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The exclusive CAD software, support tool which support construction CALS / electronic delivery of goods

UC-Draw Ver.3 US$1,000
While UC-Draw Ver.3 is a general-purpose CAD program, it is a 2D CAD software dedicated to civil design featuring various options.
All functions required in drawing, such as generating diagrams, editing, printer/plotter output, DXF, DWG input/output, SXF input/output, and so forth are supported. As well as general-purpose CAD features, the civil design CAD offers powerful functions such as reinforcing steel table generation, worksheet table generation, a raster feature allowing raster/vector mixed editing, generation of symbols and pillar section table/pillar shape diagrams, a linear transformation feature, arbitrary RC structure bar arrangement, and more. Collaborating with the bar arrangement products and the UC-1 design series, UC-Draw Ver.3 offers comprehensive support in civil design.
UC-Draw Tools ¥30,000 -
(tax not included)
The tools allow drawing of bar arrangements and structural charts in UC-Draw of UC-1 and CALS/CAD series. Each tool can create bar arrangements and structural charts automatically and output to diverse file formats.
Product Name Price
UC-Draw Tools Abutment ¥80,000
UC-Draw Tools Pier ¥100,000
UC-Draw Tools Pile ¥30,000
UC-Draw Tools Slab bridge ¥80,000
UC-Draw Tools Earth retaining ¥50,000
Product Name Price
UC-Draw Tools Temp bridge ¥50,000
UC-Draw Tools Retaining wall ¥50,000
UC-Draw Tools U-type Wall ¥50,000
UC-Draw Tools BoxCulvert ¥80,000

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