UC-win/Road   Rhino Plug-in Option

Windows Vista/7/8
  UC-win/Road Rhino Plug-in Option  USD$1,000(Tax is not included.)

Plug-in to display 3D models created with Rhinoceros® in UC-win/Road 3D space.
Initial Release : '14.08.08

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  Program Overview

Plug-in that displays 3D models built by Rhinoceros® (developed by Robert McNeel & Associates) within the 3D environment of UC-win/Road.
Data are transferred back-and-forth between UC-win/Road (server) and Rhinoceros® (client) via a3s; 3D model in the process of being built by Rhinoceros® is reflected in UC-win/Road. Simulation efficiency will be improved because model positioned within the 3D environment can be edited.
With the combination of VR-Cloud®, Rhinoceros® can be browsed by VR-Cloud® user. This may produce effects to improve efficiency of consensus building and quality of simulation. Also, it covers communication between VR-Cloud® and client application Rhinoceros® by a3S in addition to the simultaneous usage.

   Product Features and Functions

●Correction of display position
By setting the origin coordinate of the model in the UC-win/Road 3D environment, you can arrange the created models in any place. Implementation of the rotation angle correction has improved the degree of freedom of arrangement. Each axis is displayed from the specified origin to each direction of x, y, and z, and it is easy to judge from appearance and arrange models.
Correction of display position

●Data saving
You can save models created by Rhinoceros® to UC-win/Road. Saved models can be displayed in UC-win/Road without connecting to Rhinoceros® and used for presentation. Models can be edited if connected to Rhinoceros®.

●Connect verification
You can set the password for connect verification in UC-win/Road that works as a server. Only users authorized for each server can connect to it in order to keep the security of data created in UC-win/Road.

●Drawing Settings
Three drawing styles are available in UC-win/Road: Wire frame rendering, shader rendering, normal rendering. It is also possible to specify polygon density of models and properly display them according to environment or usage.

Drawing style settings
画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。 画像をクリックすると大きな画像が表示されます。
Drawing quality setting

* Rhinoceros® is provided by Robert & Associates, USA. ( http://www.en.la.mcneel.com/ )
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