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■20/11/19 Result announcement of 8th CPWC and 10th VDWC.
■20/11/18 Result announcement of 19th 3D VR Simulation Contest. Grand Prix: SHO-BOND Holdings Co., Ltd. / Excellence Award: Kyushu Technical Office, MLIT
■20/11/13 Up&Coming Vol.131 has been updated.
■20/11/12 The virtual showroom has been released. You can experience our showroom content of the Tokyo head office showroom online.
■20/11/05 Public voting for the 3D VR Contest is now open! Asking for your vote for interactive 3D VR works via VR-Cloud® until Sun. November 15.
■20/10/29 Nominated works of The 19th 3DVR Simulation Contest on Cloud have been announced. Public voting period via VR cloud®: November 5-15
■20/10/23 Nominated works of The 8th CPWC and The 10th VDWC have been announced.
7 works for CPWC and 9 works for VDWC.
■20/10/06 Design Festival 2020 will be held in Hybrid style.
■20/08/31 UC-win/Road Safe Driving Simulator has been certified by the Japanese Government
▲The 18th 3D VR Simulation Contest
Prize-winning works

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The 18th 3D・VR Simulation Contest on Cloud
The 17th 3D VR Simulation Contest Prize-winning works
Result of The 16th(2017)
Result of The 15th (2016)
Road DS VR
FORUM8 Branch & Showroom
UC-win/Road User Introduction
Road Support
WEB cost estimation
Organization: Kobe city, Iiyama city, Himeji city
Concultant: TOYO-GIKEN, Mitsui Consultants, SHIMIZU CORPORATION
Education:Hokkaido Univ., Tokyo City Univ.,
Nagoya Univ.
Others:East Japan Railway,
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Iwakura Hospital,
IM&VR Solution, FORUM8 Engineering Service
National Resilience Design Support Solution
Survey Solution
 FEM Analysis  

Three Dimensional Plate Dynamic Nonlinear Analysis
Engineer's Studio® Analysis Support Service
UWLC, 3D Slope Stability Analysis LEM3D
2D Seepage Analysis VGFlow2D
FEMLEEG, FEM Analysis Suite
Support Service

WEB cost estimation
WEB Cost Estimation
 Structural Analysis/Section  
Design Check System
Check for serious flaws in civil
structural design
FRAME(2D), FRAME Manager,
Engineer's Studio® 2D, RC section
Check support
design check
WEB Cost Estimation
Abutment, Pier, Rigid frame pier,
Seismic coefficient calculation
Shade 3D
 3D Game Engine  
Suite Chidori Engine New!
UC-Draw, 3D Bar Arrangement,
3DCAD Studio®, Electronic delivery
Allplan, Multiframe, DesignBuilder,
Underground garage,
Architectural pile,
maritimeEXODUS, Maxsurf
 Technical Service/Support  
Analysis Support,
UC-win/Road Support System,
Super Computing on Cloud Services,
3D/VR Engineering,
Earthquake Simulation, SaaS,
Customized Development, Rental,

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