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TRACKSA Landuse and Transportation Modeling System
      UC-win/Road TRACKS plug-in
  Initial release: '06.07.07

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Program overview
TRACKS is a suite of some sixty programs which have been developed by Gabites Porter Consultants to assist the analysis and interpretation of land use and transport planning problems.
As with many other transportation planning packages, TRACKS had its origins in the early 1960's from the techniques developed by the Bureau of Public Roads in the United States. Since then it has been modified, altered and adapted so that it has kept pace with modern techniques and demands.
The program has been developed since 1975 in New Zealand, because there is no effectieve propriety software at then.
Since 1975, it has been in continual use in an operational environment.

*** Related Information ***
*Distributor in New Zealand, Gabites Porter Consultant
Forum 8 and Gabites Porter Consultant (New Zealand) have signed a mutual memorandum on software distribution and sales cooperation.

* UC-win/Road VR Seminar

Program functions and features
TRACKS supports the following contents:
  • Arrangement and strength of land use activity
  • Arrangement and capacity of road systems
  • Shape, arrangement, and capacity of public transportation
  • Parking placement and cost
  • Type of intersection suitable for network
General analysis flow
  1. Traffic volume from Landuse
  2. Distribution, Redistribution of CBD parking
  3. Modal Split
  4. Network Assignment
  5. Public Transport assignment
  6. Evaluation
The underlying philosophy behind TRACKS is that it should be self contained - that is, it should not need to rely on any other software in order to function (except the operating system).

UC-win/Road TRACKS plugin
Data link of TRACKS to UC-win/Road

TRACKS allows the generation of various reports for the evaluation of a model but the representation of traffic itself is not supported. Forum 8 designers have been working closely with Gabites Porter Consultants, to develop a package that allows to animate TRACKS outputs in UC-win/Road using a seamless data transfer. The following functionalities have been implemented :

Static information (automatic 3D model generation)
- Construction of a 3D model of TRACKS network
- Setting of the traffic control in intersections (Signals, Give Way, Stop...)
- Geometrical settings at intersections :
Drive paths,
Signal 3D models,
Marking of arrows and stop lines.

Dynamic information (Automatic traffic setting)
- Traffic volumes of road segments
- Traffic volumes and turn ratio at intersections
- Traffic vehicle profiles


Development : Gabites Porter Consultant (http://www.gabites.co.nz/)
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