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Proposal of underground installation of Hanshin expressway and improved city using VR
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[121,319 2:00] YouTube
Faculty of Policy Studies, Kansai University
The underground installation of Hanshin expressway is visualized to illustrate the beautiful landscape in the urban area, secure green and pedestrian space and to maintain the wide city space while proposing for the improvement of OSAKA city. It is used to discuss in a wide range of issues relating to reorganization. In addition, the analysis of traffic or pedestrians' movement and disaster are performed considering different time frames. Consideration of space reallocation to maximize utilization of the city in the future was also carried out.

Highway driving simulator system
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[98,918KB 1:30] YouTube
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd
Events with potential danger on the expressway was represented in VR to illustrate safe driving through the evaluation and analysis of the experience drive behavior. The advanced reality was sought for the road structure such as road accessories (signs), building, plant, vehicle movement. The result of experience driving data is stored and analyzed to be used for safe driving.

Debris avalanche simulation
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[115,178KB 1:43] YouTube
Faculty of Engineering, Gunma University
A large-sized debris avalanche occurred in Cikangkareng due to the earthquake (M7.3) in the off Indian Ocean, the west of Java. This avalanche was simulated in 3D VR in the inhabitant workshop to investigate the actual condition. In addition, the mechanism of debris movement is represented in a 3D environment to illustrate the opinions of geology experts for the proposal of various effective uses.

STRIDING AHEAD! Modeling Unpredictable Pedestrian Road Crossing Behavior
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[145,737KB 1:30] YouTube
Abley Transportation Consultants Limited(New Zealand)
Iiam Road is located in a residential area of Christchurch and provides access to the University of Canterbury. Due to its close proximity large numbers of pedestrians walk along and cross Iiam Road, often informally taking the quickest routes. Safety and efficiency concerns have lead to the need for a redevelopment of Ilam Road. In order to represent the nature of university students who tend to cross the road at random locations rather than using formalized crossings the UC-win/Road Micro simulation player plugin was used in conjunction with an S-Paramics model and the S- Paramics plugin.

A publicity drive simulator for EV and charging system in SmartGrid
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[176,956KB 1:30] YouTube
SK Energy Co., Ltd.(Korea)
The public facility is constructed in Jeju island, Korea, where the large-sized experiment of SmartGrid is conducted. SmartGrid, which produces the battery for electronic vehicles made use of the VR system in UC-win/Road to develop an experience drive simulator. This simulator searches the area for battery charging locations while driving in the EV vehicle environment.

 Mr. Sinsuke Kitagawa, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
VR simulation for the proposal of the ground facilities construction
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[86,001KB 1:30] YouTube
Asunaro Aoki Construction Co., Ltd
The simulation is performed from various types of view point including player, trainer, inhabitant, facility manager, and observer for the construction of the new ground in the university. UC-win/Road is created to share the completed image and provide the exercise environment which meets the surrounding environment.

HONORABLE JUDGE AWARD  Regional Construction Award
 Mr. Hiroo Kasagi, NPO Chiiki Zukuri Kobou
VR simulation of the crosswalk construction planning for the prevention of traffic accidents
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[198,009KB 1:30] YouTube
Korea Transportation Safety Authority(Korea)
Analysis of accident locations where 6 fatalities occurred were marked over a period of five years and it was found that the reason behind accident occurrences was due to the distance of crossing, vehicle speed and slope gradient. Several projects were implemented for the safety issues including the construction of pedestrian road. This content was created in VR data to facilitate in the explanatory meeting with the residents. The features of this work include the surveying of location of the street lighting during night time, placement planning and the design considerations of a central island.

 Mr. Fumio Seki, Taisei Engineering Co., Ltd
VR utilization for consensus-building toward landscape formation of design city, Kobe
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[205,368KB 1:30] YouTube
Directorate general for Kobe city planning
It is essential to create interest in Kobe city to maintain and build the landscape by covering a variety of landscapes ( sea, slope, and mountain). The exotic city is introduced by the exploration of the city model. The continuous model creation is carried out in the citizen participation workshop. In addition, it is used as a supporting tool for landscape consultation of building design and the regulation induction including height.

VR simulation in disasters using P-SIM(Pedestrian flow simulation)
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[112,674KB 1:30] YouTube
Seoul National University (Korea)
The software (P-SIM) which analyses the pedestrian flow and considers alighting from trains in the station is developed and simulated. The data from analysis result is converted into XML file format and then imported into the Micro simulation player through the creation of a simple converter and visualized in UC-win/Road. This piece of work features the rapid speed of human behavior to illustrate various walking speed (running / walking). In addition, the wall was also created using the semi-translucent function.

VR data utilization and DS driving analysis system
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[211,540KB 1:30] YouTube
Taisei Engineering Co., Ltd
The comparison of the driving route and the creation of supplementary documents are performed for Tomei expressway (which was in service since this spring) as well as the new route of Atsugi IC ? Capital central road/Ebina IC. In addition, VR was used for the acquisition of the driving data from DS, output and analysis of the data, measurement of the driver's judgment time, verification and analysis of vehicles.

BANJAR Water Park
UC-win/Road for SaaS
AVI-DivX AVI[201,397KB 1:30] YouTube
"BANJAR Water Park" is the facility to be constructed by BANJAR city, Indonesia. The planning is proceeded as a large-scaled amusement pool for a number of tourists from domestic and overseas. The completed image and the access to the facility are represented in VR in this data. In addition, the image of visitors are playing in the pool can be experienced from the view of the visitors.