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System for checking the position where equipments are installed
Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency

Visibility of the traffic signal signs need to be verified by the crew from their view point at each fixed position. If this verification can be done at the designing stage, the possibility of moving after installation can be decreased and cost can be saved. This system enables crews to check and examine the visibility of the signal signs from their view point using VR, when building a new railway or renovating the existing one.

*This movie has sounds

When the script "概要" is executed, the scene around the station and the view from the driver can be checked. The arranged traffic signals can be checked at "停止限界標識", "地上信号機" from Navigate-Jump to a predefined position.

VICS Driving simulator
Vehicle Information and Communication System Center

The road traffic information including traffic jam and traffic restriction is transmitted in real-time, and the revolutionary information communication system "VICS=Vehicle Information and Communication System" which allows the display of the strings and diagrams in the equipments in the vehicle such as car navigation can be experienced by running this simulator. The simulator can also let you experience what it is like driving on road with ITS spot and DSSS service.

*This movie has sounds

Please execute the script "コース紹介". Overview: The description of overview and the landscape can be checked. You can jump to each course at the predefined position.

Kamen Rider, cyclone racing simulator
TOEI Company, Ltd

This is a racing game where the objective is to finish the race by dodging attacks by villains, rocks, stones, and fire. In addition, this simulator has some exciting options such as rider jump (the kind of jump unique to Kamen Rider, the hero) as well as the ranking system based on overall score, and drew a lot of attraction by children in the W heroes' festival.

*This movie has sounds

The function of UC-win/Road is used for creating the game. The game system was structured by the scenario function. A variety of elements including the obstacles, fire representation, sound, are arranged on the course with the image of wild land.

ITS driving simulator
Amlux TOYOTA Co., Ltd

This simulator was developed for the visitors to experience the advanced car technology, ITS. Participants can experience driving on the expressway with the latest infrastructure cooperation system "ITS spot service (DSRC)" in VR. After each run, a report showing the driving skill of the participant evaluated by the system appears, so that participants can enjoy the driving simulation with their family and friends.

*This movie has sounds

With the script "コース紹介", the overview of the virtual road course from Ikebukuro to Iidabashi can be checked. By changing the context, the weather setting including weather, reflection of the road surface can be switched.

Bicycle simulator
Graduate school of University of Tokushima

UC-win/Road, and eye-mark recorder and head position sensor are linked so that a variety of experiment condition can be set for this bicycle simulator. This simulator is used for the experience for checking the expected angle based on the size and the installed interval of each sign, the visibility time effect on the visibility of the cyclist, the effectiveness of the road surface signs including the sign, sign poles, feather, and pictograph.

With the script "Cycling", the overview of the bicycle simulator and the surrounding landscape can be checked. In addition, the placement condition of the traffic sign for bicycle can be checked at the "sign 01"-"sign 06" from Navigate-Jump to a predefined position.

Honorable Judge's Award Regional Construction Award
Mr. Hiroo Kasagi (NPO Chiiki Zukuri Kobo)

Simulation for improving the route taken by students going to and from school
Tatsumi Architects & Engineers

A route taken by students going to and from school is in the forested area where it is dark even in the daytime not to mention blind spots are everywhere. They organized a workshop for the local residence to provide a safer street for students. UC-win/Road was used for people who are not familiar with drawings so that they can easily picture roads and the surrounding environment to pick the best route. The software was used for the simulation to check for blind spots from the driver's perspective. As a result, in the final workshop, one of 5 plans was chosen smoothly to be applied to the project.

*This movie has sounds

Please execute the script "説明用スクリプト". Overview: The The existing stair:既存階段 and the planned stair:計画階段 can be checked and you can travel on the planned stair, up and down. You can check the view from Configure-change model visibility-Before/After. After means after designing. Please check 計画階段上り口 and 広場部分より見上げ from Navigate -Jump to a predefined position.

Honorable Judge's Award Design Award
 Mr. Fumio Seki (Nihon University)

3D VR modeling of the Hunter Expressway
Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (RTA)

The Hunter Expressway is a new, 40 kilometer expressway in the Hunter region of NSW under construction. The 3D model includes the whole length of the expressway, six interchanges with a number of local roads, the new bridge trusses that have been installed for the historic Railway Line. Predicted traffic volumes were incorporated, with a traffic mix and this VR model has been used live at community information sessions, stakeholder presentations and meetings with property owners.

You can check the description of Hunter Expressway from the script "About the Hunter Express way". As well as check of each point from Navigate-Jump to a predefined position, the temperature can be changed from Configure-Change context-"Temp". In addition, if you select "HunterExpressway-West" or "HunterExpressway-East" from Navigate-Travel on road, you can travel on the wide road with view in Australia.

Honorable Judge's Award Good Communication Award
 Mr. Tatsuoki Inagaki (Pave & Road How-To Way Technology Association)

VR simulation for consensus creation in the traffic nodes improvement project
Asahi Sokuryo Sekkei Co., Ltd

Initiatives of the project to improve traffic nodes in the S area of K city include improving nodes by moving the train and bus stations to improve the accessibility for the users, improving of the traffic flow on the highway, and installing bicycle parking as a countermeasure to the problem of having too many illegally-parked bicycles. This VR data is utilized as a tool for consensus formation in scenes at conference among prefectural/municipal leaders, police officers, railway entrepreneur, consultants, construction workers, etc.

When the script "概要" is executed, you can check the scene in front of the station, transfer route, night landscape. The day time and night time can be switched by "照明OFF" and "照明ON "from Configure-Change context. The specific point of the pedestrian bridge can be checked on the landscape position 1-4. Please see the scene of traffic intersection and the pedestrian bridge from Navigate-Travel on road -電車通り for day and night time.

3D VR modeling of Black Spot Project
City of Nedlands

3D virtual model of the intersection at Stirling Highway and Broadway, and Hampden Road, in the City of Nedlands, Western Australia. The purpose of the modeling was to visualize the final design of the intersection in order to explain to local government councilors, the public and the affected shop owners the impact of the final road layout design. The model showed in real-time the traffic movements and traffic signal phasing.

Please execute the script "nedlands". The landscape representation around the traffic intersection can be checked. The view point including overhead can be checked from Navigate-Jump to a predefined position.

Comparative approach to visibility of signboards using VR simulation
Graduate School of University of Tokyo

They have applied VR simulation to their research on visibility of the signboards of the stores along the road from the driver's perspective. Various types of sign can be displayed one by one to compare each of their visibility from all kinds of angle and distance to figure out the perfect angle and distance and to consider the reasons behind. The simulation has contributed to the selection of design that is highly recognizable, for a car dealer.

Please execute the script "店舗看板の視認性比較".The visibility of the signs can be compared and checked. The advertising display and buildings can be checked at 初期視点, 2街区, 3街区, 4街区 from Navigate-Jump to a predefined position.