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City Design Tool free ware
UC-win/Road 3ds Max plug-in UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
VR city model automatic generation tool, POV-Ray data import tool

>> to Download (City Design Tool Vector FORUM 8 page (Japanese) )

Product details

Program overview

This software comprises 2tools.
One is the tool running on 3DS Max which generates VR city model automatically and the other is is the one tool imports POV-Ray data to 3ds Max
The tool is open to public as a freeware. You can download the tool from the site below.

 >> to Download (City Design Tool Vector FORUM 8 page (Japanese) )

City Design
  • City Design is a tool for generating VR city models automatically. The tool can generate buildings and the sites automatically from image data and drawing data which is easy for everyone to create.
    It was developed as a plug-in option for Autodesk 3ds Max. The model generated by City Design is saved as 3DS file which is a general format of 3D game and can be utilized by UC-win/Road software.

Povray To Max
  • Povray To Max is a tool enabling importing road data and intersection data of UC-win/Road to 3ds Max by utilizing the function via Pov-ray file.

Related Information

  New product introduction

City Design case study

We are explaining here how to use "City Design" with the real case below. In this case, 3DS Max of Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 and Chaos Group V-ray 1.5.3 for rendering are used.

  1. Road network creation
    Road polygon data is generated by reading the Illustrator file (.ai) you have created.

  2. Site creation
    Site is generated by reading the Illustrator file (.ai) you have created.

  3. Zone creation
    Each zone is created as an independent object by importing the image file (.tga) you have created.

  4. Acquiring height data
    Foundations of the zones are created by importing the image file (.tga) you have created and the height data is assigned to each zone using DEM.

  5. Building creation within zones
    Buildings are automatically generated as show below.

  6. Texture Rendering
    Rendered textures and building models are extracted.

  7. Import into UC-win/Road
    Import model list meta files, model files of the buildings (.3ds) and texture files (.jpg) by using the UC-win/Road plug-in option.

Pov-Ray to Max case example

Import road data, which is exported from UC-win/Road by Pov-Ray to 3ds Max.

UC-win/Road data

Export data to 3ds Max

Rendered by 3ds Max

System requirements
  • Available on Windows Vista (64bit), XP, 3Dstudio Max 2010 and UC-win/Road 3.4.12

Developed by
  • Yoshihiro Kobayashi of Arizona State University, FORUM8

  • This software is free software. Sales of the software program is prohibited.
    If any modification has been made to the software by a third party, we assume the right to information and disclosure.

3ds Max 2010 developed by : AutoDesk http://www.autodesk.co.jp/
  • Company names and product names are registered trade marks.

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