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UC-1 Series CALS/CAD
UC-1 UC-Draw Ver.6
2D general-purpose CAD for civil design with rubric features
Japanese/English versions

Compatible with SXF2.0
 Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
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Product Specification
While UC-Draw Ver.3 is a general-purpose CAD program, it is a 2D CAD software dedicated to civil design featuring various options.
All functions required in drawing, such as generating diagrams, editing, printer/plotter output, DXF, DWG input/output, SXF input/output, and so forth are supported. As well as general-purpose CAD features, the civil design CAD offers powerful functions such as reinforcing steel table generation, worksheet table generation, a raster feature allowing raster/vector mixed editing, generation of symbols and pillar section table/pillar shape diagrams, a linear transformation feature, arbitrary RC structure bar arrangement, and more. Collaborating with the bar arrangement products and the UC-1 design series, UC-Draw Ver.3 offers comprehensive support in civil design.

<CAD rubric tool included>
The UC-Draw supports all functions of the "CAD rubric tool" which allows drawing charts in red ink. Reading and drawing in red ink in the "UC-Draw format", "SXF file", "DWG file", "DXF file", and "JWC file" is allowed. Also, existing rubric files can be read, and then edited and corrected. The tool also supports an E-mail attachment and transmission feature, as well as correcting, modifying, and saving the history of drawings.
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Program specifications
  • Effective drawing generation/flexible editing
    "Option functions" allows creation of drawings by cutting and pasting symbols (objects) and can read drawings automatically-generated by "the bar arrangement products and the UC-1 design series products", so allowing the addition/modification for flexible and effective generation of structural drawings and bar arrangement.
  • Exact sizes by the scale sheet available and layers supported
    "UC-Draw" uses an "exact size coordinate system", but laying out graphic forms in this coordinate system in a sheet of limited space requires reduced scale.
    "UC-Draw" provides reduced scale to the "exact size coordinate system" which is called "scale sheet". By specifying multiple scale sheets in one drawing, a drawing integrating multiple reduced scales is realized.
  • Efficient use of the data
    (SXF, DXF, DWG, JWC input/output, SIMA data input, clipboard output).
    With its support of CAD data exchange standard SXF Ver. 2.0 files (level 2), as well as DXF, DWG file (R12J and R13J formats) input/output, exporting diagrams to other general-purpose CAD programs, and vise versa, is feasible.
    For the clipboard output, UC-Draw, metafile, and bitmap formats are supported. This allows the obtaining of data from the clipboard and using it in other application programs.
  • Bar arrangement command to ease layout creation
    As a bar arrangement (projected diagram) function, the arrangement of multiple reinforcing steels in one screen; a functional material interlocking feature to create, edit, and manage manufacturing diagrams/reinforcing steel tables; changing all reinforcing steel symbols at one go in the bar arrangement drawing generated by design-CAD-integrated products is supported.
  • Drawing commands specific to civil engineering
    Specialized commands are available for simplified drawing of civil engineering-specific "dimension lines", "extension lines", "clothoid curves", "elevation lines", "omitted lines", "inclination lines", "gradient marks" and so on.
  • Measurement features
    The calculation functionality required to generate quadrature diagrams and the distance measurement of two points on a circular arc are supported.
  • Diverse optional functions
    "Table generation mode" for easy creation of tables. "Raster mode" for importing bitmap data and creating raster symbols. "Reinforcing steel table generation" for making and editing reinforcing steel tables. "Parametric symbol" for the creation of graphic forms by entering sizes. "Pillar section table generation feature" on entering data such as observation points.
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