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VR Data for Ohashi Junction of Metropolitan Expressway
AVI-DivX AVI [118,537KB 2:00] YouTube
Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited
The Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd. is conducting an experiment with driving simulator. The experiment is to ensure effectiveness in traffic safety at Ohashi Junction, which connects Shinjuku Central Circular Route(under construction), Shinagawa Central Circular Route and Route No.3 Shibuya Line. In this experiment UC-win/Road driving simulator is actively used.

VR Data of Ohashi Junction used for traffic safety and effectiveness Overcrossing 4 rods in limited space
Ensuring the effectiveness in traffic safety at Ohashi Junction, Double loop line to connect roads with 70m height difference
Rooftop of the junction is going to be used as a planted park
Planned as the second longest tunnel in the world
Tunnel between Shinjuku Central Circular Route and Shinagawa Central Circular Route
Examining the best position for the road signs
Will be used to explain and display the evacuation route Examining the optimization of evacuation guiding signs

VR simulation of Design Change of Korea Namhae Highway
AVI-DivX AVI [91,390KB 1:30] YouTube
Korea Road Agency (Korea)
UC-win/Road was used for consensus building with the local residents at Korea Namhae Highway, which is under construction.
There are two plans, initial plan and the current one, and include objections from local residents. Various kinds of simulation were done, including simulation of influence to local residents by the distance from the road. The data was used as discussion material for the consensus with residents and related agencies.

DAEDONG JCT Revised plan due to LRT construction plan
Namhae Highway between Naengjeong and Pusan
Tunnel used for evacuation
Aiming to ease the traffic congestion Noise barrier (over 10m high)
Canal from freight yard to sewage (treatment) plant The data was used effectively as discussion material for the consensus with residents and related agencies.

Simulation of Railway Bridge Beam Construction Work
AVI-DivX AVI [50,069KB 1:30] YouTube
Noda Engineering Co., Ltd.
To increase the carrying capacity of the railway, replaced a railway bridge for double track railway. The installation work must be finished at midnight and should be done with minimum impact on the road below the railway. Speedy and economical method was being investigated and the construction simulation was done with VR.

Simulation of Railway Bridge Beam Construction Work Removed beam is hanged by crane and crane rotates
Modeled surroundings including temporary stockyard
Old beam is removed by sliding jack The installation work must be finished at midnight

Simulation of Traffic in Kyoto City
AVI-DivX AVI [85,321KB 1:30] YouTube
Graduate School of Informatics Kyoto University
Driving data is collected to make a simulation model which reproduces human driving behavior in Kyoto City, built on UC-win/Road Driving Simulator. To acquire realistic driving data, we have elaborated in creating the data which has the sufficent quality to give drivers the feeling of driving real Kyoto streets. With this environment, we are planning an experiment by using examinees to collect large amount of data.

Simulation of Traffic in Kyoto City Reproduces the traffic condition in Shijo Kawaramachi, the busiest area
Aim is to collect data to build human driving behavior model
Modeling of the route from the Kyoto Station to Kyoto University
Modeling of traditional buildings and streets of Kyoto

VR Data of Roundabouts in US 41 Project
AVI-DivX AVI [87,210KB 1:30] YouTube
Ourston Roundabout Engineering, Inc.(USA)
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) plans to reconstruct and expand US 41. This work is made by Ourston, which was asked by WisDOT, to teach WisDOT and to educate people in the correct driving operation when it comes to roundabouts, by using driving simulator.

VR Data of Roundabouts in US 41 Project This work was made to educate people on the correct way to negotiate roundabouts.
Appearance of the 3 adjacent roundabouts
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation plans to construct 44 roundabouts in US41.
Roundabouts produce efficient traffic flow. The important thing is to educate the drivers.

HONORABLE JUDGE AWARD  Regional Construction Award
 Mr. Hiroo Kasagi, NPO Chiiki Zukuri Kobou
Proposal of Reproducing Environmentally-friendly Waterland City Hino
AVI-DivX AVI [85,244KB 1:30] YouTube
Hosei University
In Hino City, which was once one of the largest farm areas in Tokyo, a water channel network for irrigation was developed in the Tama River and Asakawa area. The city of Hino, in response to the rapid increase in population from 1960's actively redeveloped land and now 50% of the city is designated as redeveloped. In these areas many of the water channels were lost. Total length of the canal was 218km, 177km in 1977, and it is now said that only 130km remain.In 1995, the area was designated as "Town of Water" by then Ministry of Land, however, the rural landscape is certainly gone, the number of channels has decreased. Therefore we are proposing a new type of land redevelopment utilizing the water-rich environment around the channels of Hino City.

Environmentally-friendly land readjustment plan of Waterland City Hino Electric power generation by the use of small water channel
Apartment area, separate house area and plantation area
Small scale part-time farmers to produce foods for local consumers

 Mr. Fumio Seki, Taisei Engineering Co., Ltd
VR Project of Beijing Guomian Group (Jingmian Second Factory)
AVI-DivX AVI [91,535KB 1:30] YouTube
Beijing Water Cube Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. (China)
Guomian Group is located to the east of Beijing CBD, overlooking from its main gate, the landmark buildings, such as CCTV, China International Trade Center and Huamao. In the 1950s, designers of the former Soviet Union designed and the construction has begun. Interior decoration reflects those days style. With UC-win/Road, showing in VR the old plant of the Guomian second plant and the new plant, which will be relocated in near future and change to Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in VR.

Beijing Guomian Group Jingmian 2nd Factory- office room and an old made-in- China fan Appearance of Jingmian second plant
Building front and its surroundings- the plant will change to Cultural and Creative Industrial Park.
Try to record the old plant by VR as a conserving material Arbors for the rest can also be seen by VR

 Mr. Sinsuke Kitagawa, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
Creation of Road Which Is Suitable for Aso Kuju National Park
AVI-DivX AVI [65,733KB 1:08] YouTube
Nishitetsu C.E.Consultant Co.,Ltd
This VR data shows planned four-lane road of national highway that passes through the Aso Kuju National Park (Scenic Byways).
Construction of this route must be done in order to cause minimum impact on the railway alongside of the road, in addition to caring for the steep terrain. So not only the driving simulation environment (internal), but also the influence on the surrounding area must be considered. With VR data, proposed the landscape examination and the ease of traffic congestion.

1-Aiming to create a road which is suitable for the Aso Kuju National Park Planned model of 4-lane "Scenic Byway"
Aiming to ease traffic congestion and preserve natural landscape
Modeling of Aso Kuju National Park and surrounding landscape
Expression of the coloured leaves in autumn Five mountains (Aso Gotake) which makes Mt. Aso

Road Monitoring System
AVI-DivX AVI [121,632KB 1:30] YouTube
Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore)
The road monitoring system is a system that acts as a virtual driving simulator to assist drivers in rehabilitation and assessment. Therefore the simulator will be able to test the users physical condition and problem solving skills in order to rate their condition.

Road monitoring system Training simulator for physical rehabilitation for stroke patients
Signal settings and avoiding obstacles Physical balance check for the drivers
Proposal of a rehabilitation supporting system

Transfer VR simulation at Junjon Service Area in Korea
AVI-DivX AVI [86,059KB 1:30] YouTube
GTSM Inc. (Korea)
VR simulation by using UC-win/Road was conducted for Junjon Service Area, which is managed by Seoul Regional Land Management Office. To ease traffic jams on the roads to the neighbouring cities, the simulation by UC-win/Road was used to support decision making of 3 plans including creation of bus-lane and rotary intersection.

VR simulation for transfer at Junjon Service Area Plan to construct a bridge at the intersection
The 2nd plan: Highway bus lane separated from city bus lane The 3rd plan: Making rotary
VR accelerated the decision making of the project

VR Simulation of Pedestrian Behavior at Pedestrian Bridge Construction
AVI-DivX AVI [89,153KB 1:30] YouTube
Shanghai Chikushi Construction Design Co., Ltd. (China)
VR model shows the pedestrian behavior and flow at the time of renovation and construction of a pedestrian bridge in the United Kingdom (about 150m). Results of the data from the crowd analysis software have been linked to UC-win/Road, and the intuitive presentation has become possible. The data was used for reproducing the planned completed construction and for further safety as well as simulating the pedestrian flow.

VR Simulation of Pedestrian Behavior
Results of the data from the crowd analysis software have been linked to Micro Simulation Player

Result of the regulated Pedestrian flow
Pedestrian flow on the shopping streets