meeting with an Indian agency, Mr. NAIDU (center of the picture) the CEO of LaGaSYSTEMS Company
 URL :

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5th 3D VR simulation contest report
Opening summary past records page ( Up&Coming 2007 January edition )
Forum 8 opens a [3D VR simulation contest by UC-win/Road] every year. At that contest, UC-win/Road won the prize of the Software Product Of The Year in 2002. Until now, many excellent works were announced, and it is a place for the technology announcement to plan a high practical use of UC-win/Road with this opportunity.

2006, November 27 for the 5th anniversary, the meeting place was at [Tokyo Conference Center in Shinagawa Big Hall] and Forum 8 increased the nomination of the works and the scale. The Big Hall was almost full with 200 persons, many foreign people participated and the meeting was a great success. Many people are more and more interested in the 3D VR and UC-win/Road.

This time, we led to the real selection of the contest because the application works were numerous including the overseas contestants. In November 10, our selection committee made a preliminary selection. We would like to introduce all the works during the contest because they were splendid, but only 12 works were selected.

Among the 12 works, 5 data were overseas works. In succession of the last year including the 4 data from China, this time, the data from Arizona State in the U.S.A. was nominated.

Specially, the works give a very wide range and we nominated the top data for the merit points of everyone but also the data whose the scale is small by the [Essence Award] for this time. We added many roads, bridges and traffic simulations from the past also for business fields and tried the digital progress for the cities expansion. Recently, the data increased with the various functions that UC-win/Road has and expressed the ecosystem recovery in the natural environment with great importance. The users, the people who came to the contest, all the concerned persons saw a very interesting presentation.

The presentation was done for each work 15 minutes by using the big main screen and the sub screen. In addition, receivers from which the visitors from China and Korea can hear the explanations by interpretation was distributed and were enough to get the contents of the presentation.

After the presentation, we collected the mark votes from the people who came to the contest. The 70% of the marks was awarded from the visitors while the remaining 30% of the marks was awarded by the selection committee ( Mr. Tadaharu Wada and the others ). We decided each prize by selection starting with the Grand Prix.

[Metropolitan Expressway Co.,Ltd. Kangawa Construction bureau] for [Simulation carried out at the Daishi junction and ventilation place] won brilliantly the excellence award for this contest. In addition, all the following companies won a prize during the contest : The Excellence Award (standard grand prix) for [Bureau of Construction Tokyo Metropolitan Government Minami Tama Higashibu Construction Office / Japan Bridge & Structure Institute, Inc.] for [Machida city, Aibara-Tsuruma line simulation], the Idea Award for [China Shanghai Institute of Waterways] for [The simulation of ecological restoration of Yunnan Province Erhai Lakeside area], the Essence Award for [Nihon University College of Science and Technology Department of Transportation Engineering and Socio-Technology] for [The VR simulation for the landscape comparison of International avenue transit mall] and the Overseas Award for [China Nepoch Consultant Co. Ltd.] for [2010, Shanghai international exhibition central axis simulation].

The world of the 3D VR simulation by UC-win/Road showing you more and more. We are expecting for a very big contest for the coming 6th in 2007.

Place of the meeting : Tokyo Conference Center in Shinagawa

Grand Prix : Metropolitan Expressway Co.,Ltd. Kangawa Construction bureau

same company : Mr. Nakahara, design group

During the prize winners movie exhibition (UC-win/Road Site)
5th 3D VR simulation contest review 2006-Nov. (Mobile site)

[ Simulation carried out at the Daishi junction and ventilation place ]
Kanagawa Construction Bureau, Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited

The line traversing Kawasaki City (the first) is planned to strengthen the communication with the city and the center of Tokyo and the other central cities which are the central business cities in the metropolitan region, and is under construction now by Metropolitan Expressway Co.,Ltd. Among that, the Daishi junction has become the complicated form where the high level roads and the semi- underground roads congest. Depending, in order to deepen the commonness recognition of everyone of the local residents who take part in this construction and the persons concerned with the business, we created a 3DVR which begins the car simulation. In addition, Daishi ventilation place built in a loop, makes simulation to be aimed for the common property of the image with the applying companies when they order technical suggestions constructions. It is used in the construction summary presentation, and serves to connect with the better technology suggestions by securing the situation of the construction place.

[ Machida city, Aibara-Tsuruma line simulation ]
Bureau of Construction Tokyo Metropolitan Government Minami Tama Higashibu Construction Office/
Japan Bridge & Structure Institute, Inc.

Before the city planning road development of Machida city, we created the VR data and the AVI animation on the basis of the VR data as a document for explanation to the local residents. Concerning the local products in the surrounding of the planned bridges, we created the 3 dimensional models on the basis of local reports. About the sunlight study which uses the data which are completed, we did the study using the UC-win/Road visual option-shadow option and captured the animation. We created the document for editing the AVI on the basis of the animation. Using the functions such as the visual option in addition to the practical use as the ordinary VR data which utilizes the traffic flow expressions, it became a document for more effective presentation.

[ The Simulation of Ecological Restoration of Yunnan Province Erhai Lakeside Area ]
China Shanghai Institute of Waterways

Erhai Lake is located to the Yunnan Province (similar to the Japanese Lake Biwa,), water contamination gets worse by influx such as decrease and life draining of water level. For that, as a business model, they made ecological restoration construction for of the environment and the ecological protection. 3DVR was used in the summary of this construction to explain the effect. This data reproduced the terrain of this area to real as a contour line. From various points of view, we made the simulation of the procedure of the development, the texture of the models is original, the 3D trees and the fake light are fine. In addition, it expressed the effect due to environmental improvement, including the circumstances like fishes swimming. In conclusion, for making the AVI, music is inserted, added also the explanation with the sound. As a public information, we can use an AVI animation in future.

[ The VR simulation for the landscape comparison of International avenue transit mall ]
Nihon University College of Science and Technology Department of Transportation Engineering and Socio-Technology

It is a VR simulation of the transit mall done with the social experiment of the international avenue in Okinawa prefecture Naha city. The transit mall is expected for a real execution from the spring of next year. This VR simulation was created to compare and examine visually various measures during the execution of the transit mall. By this data, we compare the division methods (color of the pavement, color combination, planting etc) and eaves on the sidewalk, the roadside trees.

[ 2010, Shanghai international exhibition central axis simulation ]
China Nepoch Consultant Co. Ltd

The Shanghai international exhibition in 2010 expresses the main street town of the international exhibition symbol and its underground space, and we use a 3DVR to have the concrete recognition by the opening image for each concerned institution.
In order to express the opening theme of the Shanghai international exhibition "Better City Better Life", the main street has become the arcade designed in the shape of an opened umbrella, with a unique lighting. Using the CAD plan, we created the street map for UC-win/Road, and excepted the main roads, we use the main functions that can express in UC-win/Road such as modeling of symbol architecture, sand guards execution method of an underground, a linear motor car, operation setting such as subways, a rial flag function of the flags of all nations, expression of a fake light, a flow of people, setting of traffic flow.

Next meeting place decided !
2007, November 21st (Wednesday) Tokyo Conference Center
Tokyo Conference Center in Shinagawa
JR Shinagawa Station Konan exit directly connected with the Big hall A

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¢Digital Phoenix Project and UC-win/Road] Special lecture report
Opening summary past records page ( Up&Coming 2007 January edition )
2006, November 28, we invited the Assistant Professor of the Arizona State University Mr. Kobayashi Yoshihiro for the 5th 3D VR simulation contest and held a special lecture about [Digital Phoenix Project and UC-win/Road] at the Nakameguro head office seminar room.
After Waseda University Master's degree graduation, the Professor Mr. Kobayashi went to the U.S.A. and now he is teaching as an assistant professor for the Department of Architecture and Environmental Architecture at the Arizona State University. He is also our part-time consultant as a member of the [Digital Phoenix project].
We explained in English because there were many participants from China and Korea, but during the half time, people could make their questions and discuss together.

ASU(The Arizona State University)

Phoenix city in the Arizona State

ASU Decision Theater

Assistant Professor Mr. Kobayashi Yoshihiro

In the introduction section of the lecture, we introduced the city of Phoenix. It is good feeling like a sight-seeing of Phoenix city by pleasant explanations using abundant photos, the background of the city, the culture, the famous places and the characteristics. In addition, about the expanding situation of Phoenix city, there were explanations based on the census data of the comparison with the other cities in the world, the population and the change of the urbanization which spreads, and we can secure concretely the 5th city in the United States expanding.

Successively, we moved to 3 dimensional VR theater for the discussion concerning the digital progress for the cities that was the main subject of the Professor Mr. Kobayashi at the Arizona State University. At the Arizona State University, in several teams, they made the digital progress of the city for the past, the present and the future, and created the related model of a big city.

Now, the Professor Mr. Kobayashi is leading the digital progress of the city for the present. Various softwares and methods in order to create the 3 dimensional CG models were introduced, and among that the ultimate CG of Hollywood, the degree of the data at the Arizona State University and the creating methods were explained. The method of modeling a 3 dimensional city from aerial photos was specially interesting. It is different from the method of taking pictures in order to create general aerial photos. You fly by a route where you can take pictures from a side view of the city by airplane, and it provides the pictures data that you can get for the high information and the facade of the buildings. You can create automatically the modeling and the textures from the pictures data with a computer. Here, we introduced the verification results of the most suitable resolution degree of the pictures data, the pictures of the buildings which are out of sight on the rear took by car and also the process of the real creation. Basically, the color tone of the textures of the buildings, the light degree, color degree is united because the pictures which were taken by airplane during a certain fixed time were the basis, and you can create a model of city with identity.

Phoenix city which is in the digital progress like this, is taken in by UC-win/Road, and we are very happy for the practical use of UC-win/Road for the traffic simulation.

During the last lecture, there was explanations concerning the future utilizations of the city data and their survey. After the digital progress of the city for the present, we are anitcipating the city for the future with the computer as the next step, and it is a match that we visualize. The important concept is a future based on a present. You can create at your will the city for the future completely imaginary with the CG, but to create the city for the future with extension lines from the past to the present, it is necessary to establish the method. The one we are introducing here, is the parametric method. The questions of the participants were also focused on this point, and there were very interesting arguments.

Many thanks to the Professor Mr. Kobayashi and all the people who participated, and we hope more and more participation in the future.

UC-win/Road picture (Phoenix city)

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Overseas exhibition reports
Shanghai Taiwan traffic academic society, Singapore-Philippine RoadConference, and others
( Up&Coming 2007 January edition )
ITS-London Opening summary past records page
 Forum 8 exhibited during the 13th ITS World Congress London 2006 which was held in the United Kingdom in London last year in October 8 to 12. The theme was [ITS : Delivering Transport Excellence]and it was an opportunity to introduce the ITS related latest technologies. Forum 8 is participating every year since 2004 during the 11th ITS World Congress held in Nagoya.

During the ITS World Congress, every year, the cars makers from all over the world and related machineries makers meet, exhibit and introduce their technologies. This year, the exhibition theme was [Safety], [Environment] and [Comfort]. The exhibitors showed many products in the field of the simulators systems, the car navigation systems, the maps data base, the roads information control systems, etc. It was crowded with visitors.

In the Forum 8 exhibition room, we installed several drive simulation trial corners for UC-win/Road with steering controllers and all the visitors coming from all over the world got the possibility to have a try. We introduced the latest real time VR technology from Japan during this exhibition gathering the ITS related latest technologies. For the 14th World Congress in 2007, it will be organised in Beijing, China with the theme ¢ITS for a Better Life]. Our company is preparing now the products to exhibit.

We have many plans for improving the functions to progress in the utilization of UC-win/Road in the field of ITS in future.

We are expecting to see you.

Forum 8 Exhibition Room

Aspect of the exhibition place

London, United Kingdom,

Paris, France (UC-win/Road)

Exhibition schedule
14th ITS World Congress, Beijing 2007
14th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems

[Date] : 2007, October 9th (Tuesday) to 13th (Saturday)
[Place]: The Beijing Exhibition Centre
[Theme] : [ITS for a Better Life]
[Official Homepage]

Shanghai Taiwan traffic academic society
 We received the invitation from the Shanghai traffic process academic society and participated in the 14th Traffic studies and research conference for the cities on the both shores of a strait (channel). We went there this last November from 25th to 26th and the exhibition was held at the Chinese University in Taiwan Xinzhu City. Around 100 people participated such as the Shanghai and Taiwan traffic academic society, Taiwan Xinzhu City government, people from the Chinese University, etc. A successful technology study meeting was carried out.

Nepoch Consultant Co., Ltd. the Shanghai sales agency published an article for the utilization of UC-win/Road. It was a big influence on the participants about the latest 3DVR technology.

Shanghai Taiwan traffic academic
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World Roads Conference 2006 Opening summary past records page
We exhibited at the World Roads Conference 2006 organised in Singapore last September from 27th to 29th.
In our exhibition room, we showed mainly the drive simulators with UC-win/Road. There is a merit in the flexibility and the reality of the VR space that UC-win/Road specially has. Many people from the guests of honor of the event and the government committee tried the drive simulation.
It was possible to introduce the latest real time VR technology which is utilized in Japan to many visitors.
World Roads Conference 2006

12th Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia conference
We participated in the Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia conference (REAAA) organised in Manila in the Philippines last November 21st.
This year, a significant exchange of opinions with the experts of the roads engineering of each country and the participants was done, and the theme of the conference was [Future roads].

Forum 8 introduced UC-win/Road and got the great merit for the possibility of the latest VR technology specially in the future markets.

12th Road Engineering Association
of Asia & Australasia conference

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