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UC-win Simulation
3-D real-time VR software package helps build consensus in road/public construction projects

UC-win/Road Ver.3 Advances
UC-win/Road Ver.3 Standard
UC-win/Road Ver.3 (Presentation Version)

Enabling concurrent creation of Dynamic 3-D space, UC-win/Road allows you to create clear 3-D CG images with simple operations. Utilizing running, walking, and flight simulation and interactive virtual reality technology, it strongly facilitates "consensus building", "technical proposition", and "design discussions" for public works, and developments of private constructors in general, as well as for road planning and design. It is a visual 3-D tool with wide applications in 3-D simulation, such as view assessments and safety, and engineers and presenters can take advantage of its advaned high-tech features.

UC-win/Road Support System
Supporting advanced, complicated, and cumbersome processing!
The service undertakes data generation tasks concerning UC-win/Road such as the generation of 3-D VR simulation data, 3-D models, and textures, fully empowering simulation tasks of road businesses, urban development planning, public projects, private developments, and so forth, using cost-affordable, high-quality data. The dynamic 3-D CG simulation is a powerful presentation tool. This is why there have been so many achievements, and awards and public recognition received, since the service commenced in October 2001.
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