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Net PRO Ver. 5

Protection system on LAN environment for multiple products and licenses.
Remote Update Service(RUS) is available with password .
US$940(Tax is not included.)

Windows 7/8/10
FORUM8 Windows version products
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Service overview and features

Sales of WAN activate license

Registered "WAN activate license" users can use our technical support service out of the registered customer site. This service is based on NetPRO (network-based protection key) system.

Concurrent usage of the purchased licenses is available.
Usage status can be checked in NetPRO monitor function (free).

Subscription WAN activate license [License available on WAN environment (Product licensing)]

  • Price of new subscription WAN activate license is 80% of the product price.

  • You must purchase NetPRO WAN (includes NetUPDATE WAN) for USD1,140+tax separately.

  • You must change all your registered licenses to WAN licenses, if you are using an existing NetPRO protection key. Customers are not allowed to use one license on WAN and LAN environment at the same time.

  • You can use our customer support service outside of the registered customer site.
    (We can identify the registered customer by the serial number of NetPRO key)

  • Discounted License Pack price is not applicable to subscription contract, and you must make subscription agreement for each license.

  • Transferring, selling and lending of license are strictly prohibited.

Products available All software license of UC-win series and UC-1 series.
Net work protocol available TCP/IP, Net BEUI and for user of 1 product, multi products and multi license and single license)all network in Japan
Users can use our software in LAN (Local Area Network) environment by putting the protection key on servers or PCs.
Price US$940 (Tax is not included.)
(for user of 1 product, multi products and multi license and single license)
Protection key USB type (Windows Vista/7/8/10) for USB port

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