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  3D VR for cloud computing environment
UC-win/Road for SaaS
UC-win/Road for SaaS Plug-in option $3,000 ( + tax)
Users are able to remotely operate inside the UC-win/Road environment that is run by the server and received by the client on a lighter version of the software.
As well as being an online video streaming service, UC-win/Road for SaaS is an interactive real-time VR system.
UC-win/Road Product information
UC-win/Road Product information
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Program Overview
This system utilises the general mechanism of SaaS. Users are able to remotely operate inside the UC-win/Road environment that is run by the server and received by the client on a lighter version of the software. UC-win/Road for SaaS has adapted Adobe Flash Player technology, one of the most popular client engines. As well as being an online video streaming service, which is becoming very prominent at the moment, UC-win/Road for SaaS is an interactive real-time VR system.

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Program features

Real time 3D model preview
from remote Web browser

Grand Prix winner of the 8th 3D・VR Simulation Contest, 2009
"VR Data for Ohashi Junction of Metropolitan Expressway"
Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited

8th 3D・VR Simulation Contest review
Interactive view operation, changing view by mouse dragging

Enabling various kinds of virtual 3D space such as driving and traffic simulation Users can use wide varieties of visual option including fire and smoke, lighting, shadow, weather and etc.

Data publication and sharing

Option of publication range is extended. It enables wider application of VR.

Publishing VR Model on the Web

  • Open Web Access
    VR Model made by UC-win/Road can be published on the web for anyone to access and follow the project in VR environment. Since VR spaces can be manipulated freely, it will attract interest from wide range of people. By publishing large-scale VR model, which can be easily updated using the functions of UC-win/Road, we anticipate that this system will be a great tool to gather and respond to feedback from clients.

  • Web Seminar and Internet Broadcast
    Web seminars, using only UC-win/Road, will be possible. Using the presentation and simulation features of UC-win/Road, presentations and demonstrations can be given to dozens of online attendees. The host can operate UC-win/Road on a PC and attendees can access the data using internet browsers. In addition, by connecting the video streaming server which is available separately, broadcasting to large amount of people becomes possible.

  • SaaS Clustering Configuration
    All users can share the same VR environment including traffic conditions, time and weather by using UC-win/Road cluster configuration.
Window for setting video size, frame rate, the number of users and TCP and HTTP server

Scalability by UC-win/Road Cluster Option

System feature

  • Features
    The following features are available to the users accessing the VR model remotely using the client engine.
    1. Selection of previously-saved viewpoints
    2. Panning using the mouse
    3. Selection of contexts (VR environment settings)
    4. Travel on road and flight paths
    5. Script execution
    Using one PC, acting as the server and running a standard copy of UC-win/Road, the host can set the maximum number of clients, the password and the incoming port number, making it easy to begin and end sessions.

  • Data Transfers
    This program employs HTTP as the server-client communication protocol. The server connects to the Flash client and sends images, and then the client receives operation commands. Image Transfer uses the H263 codec, which is compatible with Flash, and the resolution and the compression can be altered. When the connection speed with the client is slow, the frame rate is automatically reduced so that the image runs smoothly.

  • Server and Cluster Configuration
    Since the number of clients connected to one server is limited, you can configure multiple servers.
    Multiple servers can be synchronized by using UC-win/Road clustering option.

  • System requirements
    CPU Intel i7, Xeon Quad Core, or higher (multi-core CPU recommended)
    Video board which can display at 40fps in local environment, Quadro FX 5800, 1.5GB memory board will be employed for the high-end customer. GeForce will be supported.
    OS : Windows 7 64bit recommended

  • Client browser
    FireFox recommended. IE will be supported.

Related Functions

Functions of UC-win/Road for SaaS can also be used for uses other than for SaaS.

Virtual Camera Devices and DirectShow Filters
These are UC-win/Road real-time video outputs. We developed UC-win/Road Virtual Camera and DirectShow filters so that it can link with other applications that use video capturing devices. The images generated by UC-win/Road are sent to the Virtual Camera, which is interpreted by the OS as a standard camera device. Since these images can be transferred over the network, UC-win/Road and the Virtual Camera can be used on individual PCs. This function enables the following applications:

  • Meetings combined with instant messaging service
    Meetings combined with instant messaging service. Using UC-win/Road Virtual Camera instead of webcams in video-enabled instant messaging programs allows you to send UC-win/Road images.

  • Recording and editing videos
    Since most video editing applications can import video captured by cameras, users can connect directly to video editing applications without using intermediary file using virtual camera and DirectShow filters.

  • Video streaming server
    Images can be obtained remotely using network communications. The obtained data can be processed by the video streaming server using the Virtual Camera device and the Direct Show Filter and broadcasted to a large number of people.

Future development goal: Full cloud computing environment support including VR data creation

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