Program overview
This program supports the calculation and material design by using the seismic method and the ultimate lateral strength method and allows users to review a variety of foundation methods and foundation types in detailed design level. This program is equal to the Japanese Standard version of Foundation 3D bar arrangement.

▲ Main screen

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  Functions and features
It has functions of the sharing of geological layer and action force data, the data check in 3-sided drawing, the result display with drawings, and the [standard value].
Design sheets of each foundation and comparing sheets of different foundation can be exported. As for the pile foundation, 13 pile types including the steel pipe soil cement pile are available. This program corresponds to each construction method and reinforcement design (pile for reinforcing). A bar arrangement drawing and rebar list and etc. can be created at once from a general drawing. Simple editing and export in file formats including DXF, SXF, and DWG are available.

- 3D bar arrangement viewer function
The 3D bar arrangement viewer shows 3D models of civil structures and rebars in real dimension and allows users to check complex bar arrangements. Data can be saved and exported in data format of "3D bar arrangement CAD" and "Allplan" that FORUM8 sells separately. This function enables the secondary use of 3D models. In addition, "3D bar arrangement CAD" has a check function of bar arrangement interference. Users can easily check bar arrangements by using 3D models exported from this viewer.

▲ 3D bar arrangement viewer

- Cooperation between Pier design and Foundation design
When the foundation format in the Pier 3D bar arrangement is "Pile foundation" or "Pile foundation 2.5 dimension analysis", the program data can be cooperated with the data of Foundation 3D bar arrangement in real time. Compared with the general file cooperation, data is exchanged seamless in both directions. This enables an integrated design, reduces the work burden, and improves the work efficiency.

▲ Pier design and Foundation design in cooperation
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