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UC-win Dynamic nonlinear analysis
'UC-win' dynamic nonlinear analysis series which is proud of analysis technology and accuracy of the highest level

UC-win/FRAME(3D) Advanced
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Standard
UC-win/FRAME(3D) Lite
UC-win/FRAME(3D) is a static/dynamic non-linear analytical program for 3D building frames. It is low-cost high-performance multipurpose analytical software providing the strongest support for performance design. It allows geometrical non-linearity/material non-linearity analysis using dynamic/static loads. The advanced interface offers powerful support in general linear analysis and elasticity analysis, supporting various structures, shapes, and materials. Various non-linear spring elements, non-linear elements of fiber models, and foundational spring elements can be applied.
The 3D analytical models can be exported into 3DS files for UC-win/Road and the like.
UC-win/Section US$800
The program for calclulating stress calculation, required amount of reinforcement, minimum amount of reinforcement, resisting moment, ultimate moment and yield moment of sections of RC and SRC with various forms of section. (Abailable in the later version [required amount of reinforcement / minimum amount of reinforcement / resisting moment].
UC-win/WCOMD US$8,000
Forum8 has produced analytical program WCOMD -- developed by the Concrete Materials & Structures Laboratory at the University of Tokyo -- for 2D non-linear dynamic analysis/static analysis of reinforced concrete. WCOMD uses high-precision constitutive properties based on the results achieved through numerous experiments and theoretical verifications on concrete. These properties are highly regarded internationally, as well as in Japan, and provide accurate 2D non-linear dynamic/static analysis of various reinforced concrete structures with cracks. The safety and damage level of structures can be evaluated from analytical results so that more rational and appropriate reinforced concrete structures can be designed.

UC-win/COM3(Fiber) ¥580,000
(tax not included)
COM3(Fiber) is one of a series of products of FORUM8 for the nonlinear analysis of reinforcement concrete structures under static and dynamic loads based on the RC constitutive model which is developed by the Concrete Laboratory, University of Tokyo. It is a following product of WCOMD, which can carry out the two dimensional dynamic nonlinear analysis of a plane RC structure. COM3(fiber) is furthermore extended to the three dimensional nonlinear analysis of any spatial RC structures or RC components that can be modelized as a fiber element, especially for bridge piers and constructional columns or beams.

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