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UC-win Series Simulation
3D VR for cloud computing environment
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
VR-Cloud® Collaboration US$5,500 (Tax is not included.)
VR-Cloud® Standard US$3,360 (Tax is not included.)
VR-Cloud® is a consensus building solution which uses 3D and VR on a cloud server.
Initial release: '10.09.21 / Latest ver.: '15.02.27
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Program Overview
VR-Cloud® is a consensus building solution which uses 3D and VR on a cloud server. With only internet access environment, even thin client would be able to operate the VR space by web browser. Android™ client is supported.
(Patent applied for data transmission technology "a3S" of VR-Cloud® [Application No. 2010-290022])

VR-Cloud® Collaboration
In addition to the Standard virsion, in the Collaboration version, the practical use of more advanced VR, such as "3D bulletin board function" and "Annotation function" etc. on Cloud is realized.
  • 3D bulltin board function : Creating discussion inside of VR space, display and replay
  • Annotation function : Creating and displaying the annotation such as a figure and text inside of VR space by a simple editor.

VR-Cloud® Standard
Original transmission technology "a3S (Anything as a Service)" is implmented, and the performance improved more than 4 times as much as the conventional ratio. Cloud typed VR application in new form by an original client.
  • Performance improved drastically with a3S transmission technology. 
  • Many simulation functions in UC-win/Road are available.

VR-Cloud® SDK
You can now develop a customized interface of your own using the AngelScript scripting language. An optimal GUI tailored to fit your application and needs can be offered.

a3s (Anything as a Service) SDK
This is a SDK (Software Development Kit) to create original cloud application. It is possible to create many different cloud-based applications and services by leveraging on the cloud server's hardware to transfer or to stream big volumed video or sound data to end-cleints. 

Rhino Plug-in
This plug-in is for displaying 3D models created by Rhinoceros 3D® (Robert McNeel & Associates http://www.en.la.mcneel.com/)
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Home menu
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Main menu
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Simulation menu
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Drive simulation
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 Experience on VR-Cloud®! VR-Cloud® Collaboration VR model


 Patent acquired
  • Algorithm to predict user input intentions on a mobile devices and relecting this onto driving simulation.
    Patent No. 5718992 (3.27.2015)
  • Simulation software programs that allow driving simulation through mobile devices.
    Patent No. 5711312 (3.13.2015)  
  • Virtual space information processing system, server systems of related systems, software programs that can be executed on related server systems, virtual space processing methods
    Patent No. 5462326 (1.24.2014)  
  • Management system, management servers, cloud system, and related software
    Patent No. 5395862 (10.25.2013)  
  • Data streaming system, data streaming hardware, data streaming method
    Patent No. 5367687 (9.20.1013)  
  • Driving simulaiton device, server device, and related programs
    Patent No. 5149426 (12.7.2012)  
 Patent pending
  • Consensus creation system in virtual 3D space (3D bulletin board function)
    Technology to create, edit, and share discussion in 3D VR environment [Registration no.] 2011-133352
  • Information sharing system, server devices of related system
    Software and sharing methods of related server system
    [Registration no.] 2012-163499

 FORUM8 won the Special award at the 8th CSAJ Alliance Award ceremony! (issued on '11.06.09)

  • SaaS type 3D real-time simulation software UC-win/Road for SaaS (Current name is VR-Cloud(R)" and SaaS type civil engineering design software "UC-1 for SaaS" won "the Special award" at "the 8th CSAJ Alliance Award ceremony"(sponsored by the Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ)).
    Reference page
    [Press release (Japanese)] Cloud service of Forum8 won "the Special award" at CSAJ Alliance.

 The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Cloud research business adoption!
(issued on '10.10.12)

  • As for "Agent service expenditure for Industrial technology research-and-development (Next-generation high reliability, Energy-saving IT based technical development project )"(2010), "the service to use virtual 3D space supported by consensus building in cloud computing" was adopted.

Related information
TOPICS Pressrelease (Japanese)

New products introduction

Event report
  • UC-win/Road for SaaS contest prize-winning work page of "FORUM8 Design Festival 2010-3Days" was published.  (issued on January 31, 2011) 9th 3D/VR simulation contest prize-winning work and the festival site and Meguro Gajoen preview can be experienced  on VR-Cloud® Flash Version.

Application of seminor participation are now taken!

  Released Contents

Ver.6.00.00 (Released on February 27, 2015) New features

  1. Edit function has been added.
    This allows 3D models to be selected, moved laterally, rotated, or deleted from 3D environment. They can also be duplicated to be placed in the environment.
  2. Ability to upload 3D models.
    Any 3D model in 3DS file format can be placed at any position within a 3D project on cloud.
  3. Users can now save UC-win/Road projects.
  4. Improvement in GUI of 3S Option Window.
  5. Developed based on UC-win/Road Ver.10.1, VR-Cloud® Ver.6.00.00 supports many new functions and improvements implemented in the software.
  6. Rhino plugin now available in VR-Cloud Ver.6.00.00 as well.
    • 3D models built by Rhnoceros 3D can be placed within UC-win/Road 3D VR environment.
    • Seamless data communication and between UC-win/Road (server) and Rhinoceros (client) allowing models from Rhino to be replicated in UC-win/Road in real-time.
    • You can select how to render these models (with wireframe, using texture or not) on UC-win/Road.
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VR-Cloud® Collaboration
Function and feature
In addition to the function of Standard version, the application of advanced VR which supports consensus formation on cloud, such as 3D bulltin board function and annotation function, etc. is possible.

3D bulletin board function (Patent pending: No. 2011-133352)
  • -Users can create a discussion.
  • -Users can display the discussion made by others and reply to it.
  • -Discussion is displayed in VR space with 3D icon.
  • -Discussions can be displayed in list and divided by category.
Discussion function

A function to evaluate landscape
  • Creation of scenery evaluation by marking in VR space, export of list in HTML format

Annotation function
  • With using the simplified editor, users can write the annotation, such as figure, text, etc, on VR space directly and edit it. The created annotation is displayed on specified VR space position, and the other users can browse and answer it as well. To be able to write real-time and share the opinions, it will be helpful for code sign and review.
  • However, because the annotation is saved in the other server, synchronization between servers is possible.
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    Landscape evaluation function Annotation function

Photo function
  • Users can create annotation by a simple editor, and other users can check and reply to it.
  • Annotation is displayed with 3D icon at specified position.

 ■Conferense function by several users
  • Communication by text, video, sound, and sharing view point
  • Access limitation by password
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Photo function Contents viewer

Case studies of VR-Cloud®
Collaboration function
Example of design meeting
 -Drawing handwritten design on the main screen
 -Discussion using video conferencing system (Skype)
The viewpoint can be
selected freely.
Discussion and 3D icon
of annotation
"Mizuki Shigeru Road x VR-Cloud® Ver6.1"
In a renewal plan of Mizuki Shigeru Road promoted in
Sakaiminato city, VR data of the concrete plan is created
and shown to persons concerned and citizens for PR
and a consensus building of the design plan.
The VR-Cloud® is used for a remote design meeting by
sharing the data.
by Tomohiro Fukuda laboratory of environment and energy engineering, Graduate school of Osaka University
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VR-Cloud® Standard
Function and feature
Original transmission technology "a3S (Anything as a Service)" is implmented, and the performance improved more than 4 times as much as the conventional ratio. Walking and driving can be smoothly simulated.

Main function of VR-Cloud®
  • Not the existing Adobe Flash Player, the original client software newly developed  is used. All user interfaces are developed by using OpenGL.
  • Moreover, driving simulation is possible due to the improvement of performance. Since the manual driving by keyboard is supported, it can be used even on general PCs. In the walking simulation which can be operated only with mouse, avatar is displayed on your simulated position.

Operation mode(Viewpoint, movement)
  • Freemode (Free view point position by interactive)
  • Road running simulation
  • Flypass flying simulation
  • Manual driving by a keyboard (Patent acquired [Patent no.]5149426)
  • Free walking mode
  • Executing a script (Automatic presentation)
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Walking simulation and
displaying avator
Selection of vehicle model for
driving simulation

Environment setting
  • Context (Environment setting in one time)
  • ON/OFF of traffic flow 
  • Environment setting ON/OFF

Multi client correspondence

Operation by the acquisition of operation authority

Audio support

AndroidTM support
  • Smartphone equipped with Android 2.2 or 2.3

xpswmm simulation (floog and tsunami analysis) support
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Operation screen of Android

Performance of VR-Cloud®
  • The performance and function of existing VR-Cloud® has been improved. The new transmission technology "a3S":[Anything as a Service](AaaS))is developed and used as versatile data communication technique between server and client and a farm management function. Patent acquired [Patent No.] 2010-290022
  • Reference pagea3S(Anything as a Service) (Up&Coming '11 posted on  fresh green leaves issue)
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   VR-Cloud® SDK

Thanks to the development of VR-Cloud® SDK, you can now develop a customized interface of your own using the AngelScript scripting language. An optimal GUI tailored to fit your application and needs can be offered.

There's more to come! After the release of the next version which is scheduled for July, VR-Cloud® SDK and UC-win/Road SDK will be developed together and with this development, the exchange of any command and/or information with the VR-Cloud® server will become possible. That's not all. You will be able to develop an application more practical than ever before, an example being an application into which the new VR environment and simulation feature as well as online contents are integrated together.

  • When the client PC connects itself to the server, scripts stored in the server will be sent and they can then be executed by the client.
  • The building of user interface as well as various operations including transactions with the VR-Cloud® server can be feasible by the client.
  • One example of an application would be the standard script that makes all commands that are available in the current VR-Cloud® server accessible from the menu.

Examples of application that can be developed using the SDK

  1. A project focusing on road, traffic, and driving simulation
    The development of an UI that allows the display of a user interface in which roads and/or driving scenarios are listed in an intuitive way, which consequently make users' life much easier when using the software themselves.
  2. An interactive PR and guidance to tourist hot spots and events using VR technology.
    An optimal client developed especially for the purpose of attracting visitors to a particular place or event, by combining UC-win/Road's context or script feature.
  3. An interactive map with a navigation feature
    The development of an application that displays an interactive map, which can be installed in public transportation infrastructures such as airports and railway stations and can also be made available on each of their websites.
      -Ability to switch the display quickly between 2D map and 3D environment
      -Introduction/directions to shops and the use of collaborative contents
      -Providing a feature that allows you to attach a tag to 3D models and also search buildings/infrastructures.
       -Thanks to the implementation of the route search engine algorithm, it is now possible to develop a feature that displays the route you should take to get from where you are to where you want to go.
  4. Generation of 3D GIS viewer
    The development of an application that provides a user interface specialized in urban planning through the use of GIS technology.
      -Management of object attributes such as address, size, ID, name, etc.
      -Filtering objects such as buildings and trees and displaying the search results within the 3D environment.
      -Switching the display between the proposed plan and its alternative
      -Offering an analysis feature that calculates density and checks the outline of a building.
  5. Emergency rescue and evacuation training
    Rescue simulation for training rescue squads so that they can act accordingly in the event of an emergency can be built, a plug-in for visualizing fire propagation simulation can be developed, and an interactive hazard map that shows safe evacuation routes and shelters at a time of disaster can be created, all by combing scripts and scenarios coupled with real-time navigation.
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  Rhino Plug-in (Additional option) >>DetailsLine

Plug-in that displays 3D models built by Rhinoceros® (Robert McNeel & Associates http://www.mcneel.com/en/) within the 3D environment of UC-win/Road.

  • Data are transferred back-and-forth between UC-win/Road (server) and Rhinoceros® (client) via a3s; 3D model in the process of being built by Rhinoceros® is reflected in UC-win/Road. Model positioned within the 3D environment can be edited.
  • Thanks to the combination of VR-Cloud® and Rhinoceros®, users of VR-Cloud® can browse Rhinoceros® models.
Correction of display position
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Drawing style setting Drawing quality setting 
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